The Best Homemade Dog Shampoo




Is your dog squeaky clean? Is your puppy fluffy? Does he smell fresh? If the answer to these questions is a resounding, "NO!" then you need to read on and find out what the world's best dog shampoo is.


What do you use on your dog? People shampoo? Baby shampoo? Do you go to the pet supply store and try to decide between the numerous dog shampoos available? There's dry skin shampoo, shampoo with highlights, shampoo for black dogs, white dogs, curly-haired dogs. It's enough to make you want to run screaming out of the store.


Been there, done that, and scared some children in the parking lot on my way out. Let me tell you about the dog shampoo I use, and have used since the very first time I was told about it, approximately 9 years ago.


It doesn't come from France and it doesn't cost $147.00 an ounce. You can't get it in a Hollywood Purse Puppy boutique. Matter of fact, you don't buy it at all. You make it yourself using just TWO ingredients found in any grocery store.


I was first told about this recipe when my golden retriever was just a puppy. A respected friend who is a responsible golden breeder, trainer and veterinary student swore by it so I gave it a shot.


I have NEVER purchased regular dog shampoo again. I was wary at first but as soon as I saw the suds, smelled that wonderful clean smell and realized how efficiently the shampoo rinsed off, I was a believer. Those of us who use this recipe like to say our dogs smell like a salad, and it's true!


It is simple, clean, easy to make and inexpensive. You can store it in an old shampoo bottle and just shake thoroughly before shampooing your dog.


You only need three things and about three minutes.


  • A container such as a shampoo bottle or other squeeze bottle.
  • CLEAR liquid antibacterial soap. Dial is recommended but I have also used generic.
  • WHITE vinegar.



Mix equal parts vinegar and soap in your container. Shake well. You're done.


Use the shampoo the same way you would any dog shampoo. Be careful not to get it into your dog's eyes or ears. Start with a small amount because it lathers well and work the suds deep into the coat. Rinse well and dry. There is no wet dog smell and should be no residue on your dog's coat, due to the vinegar. The antibacterial aspect helps with parasites, dirt, and even minor skin abrasions and itchy or flaky skin.


What I love the most about this shampoo is the fresh smell stays for days! It's quite long lasting, your dog's coat will be soft and ultra-clean. And when someone comes in and says, "What is that good smell?" you can actually point to your dog.


Get going, now. I think your dog is running the bath.

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theresa 9 years ago

thanks i will try it my bassett starts to stink again 4 min after her bath! i have not found any shampoo that keeps her smelling good.

Vongai 9 years ago

thanx,im sure it will be the best for Bruce,our new dog.

Celina 8 years ago

thanks so much. I'll try it out. I have 2 3.5 month old beagles, and they love to get down into the mud outside. :)

thanks a ton

Kate 8 years ago

I'll give this a try for my yorkie puppy.. I like the "..fresh smell stays for days!"and the "ulta-clean" idea Thank you!!!

Rose 8 years ago

I'll try it on Gizmo my 8 week old shih Tzu, With his long hair he seem to smell

after a day.


farmers_wife 8 years ago

OK I'll try it cause my Yorkie stinks to the hilt!! Specifically her feet!! Can we say corny chips?

dukesmom 8 years ago

Can't wait to try it on my smelly dog!

kerrie 8 years ago

ill try it on my yellow lab....if i can get her to come out of the bushes :)

Glendale  8 years ago

The exact tip I need. I just bathe my dog and I'm still freakin because of all the mortifying parasites I've seen!

StinkyGolden 8 years ago

Wow, I use vinegar on my own hair ( stops flaky scalp ) never thought to use it on my dog!

Pam Campbell 8 years ago

Great, I'll try it on Throwie Semi and Nicky our cockapoos!


gg 8 years ago

There are many excited comments from people who are anxious to try this shampoo. Has anyone actually used it and how was it?

leashem 8 years ago

I just tried it and my dogs coat feels really good.!


Yolieangel 8 years ago

I am so glad to find this information. I will try tommorrow.

demianl27 8 years ago

I just used it and my dog smells great and his coat is super soft. Definitely a good recipe, two thumbs up :-)!

Allan 8 years ago i'll try it and i have a few pup's thanks

Ms. Charlotte M. 8 years ago

I will give it a try and let you know what I think. I have 4 dogs. Two short haired Dachshunds, One Corgie and 1 long-haired mix breed. Beauty supplies for these four can add up. I appreciate you sharing your recipe with us. Thanks from Boulders, Mouse, Daisy Mae and Oscar. 8 years ago

I currently use Dawn dishwashing liquid. However, I have never tried putting vinegar in with it, but I will try that as well. The dawn actually kills fleas, and keeps them away for a long period of time... Actually I have not noticed any of my dogs with fleas....I have a new puppy and it works wonders on him, so I know I will never buy any of that exspensive stuff for my dogs, hell I dont buy it for myself...

Samantha  8 years ago

You can smell my dog a mile away. I hardly bath him because he is 135lbs. and he stinks again even after the bath. It's too cold to bath him outside in the winter (obviously) and he fills the kids' tub. The good thing is he does cooperate well even though he hates it. Just last week I couldn't stand the smell any long and bathed him with a bar of Irish Spring. I was told a long time ago that Irish Spring kills fleas. We don't have fleas so I don't know if that works, but he still smells good even after a week. I am going to try your recipe this week. Who knows, maybe I can make it a routine and bath him every week if that help the house smell better!

Steph  7 years ago


Does anyone know if this recipe will do anything harmful to black fur on a dog? I'm a new dog owner and I just don't want the vinegar or anything to discolor my dogs fur.


Steph  7 years ago


Does anyone know if this recipe will do anything harmful to black fur on a dog? I'm a new dog owner and I just don't want the vinegar or anything to discolor my dogs fur.


em 7 years ago

hey sam ...i read ur comment and a while ago i found a good recipe

for washing dogs in the winter...well actually u dont even wash them

u just sprinkle them with baking soda, massage their coat vigorously

then just simply brush their coat and it will b and smell fresh :)

Jaspal profile image

Jaspal 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

Thank you Donna. I have always used one of those expensive dog shampoos. After rinsing off completely, I add a few tablespoons of vinegar and glycerine to about half a bucket of water and wash the dog's coat with that. The advice to do this was given by a friend who was breeding dogs as a hobby. I find it very effective.

But your recipe seems simpler and definitely cheaper! I will try it out for his next bath ...

Dog Bedding  7 years ago

Thanks for the advise, I've tried many shampoos but none have been as good as the one that you have suggested

Rachel 7 years ago

Thanx!! My dog SMELLS soo much!! I will DEFINALTY try this right NOW!!:)

jean 7 years ago


Sadie 7 years ago

I really need to give my dog a bath our shampoo doesn't work ill try this and see if it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KeMily 7 years ago

Every dog owner needs to try this wonderful tip. It really, really works!!!

nick 7 years ago

Holy cow my german shepard doesn't smell thank you thank you

Persephone  7 years ago

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical. But I had to try it and I am so very glad I did!! Zeke (my pound puppy) has very coarse fur and nothing has made him feel so soft as this! Thank you so much for such a great recipe that produced a soft, glossy coat.

Trish 7 years ago

Just tried the shampoo on my Tibetan Terrier and Boxer~~ They both look great and smell wonderful....I literally use white vinegar for everything from cleaning my carpets to washing my dogs now!!

Alana 7 years ago

I just spent two weeks at the cottage with my dog. Afterwards,she smelled BAAAAD.I tried this recipe and OMG it worked so well! Her coat is shiny and soft, and she smells great! Thank you so much!!

Tiffany 7 years ago

Hi, i was curious if this would be a safe thing to use on a dog that's trying to get over ringworm? she is a 4 month old cockapoo and the previous owners let her somehow get ringworm and i am wondering if this would be ok to use? i sure hope so cause i really need to do something she is really starting to smell and there poor skin is gettin so dry cause of the ringworm.. UGH

declan 7 years ago

thanks for that tip, cant wait to try it out, but first I must find clear liquid antibacterial soap :)

Sara Sosa 7 years ago

Is this safe to use for dogs that use top spot (such as frontline?)

lola 7 years ago

Where are you finding "CLEAR" liquid antibacterial soap - i have found dial liquid soap however it is sented - spring rain or something - are you using sented dial antibacterial soap?

