The Squirrel's Habitat and Food Sources


Squirrels prefer to live where there is an abundance of food. Usually, this is an area with nut- and seed-producing plants. Squirrels also like areas that produce many grasses and plants, because the new plant shoots are edible. Squirrels have to live in places that have trees, even in a city. This is because squirrels build nests in the trees, specifically for bearing young. It keeps the baby squirrels safe from harm when they are very young and left alone while the adult squirrels are searching for food. Red Squirrels live in forests usually. The gray squirrel is the most common squirrel in America and is often found near cities and people. In the winter when the time of nesting is over squirrels live in tree trunk holes to stay warm, or they find their way into local home's attics.


Since squirrels are from the rodent family of mammals, they are primarily vegetarians. They love eating acorns and other nuts, all kinds of seeds, fruits, mushrooms and young plants. They will also eat twigs and barks if the other foods are scarce. Even though squirrels prefer these foods occasionally they will break away from vegetarian foods to enjoy a small frog or a bird egg. Squirrels that are near people also will eat scraps, dog food and even raid the bird feeders. Squirrels don't always eat their food right away. They bury it around the ground, in fallen trees, and anywhere that seems a good hiding place. Later they did it up when hungry. Although they do this year round, it is done to a greater degree in the fall to prepare a store of foods for winter.


Squirrels have teeth that continually grow so that they stay sharp. They use their teeth to crack open nuts, and for chewing through things to get to food. Often when squirrels chew on wires or rocks, they are keeping their teeth worn down a bit but still sharp. Their claws are used for digging up stored foods or for tearing down barriers to get to foods. Their paws are flexible with individual digits allowing them to reach into small places and to hold on to the small foods they eat. A squirrel's bushy tail is also used in an indirect way during a food search. The tail helps the squirrel balance among the tree branches or along fences and roofs, so they don't fall while finding food. The last part of anatomy that helps a squirrel find food is its big eyes that can see to the sides very well. However, they are not good for seeing directly in front of them so for that they rely on their keen sense of smell to locate the food.

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katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I just love squirrels even though we don't have them in Australia.

I loved this post, I always love animal tales and sometimes the tails, too

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KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

Almost two years ago our Rhodesian Ridgeback (dog) captured a tiny baby squirrel.  We were able to rescue it and contacted the local dog rescue facility to see if they knew who can take in a baby squirrel.  They put us into contact with a local lady who rehabilitated squirrels and releases them back out into the 'wild'.  She took him in.  We named him Chuzzle.  :) 

shaunieeee 7 years ago

hi i aint to fond of animals but i have a dog that when ever you look or talk to her t she always lickes you and she is relly cute ......some animals are..

Lynn 7 years ago

Does anyone know why squirrels debark trees? We are finding a lot of bark under our trees.

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U guys can find me on facebook under the same name.... Thanks 4 all ur help.... u were very helpful

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we were just wondering if they lived in holes in trees or built nest

Squirrles that is

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Manoj 6 years ago

hi..Am from India. a squirrel just gave birth in my house two and a half weeks ago and has abandoned the young ones.. there were two baby squirrels.. it had just took one of them.. the other one is here and am looking after it for the past four day.. I have no idea about what to do..have been giving milk through an ink filler.. please help me out!!!

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cwhiting 6 years ago from Columbus,Ohio Author

Hi I am not too sure about how to care for babies. I did find this link which has replies from several people that have taken care of abandoned babies. Also if you have a zoo or animal center in your city they could probably give advice as well. I hope the link helps

Kate 6 years ago

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Sorry, just to let you know, there is a spelling error. I'm sure it is meant to say 'DIG' but is says 'DID'! Its a great document.

Twoey 6 years ago

When I was 6, my friends and I rescued a baby black squirrel and fed it from a milk bottle. Now we're 15, still friends, and still wonder how Rosie is doing.

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great info for my project!!!!

