Top 10 Cat Breeds in America

The Persian Cat
The Persian Cat | Source

With more than 90 million domestic cats of all different breeds and crosses kept as pets in the United States, It can be difficult to choose which type is the one for you. This article lists the ten most popular breeds with a brief description and the key qualities that have made them so popular. Before going to list, check out some fun facts about long haired cat breeds in the embedded video.


A permanent fixture at the top of the top ten since records began, the ever popular Persian is loved around the world for its affectionate nature and long silky hair. As a result, the Persian remains the most popular cat in America even in spite of the high level of maintenance and commitment required to groom and care for it to keep its beautiful coat in top condition.


Siamese cats are also known for their striking looks, in addition to their loud, wailing meows. Another stalwart of the top ten, Siamese cats remain popular for their sleek looks and the close relationship they share with their owners.


The first American cat breed on the list, Ragdolls really are just big softies. Large, fluffy cats that are named for their tendency to go limp whenever they are picked up. They are also renowned for their long, soft fluffy coats.


Abyssinians are perhaps the cat breed that has enjoyed the longest lasting popularity, having been associated with Cleopatra and ancient Egypt. With their sleek, short hair and playful natures, Abyssinians are well suited to those who want a more active and independent cat which can still retain a close and affectionate relationship with its family.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair was originally bred as a low-maintenance alternative to the Persian, retaining the looks and personality of its cousin but with less taxing grooming requirements. As such it has found popularity among those who like Persians but lack the time or energy for the demanding maintenance of a longhair.

Oriental Shorthai

Another cat breed which was bred for similarities to another favorite is the Oriental Shorthair, which takes many of the positive physical and social qualities of Siamese, but comes in a wide variety of colors that are not restricted to the points of the cat’s ears, paws and tail like its genetic predecessor.


Perhaps the most striking cat breed on this list, the Sphynx or Canadian Hairless is famous for its lack of hair. This can lead them to snuggle up to their owners for warmth. They are a friendly, playful and inquisitive breed and are easy to care for.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large, amiable cat that is well suited for families with small children. They are popular for having similar long hair to Persians but requiring much less maintenance and upkeep. They can grow to enormous sizes, but have gentle dispositions and are generally playful throughout their lives, which suits them for households with other pets or kids.

American Shorthairs

American Shorthairs are the descendants of the cats brought to the New World by the Pilgrims to protect supplies from rats. They are easy to care for and have pleasant and friendly natures. Their sleek, athletic bodies and easy-going dispositions have made them a longtime favorite with American cat owners.


Last but not least, the Birman combines some of the best qualities of the top two. Critically endangered during WWII, the breed has bounced back remarkably since then to claim a spot on this list. With their fluffy coats, dainty white paws and deep sapphire eyes, Birman are handsome cats with excellent social qualities to match , being one of the friendliest and most outgoing breeds of domestic cat.

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tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

I wonder why Bengal Cats are included in your list - they are in TV commercials everywhere now and I'd venture to say could be the fastest growing breed of choice. Is it because they are a feral hybrid?

Syed Awn Muhammad profile image

Syed Awn Muhammad 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

@tsadjatko...Yeah dear your are right. The list contain top 10 domestic cats in States. Bengal Cats are more like wild in Nature.

S.hira 5 years ago

i like Siamese cats ;)

Rica 5 years ago them. They are such companions.

Alex 5 years ago

Top 10 Cat Breeds Video -

2011 Updated Top 10 Breeds are:

1. Persian

2. Maine Coon

3. Exotic

4. Ragdoll

5. Sphynx

6. Siamese

7. Abyssinian

8. American Shorthair

9. Cornish Rex

10. Birman



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