Rachel 7 years ago

I just used this on my Long Haired English Cream Dachshund-

It worked very well- he smells great, is shiny and soft and tried quickly! (I had to compromise on the clear soap though this time- I'll get the recommended seventh generation next time) :) Great tip! Thanks- I don't have a stinky pup now! :)

help lab and pit mix  7 years ago

i really hope this will work my pup always smells like wet dog but he isn't wet thanks for the tip going to try tomorrow

babyzsaab 7 years ago

This is awesome. just used it on my whippet terrier mix 3 month old puppy! no doggy smell. super shiny coat!

mell 7 years ago

wheres the recipe

Jimmy 7 years ago

If this thing works, i'll love u

7 years ago

I was just wondering.. would dettol be a good antibacterial soap or does the soap have to be clear?

jamilla 7 years ago

I just tried this recipe on my stinky Boston Terrier and he smells wonderful. I've searched for shampoos with scents, but this beat anything I wasn't able to find. I did get the clear CVS refreshing light scent antibacterial soap and I highly recommend this treatment for dogs.

isay 7 years ago

i loved everything that i just read about the recipe's effect.. =) can't wait to try it on my pups.. =)

L.A 7 years ago

I am so looking forward to trying this recipe on my little guy:) I hope it works. Cross my fingers:)

BugnPA 7 years ago

My family recently rescued a huskie/shepard mix.. his name is sam and he is very friendly,, immediatley took to our show of affection and attention,, (although Fred our cockapoo isn't too happy yet) We've been battling this issue for four weeks now,,after i post this i'm going to bathe him with this mix and give an immediate response,, hope it works as well as everyone has said,, wish us luck!!

Tamara 7 years ago


I bought all kinds of shampoo's before and the most expensive ones, but this recipe is AMAZING i felt the smell right after i turned off the water..


Len 7 years ago

I will try this on my 14 1/2 year old female mixed breed. She very bad with incontinence and does not walk at all since late november 09 and she is missing a back limb. thanks for this info

Pam 6 years ago

We've got two large breed dogs, siberian husky & lab husky. I had run out of a brand name shampoo and my doggies needed bathing. I came across this recipe and VOILA, it's FAB! I also dilute a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for after bath rinse. I will never buy dog shampoo again. Much thnx:)

profile image

terryalger 6 years ago

I have a Basset that has had skin issues since day one that we rescued him at 2 years old. He is now 8 and we have spent tons...and I mean tons of money on him...back surgery included. But the most difficult thing to live with is his smelliness :-(. I just tried this recipe after spending a bijillion dollars on over the counter and prescription stuff. HE SMELLS BETTER THAN HE HAS EVER SMELLED!!!! I will see how the skin issues are after a week or so. He gets bathed about every 10 days and usually by that time the family can barely stand him. Homer is a sweetie and if this makes his stench more tolerable I think I'll just do a dance!!!

Lu 6 years ago

Thank you very much for this shampoo tip. It works beautifully....I would recommend it to every dog owner, her coat looks very shiny too!...thank you for posting this...

wendy 6 years ago

I am going to try this for sure thanks !

Andrea 6 years ago

Works on my doberman/shephard mix! no more doggy smell! Lathers super-well, too!

Thanks so much!

Janet 6 years ago

I read this article and all of the comments. Like many posters I still had questions and wanted more specifics. So I did some quick research and here's what I came up with. You want to use gentle dish soap (i.e. palmolive, ivory, dove) because of the pH (lots of stuff on pH and dogs and why you shouldn't use people products on them). Here's some good information and mentions some soaps by name:

All of the recipes I found were similar but too large for my needs. So I halfed the recipe.

1/2 cup Palmolive (I used green apple)

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (I read no reason to choose one over the other so it seems white and apple cider vinegars are interchangable so I guess it's your preference)

1/2 cup water

1/6 cup glycerin - I eyeballed half of 1/3 cup. You can find this any pharmacy. Mine was $5.75 for 6oz at Publix and there is alot left. This is a humectant and will help retain moisture in the coat.

I mixed it in a 2-cup measuring cup and poured it into the bottle using a funnel.

This filled a 12 oz bottle perfectly.

I have a cream miniature poodle. The shampoo worked well. To whiten the coat add a small amount of "Bluing". I found recipes that had the measurements Glycerin is also used to make bubbles so keep that in mind. I still noticed a slight wet dog smell but all-in-all I'm very happy with the results...and the price. I spent around $11 and could make dozens of bottles of shampoo and still have some product left over. Use common sense regarding your pets eyes and ears. Use a rag to wash their face and avoid getting shampoo in the eyes and ears.

Hope this helps!!

Robyn Suarez 6 years ago

I have a 6 year old Boxer, Fernando, who I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on because of constant ear problems, skin problems and constant scratching. I was at the end of my rope when I came across this site. Well, I will try anything to make him have a better life, so I mixed 1 cup of Dial antibacterial soap, I cup of Aloe Vera (GNC) and one cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and WOW what a difference. I think he had a good nights sleep for the first time EVER! I stunk like a vinegar salad for awhile but I'm keeping my fingers crossed - almost immediately, he stopped scratching. While I was bathing him, I also soaked his paws in a bowl of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water (only for a few seconds because he was not fond of his feet being in a bowl). Anyway, so far - so good. I pray that this helps him and for right now, it seems to be - so THANKS from me and my bank account!

Jay 6 years ago

I have a red healer(dingo), and he literally can sit in our living room and kill plants by his smell!!(I have actually scene it done). He's constantly shredding so I was wondering if this could somehow cause him to shred even worse? I really hope this works because we are very frustrated with his stench!!! Thanks for the recipe.

Maggie 6 years ago

I just used this on both of my chihuahua's and they smell great. They don't have the wet dog smell and they do feel very soft. I didn't think that it would really work this well and I am very satisfied. So, who ever found that this mixture of liquids would work on smelly pets, well Thank you and my family all Thank You!!!!!

Dog lover 6 years ago

Two thumbs way up! My Lab mix has always had an odor problem along with itchy skin that he often scrathed into an open sore. No more smell, no more scratching, and shedding level is way down. Thank You for this tip. I used Equate brand clear liguid anti Bact soap and great value white vinagar, both from Walmart.

Animalrescuesrule! 6 years ago

I will be sure to try it!!!!! :)

curt 6 years ago

Sounds good to me.Does anybody know if this soap & vinegar kills fleas?

jukechrn 6 years ago

does apple cider vinegar work?

OCMama 6 years ago

Just used this on my 2lb chihuahua, worked beautifully! She is super soft, smells wonderful and hasn't scratched in hours! Woohooooo! Thumbs way up!!!

XOXO- OCMama and Mia

Joanne 6 years ago

I own a very busy dog grooming spa and have tried many products out on the market and never have been happy with them. I tried the recipe with the apple cider vinegar but I found the smell so bad of apple vinegar I had to rewash the dog with normal dog shampoo. I will try to mix the recipe again tomorrow with white vinegar and see how it works.

I also found the liquid, after I mixed everything together was very lumpy and did not mix well at all. Anyone else have that problem?

Mimi 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice, my yorkie Kobe (3.5 months) is stinking up my apt.......

Mimi 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice, my yorkie Kobe (3.5 months) is stinking up my apt.......

Mimi 6 years ago

Just used it on Kobe, it works smell is gone, and he dosent look like he was dipped in he is very soft....

Sagar 6 years ago

Will this recipe works for all the dogs.

I have long coated Saint bernand will it have any side effects by using this recipe. Please Suggest.

Bridget 6 years ago

I tried it on all of my dogs and loved it! Please make sure you use white vinegar! They smell great and are super soft. The fresh smell lasted longer than any other shampoo that I've tried. My Golden Retriever loves to roll in dirt and gets stinky fast. This is the only stuff that has gotten rid of the bad smell completely and she actually smells great! I also used it on a Chocolate Lab and a Black Yorkie Poo, so for those of you worried about color issues, it wasn't one at all for me. Thanks for posting this!

newbluepitowner 6 years ago

I pray it works. I'm trying it today as she is not allowed at grandmas because of the smell.

Meghan 6 years ago

This really does work! It keeps my dog fresh smelling and her coat feels wonderful! I put it into an old shampoo container and make it in the bulk... :D

Angela 6 years ago

It sound so good that I am going to use it with myself!!

Thank You!

Nanette 6 years ago

My little poodle is a beautiful shade of apricot - I tried this shampoo with apple cider vinegar - I liked the mixture however it did lighten her coat which I wasn't happy about - possibly the combination of the vinegar and the summer sun acted like a bleach -

kels 6 years ago

i tryed this out i used white vinager and dial sented hand soap. well it didn't work, my dog smells like wet dog still. ew

kels 6 years ago

okay i tryed pamolive(sp?) with white vinager on my 1 and a half month old puppy and her long coat feels really nice and she doesn't really smell any different but.... shes shivering up a storm in my lap. and crying.... and this isn't her first bath either... ive used baby shampoo on her twice before and shes never shived or cryed this much? what's going on? could someone help me out maybe?. oh and im the same person who commented on this before i used that solution on my bigger dog. and no change

duh 6 years ago

your puppy shouldn't be washed with cold water, shivering and crying is because it is cold and needs to be warmed. Small dogs especially puppies get cold quickly. Keep them warm.

Michaels English Bulldog 6 years ago

Went to CVS and purchased the large CLEAR liquid antibacterial soap for around 6 bucks, I always buy in bulk so this is plenty and it will last a long time. Mixed up the concoction and it worked like a charm. My English Bulldog smells fresh and clean, her coat is soft and it looks great! If you about saving money try it!

panaches mum 6 years ago

ive used it and its quite good mine is a poodle so doesn't get a doggy smell just one thing i dont find it leaves her glossy very clean but not glossy and i think we now need to make a homemade conditioner.

