Essential Books for Amphibian Keepers

Essential Books for Amphibian Keepers

The amphibians have always fascinated me. Their diverse reproduction methods, their care and long term management are as interesting as it is challenging.

It was one of my career regrets that I did not get the opportunity to work with more species. I have two claims to fame though. First captive breeding of the Marine Toad (who really wants more?)...surprising though as it was such a commonly kept species. Secondly I was poisoned by a Poison Arrow Frog.

Amphibians are important and are under threat not just from habitat encroachment but from pollution, introduced predators and climate change. Captive management and breeding is progressing well and it may well be that for some species there will only be captive populations.

Poison Arrow Frog

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Amphibians are popular. There are some excellent books on the market. I have chosen justĀ five here from the huge number available.There are hundreds of books out there but these are the general ones, the best for the amphibian keeper. You could see many more books of interest by visiting The Zoo Professionals Book Store and more.

I don't doubt there will be those who disagree with my choice or say "you have missed such and such." Sadly though some books are just not available on Amazon.

To order or learn more about book just click on the photo of the front cover.

For more books of interest please go to:

Essential Books for Zoo Keepers

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