Top 5 Worst Cities for Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is possible just about anywhere. As long as your chicken has room to explore, grow, and plenty of fresh food - it's pretty easy to maintain chickens in most locations. But there are a few cities where raising chickens is definitely not recommended. This could be for a number of reasons - from poor climate, to horrible pollution, and more. Here we're going to give you the top 5 Worst cities for raising a flock.

5. Cleveland-Akron-Cincinnati, OH
Ohio is a hub for many industrial companies. The pollution levels are quite high, and many cities rank in the US most polluted cities. These types of conditions make living in the cities harsh for all inhabitants, animals and humans alike.

4. Seattle, WA
Seattle is a nice place to visit, but the extreme weather changes can be quite rough for a flock. Year round, Seattle is known for it's rain showers. During winter, Seattle gets below freezing and plenty of snow. These conditions can make it very hard to raise a flock year round.

3. Los Angeles, CA
LA is not only very populated, it's also very expensive to live. Ranking as number 2 as the most populated city in the US, only outdone by New York, LA is cramped, always busy, and very expensive. The cost of living there could make raising a flock very expensive to do.

2. Dallas, TX and Miami, FL
Dallas and Miami both earn the number two spot for extreme weather. Dallas is not only very populated it is also extremely hot. During the summer months, Dallas becomes so unbearably hot (a dry heat) many retire to their homes and avoid going out if possible. Miami falls right there with Dallas for it's extreme heat during summer, in addition to being very crowded. But where Dallas has dry heat, Miami gets plenty of rain and hurricanes year round. Let's not forget about the gators that reside just south of Miami in the Everglades. Every year gators are found in local canals and lakes, right in neighborhoods! For these reason, we have a tie for the number two place.

1. New York, NY
This probably comes as no surprise for our number one spot. New York covers every end of our spectrum. New York is the most populated city and very expensive. Due to the amount of residents living in this small city, pollution and trash are extremely high as well. Raising a chicken without a backyard is difficult, and in this city the chances of having a backyard is extremely slim as most residents live in condos or apartments. Finally, New York has extreme winter temperatures, often below zero, making it very unpleasant for raising a flock.

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sammie sweetheart/ronnie 3 years ago

ok you guys who have chickens come on and post something how about how peoples chickens are doing mine and ronnie's are doing just fine

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