Curious 6 years ago

Anyone else have instances where the dog's fur was lighter than before the bath? I haven't tried this recipe, but it's my boyfriend's dog, so I don't want to make him angry with me, haha!

scott 6 years ago

tried this

Halie Carley 6 years ago

so do you know if this will work on a black lab/golden retriever mix. hw is 3 and has never been washed before cause we couldn't find a shampoo that would work for him. and now his coat is really greasy and all.

Kristen 6 years ago

I'm going to try this - we take my dog to an old folks home and people pet her - i tried giving her a bath before and she stank even worse!!! - so thanks for this recipe - your a life saver!

Jasmine 6 years ago

Will this really work?? For puppies too?

Rockie 6 years ago

Branded shampoos r quite expensive & this looks tempting..will try it out on my lab pup. BTW, I don't remember what doggy odour was like-:-)(yes, I too had nightmares abt ticks invading my home & I cud smell my pup's presence a mile away).

For bad odour,dandruff, fleas, ticks & mites, I have a tried & tested recipe- mix equal amounts of neem oil & coconut oil (plain coconut oil will do, not the virgin one). To 100ml of this mix add 2 camphor pellets (U can also add 1 0r 2 drops of citronella oil). It is ready for use after camphor dissolves. Smear ur palm with this oil mix and massage ur dog's body well & brush his coat so that oil spreads evenly. Bathe the dog after 30 mts or so. Dogs dislike the smell of camphor & the icky feeling of oil, but they get over it quickly & the mixture actually seems to be soothing. My pup goes vocal even with a slight discomfort. He takes this treatment fairly well. With no mosquitoes & flies to bother him, my puppy goes into a deep slumber within 20mts after application, so I usually bathe him after 2hrs or so, after he wakes up. I've been using this since my pup was 4 months & now at 2 yrs he is a happy dog with fine shiny coat- no dandruff,ticks or ringworm. Further, oil dislodges muck & dirt. So bathing too is easier & the coat dries out pretty quickly & there is no wet dog smell. Neem oil is bitter, so dogs won't lick it. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE THAT UR DOG ISN'T ALLERGIC TO THIS MIX. APPLY A SMALL QUANTITY TO A SMALL AREA AS A FIRST STEP. If no allergies develop after 2 days go for the whole body treatment. If it works fine, go for it instead of smearing ur dog with poisons. My dog lives outdoor & I haven't used any chemical repellent on him since I discovered this treatment. Have a Happy Dog :-).

Rockie 6 years ago

Well, forgot to mention that the oil mix I recommended above should be applied prior to shampooing. This mix acts as an excellent conditioner & insect repellant.Coconut oil nourishes skin & acts as a conditioner, neem oil has pesticidal properties & camphor is a deodorant cum insect repellant. Irrespective of the shampoo brand,the dog's coat doesn't look parched with all the natural glow gone or turn itchy after drying. It helps easier cleansing, easier drying, retains the natural moisture & leaves the coat smooth, shiny & slightly fragrant. If ur dog has ticks, the oil will dislodge them & suffocate them & with the following shampooing, they will be dispensed with. The traces of this mix retained in the coat after bath will ward of fleas.

This is a natural remedy and results of this treatment will be visible only after at least 2 subsequent baths. Living in the tropics, I bathe my dog once in 10- 15 days (he is a labrador retriever who loves bathing).

Pitbull 868 6 years ago

how often can you bathe your dog/pup with this formula without the coat getting too dry.Eg every 2 weeks,once a month, etc.

ashley 6 years ago

i know it says clear antibacterial soap but will it work if its not clear???

walkswithdogs 6 years ago

I've a 13-year old Border Collie who loves to swim - all year if possible - but he does smell. I've tried the expensive stuff too and a change in his diet to a more natural (home-made) diet that contains many helpful herbs, but he still stinks. I decided to search the web for some natural alternatives and will definitely be trying this home-made shampoo recipe. I also read that adding barley grass, wheat grass and chlorophyll (1/4 to 1 tsp per day, twice a day, depending on the dog's size) will remove toxins from the body that lead to bad smells. So I'll try the additive first and then the shampoo.

banjosmum 6 years ago

this shampoo is a ripper, I dont think we have Dial here in Oz so I used Dettol antibacterial hand wash with aloe vera and a cheap white vinegar... my god!! it doesn't lather that well maybe because of the vinegar, but my 6 month old Jack Russell terrier was a ball of fluff, being tri coloured white tan and black, he is so soft to cuddle. Thanks for the recipe xx

scooter 6 years ago

Just tried this and it works like a charm my dog smells great and is soft and fluffy!!


Angel 6 years ago

Finally, something that works! I wont be buying dog shampoo anymore. My Lab smells great now!

gloria ramos 6 years ago

I'll try it hopefully it will work

CLR 6 years ago

The groomer told me that human shampoos and dish soaps do not have the appropriate PH balance dogs need and it will eventually severely dry their skin. Even though all of the comments are encouraging, I am still skeptical about trying this. I would hate to save money on dog shampoo now, just to spend lots more on a skin problem later. So my question is, has anyone tried this (or a similar recipe) long term? Is your dogs skin dry?

CLR 6 years ago

OK... So I am not sure about dish/hand soap as my dog's shampoo. So I improvised and poured some vinegar in her dog shampoo. Same dog shampoo we have been using on her for the last year. However, adding vinegar to her shampoo improved the results. The scent is magnified and her coat is much softer. I am going to say that the magic ingredient here is the vinegar and not the hand soap. And, vinegar is dog friendly and will repel fleas/ticks. So if you are on a budget, go buy a cheap dog shampoo and add vinegar. Try the 99 Cent store.

Lisa 6 years ago

I just used it on my black cocker spaniel and it works great! WOW it helped with her smell and dry skin. Living in indiana the weather flip-flops plus living in the country. I will def. use it again and it saves lots of money!

ash 6 years ago

tried it with dettol antibacterial and vinegar, itching stopped straight away, from oz, so not sure what antibacterial you use

jan 6 years ago

thanks for the tip my dog is flea free works great

Crazy4Dogz 6 years ago

Finny smelled sooooooooooooooooo bad. now, he is fresh and klean

Cassie 6 years ago

Awesome! When I read this I thought yeah right no way, but will give it a try. It really works! I used it from the neck down, except I used 1/2 cup baby shampoo with 1/2 cup vinegar and absolutely no wet dog smell at all, and no conditioner needed their hair came out soft and shiny with no smell when wet or dry just a clean smell. Thank you so much for the great information!

Sophie 6 years ago

I've been telling my mom for MONTHS that her Pomeranian stinks. She tried to remedy the problem by shaving and bathing him. No such luck.

My parents have been out of town for a few days and I've been watching the dog at my house. He likes to sleep in the bed. I like to sleep some where that doesn't smell. I was going to buy some oatmeal shampoo, but then I did a google search and came across this homemade remedy.

I was going to use Dial soap, but then I found my hubby's "Scent Away" shampoo/body wash (you can get it at Scheels). It's used for getting rid of any odors or human scents before he goes hunting (he's a big loser), and it contains antibacterials. I figured a shampoo that is made to get rid of odors and that has antibacs would be better than Dial.

I mixed it with the vinegar, washed the dog, and, amazingly, the dog no longer smells! And I think he stopped his incessant scratching. Must've been some bacterial infection.

Anywho, thanks for the tip. I no longer feel like I am sleeping in a sewer! Now, any tips for bad doggie breath?

Robyn 6 years ago

I used gold liquid dial & white vinegar. Works amazing. My 1/2 lab 1/2 shep smells clean. His coat is soft, fluffy and so shiny. He almost looks wet it's so shiny! He's sooooo clean. Ive been doing this for 3 months and bathe him every two weeks! I will never go back to store bought!

Skyla 6 years ago

I love this! My beagle urgently needed a bath and i dreaded giving her one knowing that i would have to spend another $15-$25 dollars byeing new shampoo! I tried this and i works amazingly! her coat is SOFT, SHINY, and smells awesome!!!!!!

THanK You so much!!!!!!

denise mohan profile image

denise mohan 6 years ago from California

Awesome ez recipe...thnx

Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin 6 years ago

Just tried this shampoo two nights ago, and my dogs still smell CLEAN! Thanks for the tips.

Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin 6 years ago

Just tried this shampoo two nights ago, and my dogs still smell CLEAN! Thanks for the tips.

miley 6 years ago

my dogs are outside dogs so they rely smell but i would still like for them to smell clean so ill try it thanks!!


fur baby 6 years ago

Anyone try this on a Rough Collie or another "lots of hair" breed where the coat is supposed to have a courseness?? (Malamute, Husky, Keeshond, Akita ect?) I'm worried about it making the coat too soft and flat.

Helen 6 years ago

Onlyuse Dawn liquid as it is used on oil soaked animals and bird.

