Essential Books for Crocodilian Keepers

Alligators and Crocodiles

I have always been fond of the Crocodilians and have worked with a variety of species over the years. Generally speaking the captive husbandry is very much hands off, but during my career, I have had to force feed, sex, treat, capture, move and transport. I have never had to carry out any of these procedures in public and believe it is totally unnecessary to do so particularily if it is specifically done for public viewing. I hate crocodile 'shows'! Every one I have ever seen has simply been a teasing exercise. Nothing clever about it at all. Crocodiles CAN be trained. They could be used to demonstrate natural behaviours as part of an environmental enrichment exercise instead of rubbish we are shown today.

I was lucky enough to being party to the first European breeding of the American Alligator, an event which somewhat surprised me in that it was such a commonly kept species. I wish there had been as much easily available literature then as there is today.

I present a varied choice below. If you cannot find what you are looking for then try The Zoo Professional Book Store and more.

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