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i neede help on my hw but cant do in know :( i need you to describe there teeth

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wow lots of fact

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Saved1 6 years ago

Baby abandoned squirrels that have fallen from the nest during the hot summer are most likely dehydrated. An eye-dropper works great for nourishment. If dehydrated, Gatorade is great. After a few days of hydration, puppy formula works best. Found this info online. Saved a 4 wk old baby this way. After 2 weeks, it was healthy, alert, and would crawl up my arm. I then gave it to a local wildlife rehab facility so it could learn to forage and interact with other squirrels. It was a first for me!!

 6 years ago

This website has all the info I need. You see, I'm doing a project on squirrels for extra credit in science at school and I need facts. This website has supplied almost all of the info for it. I really love squirrels and saw one in my backyard. That's where I got the idea to do the project. Thanks for the help!!!

Shreyasi 6 years ago

hey, m from india n i have 2 months old squirrel. The above information really heiped me out to looked after his diet n his name is daanu

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Shawn 5 years ago

The squirrels may not be debarking the trees to that extent. They may actually be porcupines. If the bark is gone from ground level to far above your head, with the bark gone in big chunks, I'd guess it's a porcupine.

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catherine jacobs 5 years ago

they debark trees to make there teeth go down all rodents have to chew some thing to help their teeth

ik this because my skool takes in baby squirrels and we ween them

ps its lajh ag

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great info

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Lana 5 years ago

We have made "friends" with the sqirrels in our tree and think they are the cutest things ever. We have named them. Sammy had babies in the spring and again in early fall. The babies are adorable and so fun to watch. My husband feeds them everyday; peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. I am worried they won't forage for their own food if he feeds them all the time. Is that true?

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BTW Squirrels are cute :)

Kye 5 years ago

I am looking this up from "Google" hoping to find enough info for my essay. I did find all the info i needed and would like to thank you for your well written article.

BTW Squirrels are cute :)

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cwhiting 5 years ago from Columbus,Ohio Author

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trying to find pictures of baby squirrels nesting ,some were nesting the lihjy pole metal part that keeps pole up

jasmine gray 4 years ago

I have 8 pet squirrels.the boys are called max,darkness,thunder and snowball and the girls are called snowy,snowflake,lightning and magpie

Andrew 4 years ago

I managed to train a wild grey squirrel to come to my deck when I call him.He knows that there is food and he stores them for winter after he has eaten enough for the day.

We are empty nesters so we spend a lot of time with the squirrel and hope one day he will take food from my hand. Your article is very informative.

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This was really useful and helpful! Full of awesome information! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;)

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I love squirrels. I think they are so cute. I live in the city so don't really see too many here!

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we found to baby squirrels the other day and now we made a place for them to live the mom died so we are taking them under our wing. You gave us great information on how to feed it and take care of it . Thanks

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squirrel are sooooooooo cute!

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very useful info on squirrels. I chanced upon to save two baby squirrels earlier as my daughter kalyani kanwar was able to feed them with dropper last year when they fell from our kitchen garden mango tree. This year too, two babies fell down during a wind storm and one of them died. The other we are nourishing in our home. It is growing steadily and is becoming naughty like playing hide and seek after the feed. We are giving itr mild milk and drops of calcium, vitamins. Now it sips milk from its small plate of its own and cries when it is hungry. After its feed it likes to go back to its cotton-based nest made in a basket. It is great fun to rear a squirrel inside your drawing room. Wow. Thanks for sharing your expertise on squirrels.

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do squirrels eat hickory nuts

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Squirrels r just too awesome. :D

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I have a nest in my worried about them getting in my attic .How can I move them to another place without harming them. Mum has already dropped one .

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Squirrels are my FAVORITE animal

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squirrel eat lots and lots of roots

kiara 3 weeks ago

i love squirrels they are very cuddley and i hade one and it died

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    There's a grey squirrel in my garden and it has sticky out eyes and keeps blinking is there something wrong with it?

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    Hi does anyone know where to get a pet squirrel from the central coast australia??

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