Joyce 6 years ago

I have 3 dogs and with the prices of everything going constanly up. I was just searching the Webb about the handsoap and vinegar I went and mixed it together and gave my boxer a bath and he smells very good. Thank You Very Much for you advice

Elizabeth 6 years ago

Can't wait to try this. I have Shih Tzu and he smells good after for a while after I pick him up from the groomer but I can't afford that too often. I'll post again after it's done.....

Dawn Francey 6 years ago

We have just rescued the stinkiest dog ever that the vet doesn't think has had a bath in her 7yrs!! Bathed with this and we are very impressed. While dog still wet smells of vinegar, dry its gone and no doggy smells at all!!! I have told everyone i know about this now - we wont EVER use anything else again!!!

One Stinky Dog 6 years ago

This recipe did NOT work for me! I originally bathed my short haired dachshund twice with two different shampoo's. He still smelled, so I did some research and found this recipe. The reviews sounded awesome and using vinegar made since so I bathed him a third time eager to try it. No luck! He has a soft coat but that is it. I wish I had the results of so many others on here. He still smells like a nasty wet dog. Does anyone have any other suggestions on horrid dog smell? I will try this on my schnauzer after her hair-cut and will post her results soon.

One Stinky Dog 6 years ago

Also I saw that two people mentioned using Aloe Vera in their mixes. I wouldn't suggest this as it is toxic to dogs if they were to lick it!

Hokulani 6 years ago

Yesterday, I tried the shampoo recipe on my very dirty puppy. I used Dial white tea antibacterial soap and regular white vinegar. She smelled a little like vinegar right after her bath but the smell quickly dissipated and she wasn't left with the "wet dog" smell. Today, her coat is soft, shiny and she smells great. I never got this kind of result from all the ultra-expensive shampoos I've used on her in the past. This one's a keeper. Thanks!

mimi 6 years ago

wow .. fanally something simple and quick... thank so much on my way to a new clean and smell good puppy... :)

Mary 6 years ago

We have been procrastinating about bathing our dog, due to the horrid smell. So we researched what we could do differently, to decrease the wet dog smell. (We have also tried countless dog shampoos, of all price ranges, and nothing lasts like when he goes to the professional groomers.)We used it tonight mixed with dog shampoo, and as soon as we applied it, the stink was gone. He is a Cairn Terrier, and super clean and fluffy. Thank you :)

Carlo 6 years ago

I used it today on my 8 week yorkie. 100% recommend. In a cup put half vinegar and half of my puppy shampoo. Leaves hair feeling great and no dog smell.

mommabox 5 years ago

Just finished washing and drying my 7 mth old pit/rottie and he seems to not have even the slightest hint of "dog smell" on him. I will def. be using this every time he gets a bath!

Tara 5 years ago

My pug smelt nice and vinegary for a few hours, and then she really honked again one day later.

anjelica 5 years ago

Thanks sooo much for sharing the recipe....yesterday i was going crazy cauz we ran out of dog shampoo. This was soo easy to make and im only 12! and its really inexpensive my father is very pleased!!! i cANT WAIT TO TRY IT ON MY 2 YR OLD sIBERIAN HUSKY, kAWAII!! xD THANKS!!! im so exited!!

peaceful 5 years ago

Don't worry about aloe vera gel hurting your dog, it's what groomers use. Years ago I had a friend who was a groomer at petsmart and she said they mix aloe vera gel with the shampoo there and that's why the dogs come out so soft. Also my vet told me you can use dial anti-bacterial body wash instead of hand soap. Been using it (mixed with aloe gel) for 12 years on my staffie, who used to have bad skin. Will try mixing vinegar with it for this new stinky puppy I've got.

Carson 5 years ago

Thanks I'll try it on Rocky, my black Westie-Poo(West-highland Terrior mix with a Poodle)

Diane Mayes 5 years ago

Hi I have a Shitz Zhu 2yr.old who is very sensitive to shampoos and does nothing but scratch I have just shampooed her in the vinegar and dettol anti bacterial soap and I can't believe how relaxed she is one or two scratches but that's just habit I have spent a fortune on products and research so from Aussie land Thank you very much.

Jamyl 5 years ago

just finished trying this to my Lab / Golden Ret! Thanks for this informative post! :)

Sherri 5 years ago

Hi, I just used this recipe and so far it looks great! For the person that asked about their black dog..our dog is a black and grey German Shepherd and it did not dull her black at all. Our dog has many allergies so I will watch the next couple days and see if there is a reaction at all. I use vinegar on her to repel bugs so I am not anticipating any but will post an update on possible skin reaction in a couple days!

Tanya 5 years ago

Have 2 boxers and a chihuahua that stink! Especially since they have been couped up for the winter. My whole house smelled. I used Clear Softsoap antibacterial soap and vinegar 50/50 mix and it worked like a charm!!!!! This is definitely what I will be using for now on!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Holly 5 years ago

Have been using this since my one year old dane came home at 6 weeks and I get all sorts of comments about how soft his fur is - especially his ears. I've had danes before and they always had dry skin, but that's not a problem using this shampoo. Thanks for the recipe and I have passed this on to several friends.

Mary 5 years ago

Thanks. Can't wait to try this recipe!

mary 5 years ago

This will not harm a dog with black hair. You know if you add a little white vinegar to your black laundry load and wash in cold water - it will clean the clothes and also helps in keeping the black material BLACK! (:

Sam 5 years ago

This worked great! I have a one-year-old Jack Russell with a rough coat. I have to bathe him at least once a week because he starts to stink! Even after his bath, he smelled like a perfumed wet dog, no matter what shampoo I used. After trying this (I used white vinegar and Soft Soap antibacterial) he smelled fresh even wet, and when he dried he was soft and his fur was fluffier. It also didn't bother his skin, he seems to have sensitive skin and we even have to feed him special food for food allergies. I'm impressed, thanks for the idea!

Mia's Mom 5 years ago

Used the receipe today on my "Texas size" Chihuahua. The soap worked well!. She usually smells after her bath if she goes outside for 10 minutes or more. It's been 9 hrs & she still smells good and she is very, very soft. Mia has black fur & we had no problems.Used Soft Soap Antibacterial & white vinegar.

DoggySitter 5 years ago

I doggysit many dogs and they ask me to bath them....I love this recipe!! I love it so much!! I have a few that HATE being bathed...And they love it now and there owners love there dog now haha!!!! I have 3 mini poodles, 1 French bulldog, 2 Tibetan spaniels!! They smell so good now I dont have to put a towel on the couch that smeeled like a dog that has never been bathed!!!! Thank you so much!!!

toshibalove 5 years ago

just used this tonight on our 6 month old Shiba Inu, after a muddy day at the dog park. He smells WONDERFUL!!! Thank you!

steve 5 years ago

I just read the recipe and went to Target to get the soap. I found a small bottle of "White Tea and Vitamin E" , clear Dial liquid soap. I mixed it with the vinegar and gave my big black dog a bath. It was great! It really made a bunch of suds and he smellls pretty darn good. I still need to give my little dog a bath, and I will as soon as it stops thundering and lightning. Thank you very much!!!!

Melissa 5 years ago

I tried the shampoo on my cockapoo, Chance. His coat is white and he smells Wonderful!! I can't stand the wet dog smell. The only thing is when I take him out on the grass he gets grass stains on his paws, cause he is so white. Thank You so much!!! Next I am going to try it on my chocolate lab, Sophie..... I will never buy dog shampoo again!!!!

Melissa 5 years ago

I tried the shampoo on my cockapoo, Chance. His coat is white and he smells Wonderful!! I can't stand the wet dog smell. The only thing is when I take him out on the grass he gets grass stains on his paws, cause he is so white. Thank You so much!!! Next I am going to try it on my chocolate lab, Sophie..... I will never buy dog shampoo again!!!!

Melody 5 years ago

just used it. normally my puppy is irritated by dog shampoo, and he cries as soon as you put it on him, but he didn't wimper a single time with this. although we used apple cider vinegar, but it worked just as well. he is very fluffy and smells a lot better

harro! 5 years ago

Hi, does it HAVE to be clear antibacterial soap. are there any other alternatives? thanks

andrew 5 years ago

Thanks donna this is a very grt tip

jo 5 years ago

i just added a little olive oil to moisturise and used totally unscented soap and it worked a treat, my pugs one happy boy! me too!!

michele 5 years ago

this dog "shampoo" was horrible. after reading the GREAT reviews i decided to try it on my dog. she has been itching consistently for about 3 months now. she has incredibly dry skin and now i don't know how to get rid of it!

sherri 5 years ago

Thanks so much, I can't wait to try it out on my husband!

Kimberly 5 years ago

This really works...I added a tad of olive oil so I had no trouble with my dog having dry skin and the smell was irradicated lol. Thank you so much for the useful tips.

