The Ten Most Essential Books for Bird Keepers

Essential Books For Bird Keepers

Selecting generalised books on captive birds tends to be quite difficult as each species is really a specialised subject. If I was to have chosen Budgerigars or Canaries then I would have been tripping over mountains of books to choose from. The various guides to Birds of the World would probably follow a close second.

Within the world travel market then there are many country specific guides to birds and bird identification books. Birding books for twitchers are also very popular as are bird watching books for those who simply wish to identify visitors to their gardens.

Essential generalised modern Aviculture books are quite rare. There are a number

Gouldian Finch

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of older collector type editions but these are really more of academic interest today. Our understanding of the diets, care and breeding of birds has advanced in leaps and bounds over the years. And here it remains specialist. There is no Aviculture TAG as such, the birds are divided up into Species and allied groups.

So here is my choice of books. These are some of the ones I would keep on my bookshelf. If you have specific interests you would not go far wrong by taking a look at The Zoo Professionals Book Store and more.

Agree or disagree. I intend to update the list on an irregular basis as I learn of other general bird care books arriving on the market.

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