The Unique Russian breed of Mini Terriers

With Love of Russian Toy Dog
With Love of Russian Toy Dog


In my first hub I would like to tell you about the unique breed of the very small, charming dogs called RussianToy Dog. I've had not any experience to post hubs before, so, please, don't judge strictly my not native language and ability of using all the best features of this website to make postings more attractive. I promise I will learn it very soon. Any comments and suggestions how to make it better are much appreciated.

Russian Toy Terriers are adorable, cute dogs. In present time this breed is very popular in Russia, but maybe not so well known on the West. In this article I would like to share with you the history and origins, features and appearance of this specific breed of terriers and hope that with my pictures you will find it interesting.

Toy terrier Patric, dog in point
Toy terrier Patric, dog in point

Origin of Mini Terriers

The history of this breed started from Jolly Old England where in 17th century black-coated tiny hunting dogs were first named terriers. English terriers were on a great demand for their ability to hunt and kill rats. The most highly prized small dogs originated from the city of Manchester and the line there was called Manchester terrier. The rat-killing joys between terriers were quite popular for years between noblemen, but this form of entertainment had been finally banned one day.

Mini terriers acquired the status of a superb companion dog only many years later and this breed were placed in a separate category with official name the "toy terrier" only at the end of 18th century. No doubt that these dogs gained a great popularity and demand due in part to their dainty look and ease of ownership. This breed attracted hearts of many people in Europe, but these little dogs appeared in Russia only at the end of the 19th century. In contrast to the English breeders who wanted to breed more strong dogs, in Russia the tiny, delicate terriers were more highly valued.

Russian toychik Holms in woman arm
Russian toychik Holms in woman arm

Modern History - FCI specification

In the time of USSR, the Russian smooth-haired and long-haired mini terriers were very popular, but the situation changed in middle of 1980s (so called "time of changes"). In those years it became very popular to import new breeds of dogs from other countries. This movement had a negative influence on the later development of the breed. As a miracle, with growing economy might of new, democratic Russia, from the middle of 1990s these tiny dogs drew the attention of people back to this breed and in 1996 the National Toy Terrier Club was founded. A bit later, in 2000, it was adopted standard of the breed that included the smooth-haired and long-haired lines under the common name of the Russian toy terrier. Due a great efforts of recently founded National Toy Terrier Club, in 2003 the standard was coordinated with the FCI and then was recognized by the various international canine organizations. The important moment in the history of this breed when it was acknowledged by the International Canine Committee in 2006. Due to regulations of the FCI, from the name of the breed was dropped the world "terrier" and dogs of this breed were placed from Group 3 into Group 9 ("Decorative breeds") according to the classification of the FCI with an official name "Russian Toy Dog".

I would like to mention here that at home, or among our friends and relatives, we call our lovely pets using different endearing names in Russian as like "moi lasckovyi toychik" (my sweet tiny toy for a male), or "moya ozornaya toechka" (my mischievous tiny toy for a female).

Funny little football player
Funny little football player

Breed Features

Toy terriers are very graceful small dogs that look similar to miniature deer. They have delicate legs, short docked tails, "swan" neck, and refined small head. It is very hard to explain in words how expressive their eyes and how large their stand-up ears. In most cases Russian toy terriers awake in people kind and warm feelings, impressing them by their unique small size, energy, and charm and no doubt to say that no one can remain indifferent to these pretty miniature doggies.

The heightt of toy dogs can vary from 8 to 10 inches (19-29 cm.) with a weight anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds (1-2.5 kg.) In spite of their pocket size, toy terriers have good health and possess excellent character. If compare with very popular Yorkshire terrier, the care of the smooth-haired toy terrier is very easy and practical. These mini-dogs are distinguised by their inherently calm personality, they are ideal companions and relate well to humans.

Fancy toyka Bonnie with Bvlgary watch
Fancy toyka Bonnie with Bvlgary watch


Here are just a few of the benefits of this real amazing breed of toy terriers:

  • Very easy to keep in a small apartment (always a real problem for anybody who lives and works in a megapolis);
  • Convenient to take along with you to go to public places, to visit your friends or even on trips;
  • You don't have to walk your small dogs outdoors every morning or evening---the toy terriers are house dogs;
  • And the last... How much joy and pride they evoke in a soul of the owner feeling himself in a focus of attention when all friends, relatives or just passing pedestrians on the street pay attention on his dog and then.. guess what :-).

If you have any questions about these dogs, please, don't hesitate to leave your comments here or contact with me directly, I will be happy to tell you more in available time.


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sharon brewster 6 years ago

hi :) i just received one for my x-mas/birthday gift and instantly fell in love with my lil Riley and really found this info very helpful thank-you i was wondering if you knew /know of any sites that carry clothing for these beautiful lil guys ,,,i've googled till the cows come home and am not finding anything thank-you

Sharon and Riley

Evgenia 6 years ago

I've brought one (female, 18 months) but long coated from Russia, the most adorable breed, please get in

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