CallyGirl 5 years ago

I did a mix with 1 cup Soft Soap Clear and 1 Cup of Vinegar. Used an old bottle from bubble bath, marked it as dog shampoo with a sharpie so I can use it over and over again. It has been two weeks since I shampooed our little dog and she is still so soft and still doesn't smell like a dog! Thank you for this great tip!

JEN 5 years ago

I just bathed my dog with this mixture except i accidently got the clear liquid soap and it was not antibacterial, i added some vitamin E oil that comes in a bottle from the dollar store, she smells great right now and she is so soft, i think we will be using this again!!!....Thanks so much for the dog shampoo recipe!!!

jacko 5 years ago

Thanks for the information cant wait to try it hopefully it will clear his rash

Sally 5 years ago

worked wonders, it stopped my dog from his constant scratching and has made him smell better than hes ever smelled before, and that's astounding because normally I use the dog shampoos and conditioners from the pet shop that set me back $50 for the two. It rinsed so much easier than those and for the first time in 16 years he doesn't stink like, well...a dog, I only wish I'd known about it sooner.

profile image

aleenstone 5 years ago

Sandy,my 8 year old shaved ( long haired pembroke corgi) has a horrible smell which just started this summer along with her constant scratching. The vet thinks it is summer allergies which apparently can start in older dogs. She is helped benedryl and allederm. But still she stinks.. So here I go ..and will give a report in a couple of hours...I Praise God for this site and am aware that it might not work as was reported by one person who tried it. But Im ready to risk it.

becxy 5 years ago

omg my shih tzu has this really bad smell(DOG smell) that my mom and sister complaining that our house smells like a dog house lol... im gonna try this tomorrow... thabnk you soooowww much!

5 years ago


chasethestars7384 5 years ago

I used this shampoo on my dog and it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

Michele 5 years ago

If your dog is still itching after using the antibacterial soap and vinegar, you either didn't rinse your dog well enough, or you need a milder soap -- try liquid ivory or baby shampoo mixed with the vinegar (however, you loose the anti-parasitic properties when you switch from antibacterial to mild soap). It won't hurt to add a tad of olive oil to the mixture.

sophie 5 years ago

cool i should try it on my great dane.he stinks like a garbage bin

sammy 5 years ago

Will it work to remove fleas??

Jill 5 years ago

My bulldog has very sensitive skin - even the oatmeal shampoo gives her a rash on her tummy. This shampoo works good and I haven't seen any skin irritation in the hours after bath! Thank you for sharing.

Trisha 5 years ago

Our new little english bull dog aka Tabasco loved it... I rather smell vinegar then wet DOG.


ace jayson 5 years ago


victoria 5 years ago

i really hope this woks as the only thing that spoils my beautifull black lab ( molly) is her smell from constantly rolling round muck... going to try this asap

Jennifer 5 years ago

I cant find clear dial anywhere it is all scented tea tree cherry & please have one very stinky dog and i really want to try this.thanks

Samantha 5 years ago

Thanks ! I have a golden retriever, I'll try it out ! (=

sam 5 years ago

does any one know weather "dermeze body was/facial hypoallergenic`fragrance free" soap is okay for the clear soap?

Pratt 5 years ago

Maybe a 2% neem oil in it for a flea and biting insect and powerful antiseptic treatment. Please read about this oil before you play with it. But it will work awesome. Just take time and effort to read about the neem tree

Dsell 5 years ago

I have been reading the comments and i will try the tips...hope it wont mess up my 6month old akita jasmine

Christie 5 years ago

Hello I usually buy an very expensive shampoo for my blue pit Rocky and the nice smell wears off within a day or two and I have to buy a separate spray conditioner to freshen him up.... I tried this and it acutally works better than the expensive shampoos!!! He smells great and his coat is actually softer, thanks!!!

Lia 5 years ago

My Pomeranian played in the mud and he really smells. I just got him so i know nothing about washing dogs. i am going to try this because i read all the great reviews. i will post my review right after i wash him. Thanks for the tip :)

Chris 5 years ago

Thanks for this tip! I have a black lab and have tried DOZENS and DOZENS of different shampoos, even mixing some of my own. I knew that vinegar had antibacterial properties, but I just never put two-and-two together to wash my dog with it. I will DEFINITELY give this a try! Especially in today's economy, I just don't have money to spend on expensive dog shampoos that don't work! But the beautiful thing is, now I'll NEVER have to spend that kind of money again! Thanks again!!

Lia 5 years ago

I washed my dog 2 days ago and he still smells fresh :) thanks for this awesome tip :D

profile image

katierae04 5 years ago

My mom and I used this on her 2 Daushound mix. They always smell awful.. Rotten Stinky Rottens. They have awful dry, itchy, flaky skin. We loved this mixture. We did not use clear soap, but golden antibacterial by Equate mixed with equal parts of white vinegar. IT mixed well, and lathered and rinsed great. They Smell great, we will just have to see how long this lasts! I am now heading home to wash my 2 Dauchound mix as well! Mine, however, don't smell as bad and do not have the wire hair as hers do. I will definitely be playing with this recipe, adding oils and aloe vera gel. Thanks so much for this recipe! The stinkers are actually laying down and NOT EXCESSIVELY ITCHING!

june swatzell 5 years ago

Ghees I hope this works. My dogs stinks 5 mins after a bath!

Yvette 5 years ago

Trident this today and it was great! The smell was fantastic and my dog loved it. Thanks for sharing the formula.

Brenda 5 years ago

Is this antibacterial hand wash?

Brenda 5 years ago

Is this antibacterial hand soap?

lola and mina 5 years ago

Great recipe! We have two Dachshunds who play outside all day in warm California sun and after chasing birds and lizards all day they stink! Trying to economize I came across your recipe with my favorite household cleaner.... VINEGAR! Whoo hoo! Just tried it and it worked marvellously! No more stinky doxies! Thank-you!

Julliet 5 years ago

I just bought a yorkie today. I immediately fell in love but I wasn't very happy with his smell. Just tried the shampoo and he smells glorious. I'm even more in love! Thank you!

Vanes 5 years ago

What The Specific name of CLEAR LIQUID ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP AND VINEGAR? i wanted to try it on my dog so want to know the specific name of brand when your making a dog's shampoo.. thanks!

nina 5 years ago

can i use normal shampoo? like shampoo that we use?

Emily 5 years ago

Our dog (sindy) STINKS of wet dog I am going to try it on as soon as I get home from school tomorrow! :) thanks for the tip! :)

Mayra 5 years ago

Great! I have 1/2 bichon frise 1/2 havanese(havachon) and she smells so good and her coat is really soft I haven't seen her scratch (which she does all day everyday) so I hope this works!!

angela 5 years ago

can't wait to try it thanks

Bella 5 years ago

Hey thanks for that :) I use it on the famous Bella The Pit bull, she loved it, I as well loved the smell. Thanks.

Check it out for a picture

Melody K 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this information. I am sure my Golden Retriever will be happy as a clam. I have book marked your page for future reference.

Take crae,


maggie 5 years ago

will it do any harm to my golden retriever or my lab?

does it work on all dogs??

bye the way, thanks for the info!!:)

chestnut 5 years ago

hi, i have a 4 year old female yorkie and i really wanted to try this shampoo.... but... can i still use her conditioner after this shampoo? my yorkie has long hair and her hair gets frizzy without conditioner. will the antibacterial effect of this shampoo stay even if i use conditioner after.... thanks

AT 5 years ago

I used this yesterday on our Dobbie. He has had a history of yeasty smelling skin and veterinary treatment has been courses of antibiotics and their prescription shampoos. He would still develop bumps that to me resembled hives and scratch at them. I would give him benedryl to stop the itching. I was hesitant to try this, as his coat and the symptoms had subsided. But in searching other receipes out I found they all added glycerin, dish washing liquid and apple cider vinegar. I know the PH is high on both the dish soap and the apple cider vinegar, so those were out. When I came across this, it made sense! The vet prescribed shampoo was 'an antibacterial' and white vinegar has a lower acidity then apple cider vinegar, as well as the antibacterial hand soap has glycerin in it! It worked great! Just as written, no deviations!

hhanna00 5 years ago

I have used EVERYTHING

hhanna00 5 years ago

I have used EVERYTHING and nothing helps my mini and toy schnauzers smell better. My mini has itchy smelly skin issues and even after giving him a bath he still smells like a stinky dog. I almost fainted after I bathed them in this vinegar mix and there was absolutely NO smell at all!! They smelled like soap,not wet Dog!! Wow, Wow, Wow!! Easy to make and works like a charm. Thanks so much!!

Robb 5 years ago

Thanks this works great on my pit..

Alex 5 years ago

This works really well. My greyhound smells great and is super soft after his bath. He is just...clean. It's wonderful! Easy to make, too. I mixed about 2/3 soap and 1/3 vinegar, though, bc I was afraid he would smell vinegar-y and I wanted the mixture to be a little thicker.

Pepe 5 years ago

Wow never thought this was possible my englisg bull terrier smells fresh and didn't give me any trouble at bath time. She was confused about the vinegar smell but it was awesome.. Check back for updates in a week she has always had skin issues so I hope this will not cause any trouble. Thanks for the tip!

