Three-Eyed Fish


Blinky (1990)

In the television show The Simpsons a three-eyed fish dubbed Blinky derails Mr Burns' campaign to become Governor. Despite trying to put a positive spin on Blinky's extra assets Burn finds he cannot literally swallow him--Spitting out a mouthful of fish at a photo op at the Simpsons' house.

But surely there is nothing like Blinky actually in existence? After all, it stretches belief that nuclear outflow would really have such an obvious effect....

Wolf Fish (2011)

Fast forward to Argentina in 2011. Fishermen have caught a three-eyed wolf fish in a lake that received used coolant water from a nuclear power plant.

No word yet as to whether any local millionaires are running for public office.

Mutant Fish as Sentinels

Fish are often indicators of the presence of toxins in water supplies. they are essentially the aquatic version of the canary in the coal mine. For example a two-headed trout in Idaho (2012) was linked to selenium leaching into the water due to mining activities.

Bass (2013)

A three-eyed fish was caught and released in a Missouri pond.

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The so called "three-eyed flounder" a.k.a. Ancylopsetta dilecta, of course ony has two actual eyes.
The so called "three-eyed flounder" a.k.a. Ancylopsetta dilecta, of course ony has two actual eyes.

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peramore20 profile image

peramore20 5 years ago from Turtle Creek, PA

Who would have thought there was a three-eyed fish? I wonder how it affects its vision...

icciev profile image

icciev 5 years ago from Kuwait

nice and funny information, thanks for sharing and voted up

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