Essential Books for Zoo Raptor Keepers

I was lucky enough to have worked with Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Vultures in a variety of capacities for over thirty years of my Zoo Career. Whereas it was always interesting it was at times positively exciting and I can clearly see why people take on this branch of Animal Husbandry as their chosen career.

Although there are some pretty ancient books on Raptors, particularily dealing with the falconry and hawking side it is only comparatively recently that good, informative and practical books appeared on the scene. Now there are dozens to choose from. Not all are readily available on the bookstall and I would suggest that every Raptor Keeper gets hold of and reads:

Birds of Prey in Flying Demonstrations



which are both available from the BIAZA office at:

Take a look too at the other lists:

The Ten Most Essential Books for Zoo Keepers


The Ten Most Essential Books for Bird Keepers


The Birds of Prey remain one of the most popular of exhibits within a zoo and flying displays are extremely popular.

Within the UK the Welsh Mountain Zoo was the first zoo to start public flying displays till today there is scarcely a collection of note which does not put on its own performance.


Bald Eagle


Essential Books for Zoo Raptor Keepers

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More Books

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