Trixie 5 years ago

I have two labs that have skin allergies. I used this mixture on them both tonight! Wow! No itching, and they smell great right out of the bath :) I will never go back to using even the mildest dog shampoo.

auggie 5 years ago

can I use foamy soap or does it have to be the gel kind?

Karen 5 years ago

I have a 2 month old golden who has a skin disorder called Ichthyosis. It is flaky skin. Many people have tried numerous shampoo's with no luck. Will this irritate his skin because of the vinegar?

connieowv 5 years ago

I just tried this on my white shis tzu. WORKED ABDOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! Highly recommend it!!

Denise 5 years ago

This has been a total lifesaver! I used a high potent conditioner on my shih tzu and she wound up scratching for hours. I found this and prayed it would work because it broke my heart to see her suffer like that. This is a miracle and I owe many thanks to this because I felt like a terrible dog parent. She was IMMEDIATELY back to normal!

Mickey 5 years ago

I just wanted to say that this recipe really is amazing! I was skeptical that this would actually cure my cockapoo of itching all the time and just in general stinking! But I have to say, this is a miracle formula, I will never buy store bought shampoo again!

I used white vinegar and liquid handsoap and my dog is more soft and smells better than any professional grooming I have used! Usually her smelling good only lasts a few days at best but this recipe has kept her fresh for a lot longer! I am so pleased with the results, I love having a fluffy clean smelling dog, thanks so much for the recipe :)

Grman39 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this recipe. Its just amazing. I read this article when I first got my little baby home. I used it on him and it has been really great. It rinses well and the after smell last for days. We sleep together so he is always very clean.

By the way someone asked about fleas. Fleas hate vinegar. Forgot to mention that I add a touch of Dial dish soap as well.

Pepe 5 years ago

Well its been 12 days and tada no smelly dog she is due a bath tommorow and has not been itchy for almost 2 weeks now gotta love this recipe. My bully is a rescue and came with several skin issues and calluses from poor bedding that have started to get lighter since the vinegar bath. Works wonders thanks for the recipe :)

Dolores Peoples 5 years ago

O.M.G. I have been buying several different shampoos to try and get the wet dog smell off my dog and my carpet for years. I tried this recipe and O.M.G. it really worked. i now am not embarrassed having my pooch walking up to company that visits. thank you thank you thank you. Anyone who owns and loves there dog, knows you want them to smell like your children. He now does!!!!!!

Rose C. 5 years ago

This worked so well on my small White Maltese. He is 11 years old so I must be careful. I used an Organic Dish Soap, because the regular dish soap has harsh chemicals and toxins that penetrate the skin and some times cause

irritation. Thanks for your help. My dog is so clean

smelling now.

Sarah 5 years ago

I have had a very itchy smelly shih tzu. I often have to give her allergy medication at night or she just thumps away all night scratching. I think i have tried everything! I found this last night and the first thing i did this morning was wash my dog.....normally the first thing she does after her bath is itch.....not this time! She is fluffy, smells like a clean dog (not one that is just scented up to mask the smell!!) and is not itching. Her skin looks pink with no red parts and she looks happy!. thank you sooooooooo much for sharing this.....i think you have saved a lot of dogs from being very sad and a lot of owners from pulling their hair out with helplessness!! I just cannot put to words how i feel to see my dog happy!

Malorie Ruiz 5 years ago

I am a vet etch and I always recommend washing dogs with Dawn dish soap for fleas and ticks... It works better than any brand of dog flea shampoo. But my problem is my dogs don't have flease but I wash them with dawn still but latelly it has been drying their skin out like crazy. They won't stop itching and chewing on themselves so I don't think thise specific recipe will help with dry skin.

Joann 5 years ago

I'm planning on using this on my shihtzu. I just don't understand what the directions mean by CLEAR soap. Also can I mix a little dog shampoo into this? (I've been using this one shampoo on my other dog, and it smells amazing)

Heather W. 5 years ago

Haha ill try it out i have a house hold of six dogs all ranging in different skin and coat types its hard to find one good soap for all...

angel 5 years ago

just use it today, so far so good. Ithy problesm semms to fade away. I wonder if i could use it on long terms.

fredk 5 years ago

FYI, I used this on my Sheltie pup who recently seemed to start smelling within a day of a bath with normal puppy shampoo (Mediterranean Magic Shampoo- Earth Bath).

We get the SoftSoap anti-microbial handsoap by the gallon. Yes, you aren't supposed to use anti-microbial for a number of good reasons, however my wife is an RN, we have no children, and neither of us has really been sick in years and years while we've used such, so I think its been worthwhile to us.

I mix a 50/50 of this clear soap with $1 store white vinegar and then a bit of water in a shampoo container.

Last week, washed the dog, rinse, and then another quick repeat when I smelled a slight odor about him still.

As soon as he was out of the tub and towel dried, the doggy smell was gone, though the vinegars' still pretty pungent.

As he dried out more, the vinegar smell pretty much disapated. Once dry, there was almost no smell at all, and by the next day he just smelled, well, fluffy?

Its been a week since his last bath, and he still is pretty odor free.

I am brushing him every couple of days, and have started using a 1:4 vinegar/water spray before hand to reduce hair breakage and remove any odor he's gotten rolling around on the ground, etc.

Seems to be working very well so far, however I am thinking of buffering the spritz with a little baking soda to make this light acid solution more neutral or alkaline.

That may or may nor actually help, as the acidity may be what disolves/denatures(?) the doggy pheremones from the hair shaft, and possibly is what is killing off any malodorous surface yeast/fungus growth.

Couple of notes, there are some interesting suggestions on using baking soda/water in similar proportions for hair care that might be useful for this purpose.

Also, the $1 store vinegar I use is not apple cider vinegar, and may actually be better than using Organic Apple Cider vin. Theory is that the organic "Mother" type will have a lot of bacteria in it that while helpful internally, you may not want collecting on your head. So the cheap 'white' vinegar, which is probably just water and acetic acid is probably both the cheapest and the best.

Msnora 5 years ago

Worked wonders on our 12 week old mastiff- she was itchy before from baths but adding an extra dose of aloe Vera in with vinegar and soap concoction seemed to do the trick! Thanks for sharing,

Ariana 5 years ago

It smells pretty good!! My dog is soooo clean

Dawn 5 years ago

I have a 14 year old Yorkie that had a very bad problem with itching and scratching seconds after getting a bath. I tried all kinds of dog shampoos and dog conditioners and nothing ever helped him. He smells terrible 5 minutes after getting a bath. I have to tell you I was ready to give up and then I found this page after looking on the Internet for some suggestions from others that may be having the same problems as my puppy. I have been using the anti bacterial hand soap and vinegar for a few months now. From the very first bath Kody has been a different and I have to say a much happier dog. He smells good, no stinking smell any more. He doesn't bite and itch or scratch any more. I will never use anything else on him ever. Thank you for making my old puppy a very happy little guy.

Beverley 5 years ago

I have researched the ph levels of Dial A.M. Handsoap and the "mds" states it has a ph level of 5.5 - 6.5 / As I live in Australia I cannot get this brand. One mentioned on this site that I can get is Dettol A.B. Handwash. It has a ph level of 3.4 - 4.0 Will this cause the dog wash to become too acidic? Any help would be appreciated.

Wendy 5 years ago

I tried this on my 8 week old Cockapoo. She smells wonderful and she is soooo soft!! She also really enjoyed her bath. Thanks so much for the recipe it worked perfect!!

Sarah 5 years ago

I just washed my two black mutts with this. One is a border collie mix the other is a black k lab mix. They have what mt mom always called the "black dog odor" since we've never had a black dog without itchy skin and this smell. They smell so good, no residual vinegar odor. Also they have such soft fur now! I'm hoping it helps with dandruff issues but only time will tell. Thanks!

Also, for the couple of people that were asking, it didn't fade their black coloring at all.

Minna 5 years ago


Aussielover 5 years ago

Using this recipe now on my 2 dogs. Smells good in the bottle with white vinegar?! Awsome!

Kris Dale 5 years ago

Will the antibacterial soap and vinegar mixture help with sores on my dogs back?

Janelle 5 years ago

@Beverly. I'm from Australia too. I use Palmolive soft wash pure and clean antibacterial was it mildly scent of eucalyptus I got if from IGA but I'm sure it would be available at woollies or Coles.

....and it works so well igetsomany compliments on how soft my dogs coat is (he's a corgi).highly recommend it.

artist12 5 years ago

I am not completely sure that I agree with the anti-bacterial soap part. I think I would want something less abrasive and more conditioning.

christy1112 4 years ago

Would it be ok If I use my puppy shampoo which is gentle and tearless puppy shampoo vanilla, milk and honey mixed with ACV would that be ok too? and would it be ok for my puppy which is 2 months old?

D'Lane Caldwell 4 years ago

Trying this NOW!

