Three Tips for Using a Bark Control Collar

Your dog can be one of the cutest ones in the entire neighborhood, but there is nothing cute about a dog that simply won’t shut up! I know my dog likes to bark at every person that walks or rides by on a bike, but he also likes to bark at the cars the drive by as well. And it always seems like he knows exactly when to bark – during a pivotal line of dialogue when we are watching one of our favorite TV shows.


For dogs like him, bark control collars were invented. A bark control collar has gotten a bad reputation, but one of the main reasons for that is because the pet owners don’t use them correctly. If you are going to use a bark control collar on your dog, consider these tips to prevent hurting your four legged furry friend.

1. Choose a bark collar that uses a combination of vibrations and sound before it emits a correction to the dog. If you get a dog bark collar that only detects sound, it could send out an electronic correction to your dog whenever it detects another dog barking. Or if it only detects vibration, the signal could be set off if your dog is simply playing or running around. You certainly don’t want to discourage your dog from doing that! By choosing a dog bark control collar which uses both sound and vibration, you decrease the chances of your dog being “corrected” for something they didn’t do.

2. Find a dog barking collar that can be adjusted to the size and personality of your dog. You don’t want to buy a dog collar for your small terrier dog if it was made to control the bark of a large German Shepherd! By finding a collar that is specifically designed for the size of your dog, you don’t have to worry about the dog getting hurt by the bark control collar.

3. Look for a dog bark control collar which offers a complete instruction manual and even an instruction video. This will help you maintain confidence in using these bark control products with your dog.

Choosing to use an electronic dog bark collar may seem cruel, but these pet products have come a long way since the days when they would give the dog a strong jolt to discourage them from barking. There are many other options that you can choose from these days that won’t harm your dog. Check out what’s available and start enjoying the silence right away!

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