Essential Books for Elephant Keepers

Books for Elephant Keepers

Suggesting books to Elephant Keepers?

One thing to be sure is that the only thing that two elephant keepers agree upon is what the third one is doing wrong.

The situation in Elephant husbandry has changed drastically in the years I have spent working with elephants. Practices have changed, some definitely for the better, others I am none too sure about.

In my early days I was told that the elephant chose its keeper and not the other way round. I found that to be true. There have been elephants who hated me and there have been those where it was a love affair from the start.

Although Elephant work is demanding and often back breaking it has, for me, been the part of my career that I loved best.

Here then is my short list of books. There are those missing I wished to include but are currently unavailable. Those I have listed will be extremely helpful to all Elephant Keepers. Well, those who agree with me,

Just click on the book and it will take you directly to Amazon page for more details and to order.

If you cannot find just what you are looking for then take a look at the Zoo Professionals Book Store. If you know of books I should have added then please let me know.

Elephant in Kruger National Park

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Additional Books

Can't Find What you want?

See many more books on elephants by visiting The Zoo Professionals Book Store

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