Holly Galligan 4 years ago

We just rescued a little 5 1/2 lb terrier mix and she has very dry, flaky skin. She was fixed just a few days ago so we can't bathe her. I used a Pond's face wash wipe and poured white vinegar on it, wrung it out and wiped her down (careful not to wet her stitches). She didn't love the sponge bath, but definitely seems cleaner and fresher. That just out of the pound smell is gone. Thanks!

george takenaka 4 years ago

I have 3 pugs and they get a bath once a week with Adams pet shampoo..which now cost $19.99 for a 12oz bottle...

I will try this mix and see how good it is??? If it works then this mix only cost less than $3.00 WOW what a savings.

Khloes mommy 4 years ago

I tried this today on my 12week old Yorkie and she looks and smells fabulous!!! I used her puppy shampoo instead of antibacterial soap as I know that Yorkies skin is very sensitive. Maybe once she gets older I will try with antibacterial soap!!! Thanks for the great recipe.

Pattykake 4 years ago

Charlie, my rat terrier, loves to rub in 'frog poop' - why?, I don't know but he does manage to stink. Added a couple drops of "Tea Tree Oil" to the original suggested mixture. He smells soooo good and the lady dogs like it too! lol

Brenda 4 years ago

i just tried it, as I left his shampoo behind, and needed a solution right away. Riley smells so wonderful, no doggy smell at all. We do Pet Therapy on Wednesdays and Fridays, so it is important that Riley smell and look his best! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

elle 4 years ago

is it safe to use that home made shampoo to my shihtzu pup? than'x! :)

suki 4 years ago

I just bathed my old bichon with really dry skin. I use Melalueca products in our home due to allergies so I figured the liquid dishsoap was my best bet. Mixed lemon brite dishsoap half and half with cheap white vinegar and added a tablespoon of olive oil. It worked well. Tip- if you have a stinky dog, lather twice! This recipe worked well. Dint need much of it. Rinsed easily. Now need to find a cream rinse!

GTEORGE 4 years ago

Well I tried the mix and it REALLY WORKS WELL!!!!My dogs are soft and smell good and yes It last longer the the expensive stuff...the antibiotic helps the skin and the vinegar deters fleas and other critters... It is Awesome!!

coffeegginmyrice profile image

coffeegginmyrice 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

It is also the same as the homemade feminine hygiene with vinegar and works great! I'll start this with my dog too.

marian 4 years ago

Thank you so so much cannot wait to give him a bath tomorrow will tell everyone about this :)

Deb 4 years ago

Wow amazing it worked for my dog thxs so much

Chiffon 4 years ago

We tried the shampoo mixture tonight and we are praying it works we have tried everything. So tired of the smell our dog smells like corn chips but really strong smelling ones it gets so bad at times I tear up from it.

I will let you know how it works on Friday.

Shay 4 years ago

Is this safe to use on a 15 week Shih Tzu?

Catherine 4 years ago

Worked very well for my two cats! I don't bathe them often, but when I do, I like the idea of using something simple. Their coats were softer than the times I've used special cat shampoo, and the smell was nice and neutral.

PUGGY 4 years ago


Nancy 4 years ago

This sounds like a great idea. My question is do you need to use a conditioner to get tangles out or make it easier to brush out a long haired do. I noticed that most of the dogs mentioned here are short haired. I did see a sheltie but they did not say if the dog was easier to brush even without a conditioner. Also what does this do to the skin over time. I would think that it might dry it out some. There are some dogs that have dry skin will this help or hurt it?

Stinky dog mom 4 years ago

Just made it, super easy, also made the conditioner out of rosemary. Gonna bath in a min.. hope tomorrow she smells good

Izzy 4 years ago

I'm gonna try it on my Yorkie. Let's see how it goes!

lhee 4 years ago

Hi, im going to try this when I go shopping, I'm in the Philippines so I don't know if we have Dial soap. I'm going to try it on my chow chow. Is it safe to use every day?

lhee 4 years ago

i made my chow2 take a shower in this product. It made his fur really soft. but it seems a bit frizzy. It's ok. i don't love it, but it's ok...

Heba 4 years ago

dogs have a very different ph from us. dial is very drying to a dog. I can see it's usefulness on a VERY dirty and greasy dog. It would be great for cutting grease! But on a dog who doesn't get greasy and super dirty it would dry the skin and hair. I know of 2 Pomeranians that have been being bathed by their owner in this recipe and they are in dire need of help, their skin is read and their hair is a frizzy mess.

jd 4 years ago

I got no suds,and my cocker spaniel went balistic when i sweezed it on her coat,she has never reacted in that way in her 14yrs of being shampooed,so i have to wonder how all these people are getting a different reaction,I used clear dial antibacterial hand soap with equal an part of white vinegar,also she does still smell like a wet dog,so what is up with that? I was really hoping for good results,but usually if it is too good to be true it`s extremely drying.

Sarah 4 years ago

I just used this recipe today on my lab/pit mix and had absolutely no wet dog smell afterwards. She didn't smell good or bad, she just had no odor at all and it stays that way for at least a couple weeks. Whenever I make this shampoo I add in a touch of pure olive oil to make her coat super shiny and soft, works like a charm!

Tracy 4 years ago

My poodle don't have smelly dogs smell b'cos I don't feed her dog food. I feed her chicken/fish or beef with rice. He smells good always.

Jimmy Loram TV Host 4 years ago

Yep, this stuff is awesome. I had some very lightly colored lavender antibacterial soap. The only issue I had was the liquid was too "liquidy" and poured out of the spout. Next purchase is going to be Dial clear soap and more white vinegar. Maybe some lavender oil so I can put a few drops in there, because right now, I just want to use my dogs as a pillow and go to sleep they smell so good! Thank you so much for this. You rock.

aleen stone 4 years ago

I tried it last year with Dial...It workd great..3 days ago,with Dawn anti bac. green appl. ..I added conditioner to final rinse ..Maybe that was a bad choice. She's smelled stinky ever since..Took her for an hrs. hike in falling WA rain today and she came home smelling better..Maybe rinse her with plain water now.

creuella 4 years ago

I couldn't find any clear antibacterial soap so I used the scented, I also used white vinegar but the only problem was is that my husband put gas in the vinegar bottle!! It killed the hell outta sum fleas tho but poor Fido was sure pissed!! Used the right ingredients the second go round and results were excellent!!

Lilly 4 years ago

i tried this on my english cream golden retriever and while her coat was soft, she STILL had that wet dog smell and afterwards still smelt somewhat stinky. Although I will note that this mixture is the closest I have gotten her to stink free, it still didn't have the results I was hoping for. Back to the drawing board

katie 4 years ago

Im going to try this on my dog named pepper because she has so many scabs on the side of her back where she has been chewing on her skin because it icthed so bad.Plus she stinks and i find ticks on her. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

Mickydays 4 years ago

it works FABU thnx so much!

Jan 4 years ago

I have to say I was pretty impressed with this. I have two big Tibetan Mastiffs. I thought I would give it a try. First I mixed 80z of clear liquid antibacterial Softsoap (that's what I had on hand) with 8oz of white vinegar just like you said. TM's don't really ever have a wet doggy smell, but they were dirty and needed a bath. Anyway it lathered up great and rinsed out beautifully. I did need to use the whole bottle (16oz) on one dog but as cheap as it was to make I didn't care. My dogs have a lot of hair and the male is over 100lbs. I have to say it was the easiest bath I ever gave them. The best part is they are sooooo soft and I can see the shine in their hair. After one day the vinegar smell is gone yet they still smell really good, probably from the softsoap. The real test for me was if there was any static in their hair from no conditioner being used. There was none. I know vinegar is very good in the laundry especially towels, it gets the soap out and makes your towels really soft. Just like my dogs. Thanks for such a great tip, this is what I plan to use for now on and will tell all my family and friends. Thanks again!

sympatrhico 4 years ago


i tried it to my 1 year old shi tzu, and it works, tnx.

gteorge 4 years ago

this mix really works and last a long time...very affordable, now I just buy it bulk and just keep on hand....It is a MUST TRY deal

Thanks for this sight

really saves alot money when you have three dogs

angie 4 years ago

Just used this on my 2 pekingnese and it worked great!!! They smelled like wet dogs and my female always had flaky skin and scratched all the time. So far so good, I will never spend $$$ on dog shampoo again. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Mary 4 years ago

I used this mixture (1/2 Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap, 1/2 White Vinegar) on my 11wk miniature dachshund. The breeder suggested bathing him only once a month to keep from drying out his skin - but this pup has been playing in the dirt and with my other dog. The puppy smell isn't so cute anymore. Because of the natural oils in a Doxie's skin, I am very careful with what I use on him. He's a beautiful pup and I don't want to strip his skin of the oils needed to make his coat shiny. White Vinegar is just the product to do that. I don't trust cheap dog shampoos either. This worked amazingly well. His shiny coat has returned!

