Top Christmas Gift Ideas For A Cat

Gifts For Spoiled Kitty

You might think that you're in a minority, but a lot of people like to buy Christmas presents for their pets as well as for their other family members. This is most likely because our pets are a part of the family. Not to mention that they give us unconditional love, and you rarely have problems with them talking back.

So if you're looking for special for that spoiled little kitty at home, you're sure to find something on this page to make both you and kitty happy.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Cats tend to not drink enough water and unfortunately this can cause health problems. But with a pet fountain you won't have that problem anymore.

Plus you also won't so much trouble keeping kitty off the counter and out of the toilet anymore. Because kitty will love the challenge of drinking from his or her new fountain.

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain holds 168 ounces of fresh water and the replaceable charcoal filter ensures your pet a fresh drink of water each and every time.

Keep Kitty Warm

You've probably already noticed how your cat likes to sleep in a bright patch of sunlight or up against the heat. And this may surprise you but In spite of their fur coats cats tend to get cold easily, this is probably because they originally came from a hot dry climate. But with this heated kitty pad with fleece cover your cat will never have to worry about getting cold again. This pad works great inside of an small igloo type cat condo for outdoor cats, or you can also use it inside for your indoors pets.

Perfect For Pudgy Pets

If your cat has a weight problem and doesn't get enough exercise you might want to try the SlimCat Food Distributor Ball.  Just fill the ball with cat food and as your cat bats the ball around the food will come slowly piece by piece. This keeps kitty busy and entertained plus he or she is getting plenty of exercise.

Cat Toys

Indoor cats tend to get bored fairly easily, and who can blame them. Its not like there's all that much for them to do besides eat and sleep.

Unfortunately a bored cat can also be a destructive cat, this is why it's important to make sure that kitty doesn't get bored.

This list of cat toys and catnip will ensure that your cat stays happy and active, which in turn will also make you happy. Because kitty will stop with the obnoxious and annoying behavior.

Grain Free Cat Food

Cats are carnivores, which means that they are meat eaters and nature never intended them to eat grain products. Grain products are difficult if not impossible for a cat to digest. As a result this can cause so many different health problems for your cat. Why not true switching your cat to a grain free diet and see what it does for his or her health.

A couple of years ago my formerly very healthy Siamese cat's hair started falling out in clumps. Turns out she's sensitive to grains. After switching to the wellness brand her hair stopped falling out and she even lost a little weight in the process.

* Cats usually don't take very well to a change in cat food so you might try mixing it with their old food and gradually decreasing the old until they have adjusted to the new.

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Muktu profile image

Muktu 6 years ago

I never knew cats celebrated Christmas:) Thanks for all the great info!!

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