Toby Protects the Tomato Patch, Sort Of

Toby, the beagle on the job.

I captured this video Monday about three in the afternoon. Watch that mean dog terrorize poor little Bambi.

The Story

I live inside the city limits of Lancaster, SC which is a town of less than ten thousand people. We are a small town but we are a town: with a Wal-mart, a Blockbuster and a Walgreens within walking distance of my house. Yet, I have been forced to put my garden about twenty- five miles out of town so that the #$%$# deer won't eat every single thing I plant.

Last year, I adopted a mixed-breed bull dog from the local animal shelter, paid to have him neutered and then provided him with a wonderful home where his only job was to keep the deer out of my garden. He was useless. I had to pull a Donald Trump on him.

"You're fired," I said.

He said nothing. He was, after all, just a dog.

Don't call the ASPCA, I gave him to a great couple who love him and live in the deer free county.

Then I got Toby and wondered if he would do better. After all, he is a hunting dog. I planted my tomato plants and they grew to a height of about five feet. I went on vacation two weeks ago and put Toby in a kennel for his safety. When I got back the plants were butchered so I assumed Toby had been making a difference.

After this week's encounter between Bambi and him, I know he has--but at great risk to his puppyhood!

I have not seen the deer back since this episode.  Of course, my yelling and screaming may be the reason.  Now I'm trying to save those pitiful tomato plants to LURE the deer back so I can train Toby in Bambi patrol. I can't shoot deer in town and there was a time I didn't want to. That time was a couple of summers ago.

Anyone got a paintball gun that I can load with Kryptonite? It may come to that!

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lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 6 years ago from Alberta and Florida

Hilarious. Dogs are so funny.

This weekend was very traumatic what with the firecrackers in the hands of every kid in the neighborhood and thunder -- lots of it. Dick the mastiff at 250 pounds and his daughter Didi at 180 pounds stayed inside the whole time. Late at night, I took them out to answer nature's call. Dick walked out, heard a firecracker turned around with his tail between his legs and barged right back to the house -- his bladder forgotten. Didi saw her dad scared, which scared her too, so she ran back inside. Which left only Riley, the chihuahua out on the lawn, barking his defiance at the noise. Yep, one seven pound chihuahua to protect me and 400 pounds of quivering cowardice sitting inside waiting for me to come back and protect them.

The moral of my story? Get a chihuahua, but don't get a mastiff.


sandra sowell 6 years ago

I loved the video. wonder if mine would do any different. they see them all the time, i should plant something to find out. love ya

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

Great video. I don't have a garden but deer are a constant dange on the road.

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina Author


The bigger they come,,,,

Most little dogs don't seem to know they are small, do they? Thanks for reading my hub.


Finally, a sibling read one of my hubs.

Thanks, sis.

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina Author


Thanks for the comment. Deer in populated areas are a source of danger to vehicles and the folks who ride in them.

Donna Greene 6 years ago

Love it! I still can't believe the deer went after Toby like that. I hope the deer will leave the garden alone.

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thanks,D. I wouldn't count on it!

Albert Petty 6 years ago

Just goes to show you a deer will risk life and limb for a good tomato

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina Author

That deer is not risking much .......yet!

Thanks for checking this one out.

Ann and Casey Ragsdale 6 years ago

That was awesome! Toby just needed a partner. If Chloe had been there ... well that deer would not have had a chance.

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina Author

Ann & Casey

If your dog had been here neither one of them would have even noticed the deer. Toby trapped a possum down in the stairwell tonight! He's on overtime.

Kathy 4 years ago

Saw a deer among LBB's roses the other night. We don't see as many deer as we once did. I thought it was because I let my flowers go to pot. Now I know it was because of your tomatoes and LBB's roses. I just might get me some flowers this year! :-)

resspenser profile image

resspenser 4 years ago from South Carolina Author

You can see something at LBB's besides Odufus?

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