Buddys best friend 4 years ago

Okay ... Here goes ... I have a horrific back and do not dare to try and shampoo our beloved Shih Tzu anymore. Hubby takes care of the task. Regardless of product we used, our poor boy stinks terribly! It has been so bad since his last shampoo ... Finally today, I simply could not take it any longer and started searching the net. Most everything I read said to take him to the vet, he probably had a medical issue somewhere. Another site told me to sniff his ears, mouth and butt (no thank you) to see if I could isolate where the issue was. I am sorry folks, I love my buddy but I am not going to sniff his butt, not today, not ever. I love my children and hubby too and trust me when I say I do not sniff them either. Anyway to get to the point if this long boring story. I really didn't think there was anything medically wrong with my guy, he just has a tendency to smell in a way that is not pleasant to me, though my younger little girl seems to be taken with him. Anyway, I grabbed the baking soda and vinegar determined to figure out something that would work. I decided to google a recipe and came up with many but your made the most sense. Hurting like the dickens, I bathed my poor little guy anyway with your recipe and MUST share, for the first time in 7 years our little rescue buddy not only didn't smell bad, he actually smelled good. I don't know how long it will work but anything is better than what we have encountered every other time!!! Thank you, thank you for taking the time to share your wonder shampoo!!! Truly there is a magic pill out there after all!!!

J 1 4 years ago

I WILL try it on my boxer thank you he is a dirty one (but he is white is it ok for him?) (very delicet skin) thank you onece again

Lori 4 years ago

I used this on my 4 month old Pitt last week. So far I've tried 4 shampoo's purchased from a pet store & 2 from the vet clinic. This puppy has very sensitive skin! After a bath (even with conditioner) she would have horrible dry flaky skin. She would dig at herself like a kid with chickenpox! After her bath with this mixture I was very pleased. She did have a little dry skin on the 3rd day after her bath. But there has been no scratching! It left her shiney & soft. I added 1 drop of lemongrass and a drop of patchouli oil in with the mix. Next I'm mixing up a large batch & trying it on my horse, who also has skin problems! Can't say thank you enough for sharing!!!

Eazy 4 years ago

i read all the reviews here and decided to give this shampoo recipe a try. Can I just say this is the BEST SHAMPOO I have ever tried on my dog. He has never smelled this good before. I have bought so many different kinds of shampoos and dog cologne to spray after because the shampoo alone just doesn't get rid of the smell, but this shampoo worked miracles, didn't even have to spray dog cologne after. I used white vinegar and dial - white tea/vitamin E antibacterial hand soap. It lathers really well so i didn't have to use a lot on the dog (i have a small szhitsu mini poodle mix). The vinegar is not too bad, u notice it but after the rinse and blow drying u dont smell anything but the dial flavor smell, so whatever flavor of antibacterial soap you pick, that's what the dog will smell like at the end. Blow drying is very important for the coat of the dog, i just use my hair dryer using the cool/low button with an occasional burst of high heat. I will never go back to store bought shampoo, as a matter of fact, im going to return all the products i bought before and exchange for more dog food. Hope this review is helpful

Katie 4 years ago

I am going to try this tomorrow. Question though, Does it help Whiten the fur? Thanks

laurel 4 years ago

thanks a lot great sitting a silky terrier with the itches,she didn't mind the wash ,so i hope it helps her,so simple nearly all would have the engredients in their cupboard.

sally 4 years ago

Can you use white malt vinegar? Or just white vinegar?

Rose 4 years ago

my suggestion is to never get a dog then you will not have this problem...not to mention not having to worry about contracting parasites from this which is bound to happen or have the worry about a dog-sitter if you ever want to go somewhere, or worrying about picking up the poop or leaving it there to irritate someone who steps in it...or ...or...or...the reasons not to have a pet are endless.....not to mention.....Americans spend a ridiculous fortune on pets when there are people starving all over this planet. Think about it.

Janet 3 years ago

Used this shampoo first time a few months ago and my collie still smells great. Always got her groomed and she smelled great for a week, then the doggie smell came back and I felt like I just wasted $100. Now, this is all I use. Thank you so much.

wow, rose.. 3 years ago

rose, that is honestly the worst advice i have ever heard. i can't help but to think you are an awful person. why did you even read about homemade dog shampoo?

profile image

Milisa 3 years ago

Is the soap you use like hand soap in the bottle?

Ruthie 3 years ago

I was told by my vet not to use any shampoo that contains soap as it will strip all the protection that his flea and tick med gives him. I have had my shih-Tzu for almost 5 years and go to the same vet all the time. At first I was told not to bathe him for at least 48 hours after I apply his medicine, and now they are telling me not to use shampoo with soap when bathing him. I would love to try your shampoo recipe, but I'm afraid I will wash away his flea and tick medicine because of the soap. I do not know what to do----HELP! I love my little guy so much and I want to do the right thing.

La 3 years ago

Milisa- handsoap or dishsoap(dawn).

Ruthie, if you purchase your dog shampoo at the vets office that may be the reason the vet is discouraging you t other solutions. If could be possible that it's a specific reaction to your pet...

profile image

RAINBOLUV 3 years ago

As soon as I read this hub, I ran to pantry looking for vinegar. Didn't have antib soap on hand, but used Dial bar instead. Would definitely find liquid soap because this did an amazing job on my white Shih tzu Chloe's coat, smell and cleanliness. Thanks!!

Sha 3 years ago

I have two Akitas ... Been wondering what I could use to bathe them with...saw this homemade shampoo and all the positive reviews on am definitely going to give this a try and see what the end result is....thanks for posting this recipe :)

Victor 2 years ago

This is a GREAT shampoo. I'll never go back. Big thanks to Miss Donna for posting it. I've enjoyed reading the helpful posts, so I'll try to be helpful with mine also in trying to answer some of the questions. Try to get antibacterial soap with as few ingredients as possible. Brand doesn't matter. If it has dyes, look for Blue 1, which has been shown to improve spine issues. Avoid Red 5, as it tends to increase "scatter brain". This shampoo will not fade black coats. If your dog stinks without an obvious outside cause (pun unintended), this is a temporary fix. Change your dog's food to eliminate all grains, even rice, and you'll have a greatly reduced chance of bad or wet dog or corn chips odor, which is caused by yeast on the skin (best is a canine raw diet with no weight-supporting bones, fruits, or veggies, and never mixed with kibble in the same meal). When blending, use a tad less vinegar if you like for more bubbles and less odor while washing. The vinegar smell goes away when your dog is dry. Don't use apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar or wine vinegar. White vinegar's pH is 5. Check the pH of the soap before you buy, if you can. Dogs need a higher pH than people, so that means less acidic. If your dog's skin is drying, then the pH is likely too low. Do not add baking soda to alkalize the solution because white vinegar and baking soda make a strong and volatile chemical reaction that is only meant for jobs like cleaning drain clogs. Speaking of chemical reactions, never mix hydrogen peroxide/dioxide with white vinegar because the combo is toxic. (These are two good ingredients for cleaning, though: vinegar first, then time to dry, then peroxide; kills germs and odor and is super cheap!) Keep in mind that this is likely a change from what your dog's skin is used to, so if it's drastically different, your dog's skin may go through something like a detox with increased dry skin or dander or smell for the first time or two as the oils and naturally occurring bacteria on the skin balance out, but this is not a frequent result, as you can read from the reviews. As for long term on wiry or coarse coats, I am still testing that out. I'd really like someone with a poodle, schnauzer, or a wire-haired breed to give some feedback on this. Well, that's all I can think of now. I hope you have success with this simple and inexpensive shampoo. Thanks for reading!

Jasmine Howard 2 years ago

I am going to try this on Keo my cockapoo. (-;

Johng450 2 years ago

Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, let alone the content! cececkedbbae

Fed up 2 years ago

My dog smells like absolute shit on a daily basis, and has allergies so she chews herself. It drives me batty and I know it can't be comfortable. I couldn't find antibacterial soap so I used dawn and white vinegar and she seems much more comfortable and she smells loads better now. Thanks, I may never go back to sulfodene ever again.

Paula E. 2 years ago

Sorry to over think this shampoo, but I went in search of Dial soap and could not find any but in the process found that many antibacterial soaps have an active ingredient, Triclosan (Dial being one). Softsoap antibacterial soap has as an active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride. I'm sure neither are found in all natural dog shampoos, and I'm sure there's pros and cons for both, but as for Triclosan, animal studies have shown that it alters hormone regulation, for one (and sadly it's being used in mouthwash, soap, shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap, deodorant, and so on). Benzalkonium Chloride is actually used in prepared dog shampoos and is a disinfectant and fungicide and "has been considered one of the safest synthetic biocides known, and has a long history of efficacious use" per research site. I'm no expert and have just been reading too much information to be relayed here, but it sounds to me like there is a reason to select an antibacterial soap containing Benzalkonium Chloride rather than Triclosan. I'd suggest a bit of research into these two ingredients. I'm choosing to go with the antibacterial soap containing Benzalkonium Chloride unless enlightened by a reader with more information. Thanks.

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