God or Dog, Perhaps Both...a Few Different Perspectives

D-O-G spelled backwards is.....

Being from America, it is difficult to imagine there are some places in the world where dogs are only valued as a food source. Of course I don't condemn people who eat dog but even if I were starving, I don't think I could.

For these cultures, comprehending how much money people in other countries such as the USA, spend annually on their dogs would likely be inconceivable. Top of the line brands of dog food like Iams, the doggie snacks, the trips to the groomers, doggie day camps and spas, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments for the aging pups....it all adds up! Twenty years ago, who would have thought one who was not disabled could take the dog shopping with them; or places like Petsmart would emerge where Fido can join the other doggies in a romper room designed just for them, while master shops??? A profitable industry such as this might sound like a fable to some people.

Maybe it's cliche, but as long as I can remember it's been said, dog is mans best friend. Indeed, there are lots of things about dogs one can appreciate. Unless one is unkind to them, a dog will always demonstrate affection and adoration towards their master. Dogs can be very protective, loyal, they are generally playful and can be amusing. In addition to making announcements or signaling a warning, they might state an opinion through barking, but compared to a human, the degree of attitude they exhibit is considered minor. There are some people who say, "no kids for me thank you very much, I prefer dogs."

For the sake of objectivity, dogs are also very dependent and for those who like to travel or enjoy various forms of recreation, taking Fido along may not be the best idea. For those with an "always on the go" type of lifestyle, one may be better off withOUT a dog since neglecting a dog translates into real problems. I'm not just referring to a dog going without basic necessities such as food, water and shelter but a neglected and bored dog will also become destructive. People who are not content to be somewhat of a "homebody" should consider a more independent pet, perhaps a feline companion .

Some people are very nurturing, they like to be needed and these types will likely appreciate a dog over a cat. A dog may be the best remedy for a couple, or even a single parent, where the kids are all grown and recently "flew the coop."

Based on the character typically demonstrated by the canine species, some have realized there may be a divine connection. After all, what is the result of D-O-G spelled backward???

Click on the link below; it blessed me and hope you will appreciate it too.Thank you for having composed it WJ Francisco!

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christinekv profile image

christinekv 5 years ago from Washington Author

Hi Jo - thanks for the visit, sharing and the vote! What you share about Prancer (great name btw....what kind of dog is she?) reminds me of my sister and her dog Snickers. He is a G Shepherd/Rott mix. He was teeny tiny too, fit in the palm of their hands when he was a pup and then grew into a huge dog (with a lethal tail....think I understand why Rott tails get docked?). Snickers is an old boy now and his friend Elle (my sister and brother in laws other dog) is a little younger but dealing with malignancies....they are having a rough time coping with both dogs conditions. Sigh. Aging is part of life and all life forms are but a vapor...still makes it hard. Definitely serves as a reminder to have a heart of gratitude and to cherish each moment we have with those we love. Animals for me are another hugely significant way Yaweh provides me with JOY and I'm so glad there will be lots of them in heaven! Blessings!

christinekv profile image

christinekv 5 years ago from Washington Author

Thanks Tattookitty for the visit and the comment. Glad you appreciate dogs and this hub!

Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

I so love this! We rescued a pound puppy June/July last year. Her name is Prancer. She is getting so big from the so small a pup she once was. She was so tiny she fit comfortably in my hand. We spoil her rotten, and this has given me fresh eyes to see what a blessing in our family's life, she truly is. Thank you for sharing! I voted up and shared on facebook and twitter too..Shalom! :)

TattooKitty profile image

TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii

Dogs are wonderful creatures, and their friendship truly is divine!! Great hub ;)

christinekv profile image

christinekv 5 years ago from Washington Author

Hi Montecristo, CF and Orlansison; Thanks for the visit and the comments. Yes I can see why some would think dogs are the perfect lifeforms! Orlansison, your comments are so heartfelt and appreciated - as I'm sure your prayer was (is).



orlansison profile image

orlansison 5 years ago from Pangasinan Philippines

I prayed that other people who eat dog specially in the Philippines would have the chance to read your page. It is just and right to love our dog and pups to the extend as our family member, because they are loyal and welling to risk there life for us.

clark farley profile image

clark farley 5 years ago

Good Hub, (to mention my own dog-related Hub)...Dogs are Perfect Lifeforms!

