The Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar

Dog Bark Collar

The Good Life Company

Proudly produced and sold

by The Good Life Company, The Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar is one of the many high quality, ultrasonic devices Good Life produces and distributes.

The Dog Silencer Pro,

a stationary unit that does what the collar does but can be used on animals over 75' away and the Pest Repeller Ultimate, an insect and rodent repelling devise, are a few examples of their other products.

Aptly named,

the Ultimate Dog Silencer collar is the ideal 'personal' anti-bark training device, designed to target one animal and eliminate unwanted nuisance barking while retaining the protective and natural 'alert or alarm' barking that lets intruders know that they have been spotted.

Do you recognize any of these dogs from walks around your neighborhood or possibly in your back yard?

This should not be the scene for anyone walking or riding a bicycle, with children or the elderly.

I get nervous when I have to pass a yard with a pitbull or a rottweiler that is spinning around barking its fool head off and jumping at the fence or even worse, UP the fence, and I'm a good sized fella who knows how to handle myself and a dog.

As the owner of two rottweilers myself I have a unique perspective on the reasons people own animals like this, for me, it's to protect my property.

I want my dogs to bark when people go by, I want them to bark at 3 in the morning when someone is walking down my alley or the fella who delivers the paper around 5am stops his truck in front of the house and runs up to the neighbors door.

Yes, let these folks know that there is active surveillance on the property, that my yard is a 'no fly zone', tell that idiot in the alley that if his intentions are not honorable, they can get into my garage too (I mean the dogs).

Yes, bark my faithful canines, then shut up!

And I mean, shut the hell up.

I've got neighbors that I want to continue being neighborly with and it would get kind of difficult if the first thing they said to every morning was, "your damn dogs kept me up again all night last night".

I used to have to go out personally and threaten each one of their lives (the dogs, I mean) when they got to going around 2am when the cat from where ever showed up and just sat there outside the fence, taunting them.

How do you get the message across that this is unacceptable behavior without beating the hell out of them (the dogs once again) and I WILL NOT hit my animals.

For me, the dog silencer pro was the answer.

It took a little while, it even said it would in the instructions, and that I would have to be part of my dogs training while using this training device.

Nowhere did it ever say that this was a magic wand and all I had to do was wave it at my mutts and they would miraculously know when and when not to bark.

Armed with that knowledge I was able to NOT smash the $100 noise maker into pieces when the dogs were still barking after the first week.

There is a whole manual that comes with the thing so unless you just don't read directions, every question you might possibly have is covered.

I bought the collars so that when we went for walks, they would have reminders when they decided the dog being walked on the other side of the street or in someones yard might be worth yapping at... no, no,no.

If I had known about the Ultimate Dog Silencer collars before I bought the Dog Silencer Pro, I probably wouldn't have bought the pro as I don't have any neighbor dogs to 'train', but the outcome is still the same... my dogs don't bark all night at dumb stuff.

Thanks GoodLife!

I've got most of my information from these two sites:

The Dog Silencer Pro Complete Pack and

The Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar.

If you just want to check out the place I got them from, click on The Good Life

Thanks for checking out my hub and leave a comment or a question if you like or don't like.

Thanks again,


The Dog Silencer Pro Stops Barking Dog

Control Dog Barking With The Dog Silencer Pro


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