The Senior Dog and Bladder Control

For your senior dog with vision problems it's best not to rearrange furniture because he'll be able to cope better when he knows where the furniture is already. In this case, using baby gates to keep him from attempting to climb stairs is the best option. Your senior dog may have incontinence issues and if he doesn't have serious health related problems, then it's usually caused by an infection or age-related changes like hormone imbalance, loss of bladder muscle control, and weak bladder sphincter. If his problem can't be treated medically, then you'll need absorbent pads handy around the house. When you put them on your female they can be held in place with doggie bloomers and a male belly bands works well.

For older dogs with weak bladders a doggie door will help them not to mess up the house. They may have been able to hold it as puppies and young adults, but when a senior dog has to go, it has to go. This will make him feel better as he won't have to go in the floor and scolding your older dog for mistakes won't help improve the situation.

All of these problems that you and your aging dog have to deal with are easily handled with a few sensible and kind precautions. So don't let it get you or your dog down for long. Your senior dog really needs your help and understanding. He's been a good friend for years...don't let him down when he needs you the most.


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