(I say this simply because theyare what they are, do not have pretensions...to paraphrase Fritz Perls, dogs do not spend any of their days trying to be a horse or a human or a snail, they simply are dogs.)

montecristo profile image

montecristo 6 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

I like dogs. Good hub.

christinekv profile image

christinekv 6 years ago from Washington Author

Thanks Denise for the visit, compliment, and for sharing! Have fun w/ them Boxers!


denise mohan profile image

denise mohan 6 years ago from California

Great hub chris. I was always a cat person until my daughter's fiancee' bought her a boxer puppy. He is my (little) grandson now and we're thinking about breeding. Just thinking though. We do want a boxer now, they are such loving dogs. I will have to say this, they require alot of work and care. You certainly have to have time, love and patience to raise a big dog or any I guess. thnx. for sharing.

The video adding is ez, just learned. Edit-add video-add code. Copy and pasted from the utube.

christinekv profile image

christinekv 7 years ago from Washington Author

Hi Restoremyheart! Thanks for the visit and the comment - glad you enjoyed it. You and I sound like minded!



restoremyheart profile image

restoremyheart 7 years ago

I am not so much of a dog person, as I am a G-O-D person! Great Hub:) Cute!

christinekv profile image

christinekv 7 years ago from Washington Author

Glad you appreciated this Peter and I know you are special too! Thanks for visit and the encouragement.


 7 years ago


Your thoughts about dogs mirror mine. They are so precious and I love your description of their worth to us. They are God given and I believe they have spirit all their own. This hub indicates to me that you are a special person. I am glad you write. Peter Underhill

christinekv profile image

christinekv 7 years ago from Washington Author

Thanks Sweetiepie for reading and commenting. I hear you about how it's hard to fathom eating mans best friend (nor can I imagine eating horses or whales), but there are many countries who see these animals only as food. (Are you vegetarian btw?)

I think my youngest son may become vegetarian at some point...Our neighbors have more acreage than we and they have (or have had) almost every farm animal possible and with my husband being a chef, we really like lamb....we considered buying a couple so we could eventually eat them...but my son is such an animal lover, when he started talking about how he'd name and interact with them and we told him why he would not be able to get attached, he began to cry. End of entertaining that notion!

As you may know, we have a "house bunny" who is potty trained...I've eaten rabbit once in my life and don't think I could ever again (and how this bunny became a part of our family? Again because of my son!).

There was just an interesting news report a few nights ago here about all these geese and turkeys at some animal shelter ...people had bought them to raise and then have as Thanksgiving dinner but could not bring themselves to do it! Isn't that interesting!

Yeah, I've done that with putting utube in the hub before but I've forgotten and being that I'm always short on time these days, I didn't take the time to figure that out...hopefully I'll get to it sooner rather than later!

Merry Christmas Ms Sweetiepie - hope it's been a good year for you!


SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 7 years ago from Southern California, USA

Personally I think no matter how poor people are if they want to they will protect their dogs. There are other things to eat, like beans and lentils. Many people in China are actually vegetarian, so my philosophy it is possible to survive in this world without hurting beautiful dogs. This is one animal people should not eat. I support the Humane Society for this reason, and because I love all animals really!

Also you can embed the Youtube video so people can watch it directly on this hub!

christinekv profile image

christinekv 7 years ago from Washington Author

Glad you enjoyed it James - thanks for the visit and the comment. I'm sure Hercules knows he is blessed to have you!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I love my little Maltese boy Hercules. He is all heart. Thanks for this fine post.

christinekv profile image

christinekv 7 years ago from Washington Author


Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 7 years ago

Nice hub!

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