Traditional Siamese Cat

The Siamese Cat And Its Traditional Elegance

The traditional Siamese cat has been a source of fascination for hundreds of years. The cat breed has long been admired for its elegant beauty, its loving personality, and its acute intelligence. There are some variations on the traditional Siamese cat breed, yet, in the end, it is the traditional Siamese cat that wins out in all the cat show competitions. It is important to appreciate both the diversity within the breed as well as the traditional characteristics of Siamese cats.

Historical Context

Siamese cats were first exported from the country of Siam (now called Thailand) in the mid eighteen hundreds. They first appeared in England when an ambassador from Siam brought them as a gift, and were soon entered in cat shows. By the beginning of the twentieth century, traditional Siamese cats were appearing in American cat shows as well.

Traditional Siamese Cat
Traditional Siamese Cat

Characterizing Tradition

There are specific characteristics that can be attributed to Siamese cats, both in physical appearance and in personality. These qualities are looked favorably upon by judges in cat show competitions and have come to define the traditional Siamese cat.

The ideal Siamese Cat has long, tapering lines and is of a medium size. The body is tubular, long, and graceful; the head is long, tapered, and wedge-shaped. Traditionally, the Siamese cat has no break at the whiskers or the nose and has distinctively large ears. Another stunning characteristic of the Siamese cat is its almond-shaped, piercing blue eyes.

Ideally, the cat’s tail should be long and thin; its coat should be short, fine, and glossy. Though the Siamese cat can come in a variety of colors, there are several that are specific to the traditional breed. Typically, judges in cat shows are looking for a Himalayan pattern in blue, seal, chocolate, and lilac point.

Not Interested

Just as there are some qualities that would identify a Siamese cat as being ideal and traditional, there are other characteristics that would disqualify the cat from such a label. These characteristics include: white feet or toes, long hair, malocclusion, eyes other than blue, mouth breathing, weak hind legs, and a visible kink in the tail.

Don’t Mess With Tradition!

The Siamese cat breed is perhaps the oldest of all breeds. It has continued to awe and amaze those who encounter it, both with its beauty and its intelligence. Despite the differences within the breed, it is important to appreciate and recognize the traditional beauty that has defined this breed for hundreds of years.

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V a.k.a Vinnie 7 years ago

I have a siamese kitten and I can completely relate to all the pints stated here! The kitten named 'V' is extremely intelligent and very lively. It demands attention all the tiem. But i have heard from many people that siamese cats are very vocal too but my kitten is not that much a noise maker and only expresses itself when its very much necessary!

7 years ago

How come choco's picture is here..

JS 7 years ago

She is Not your Choco anymore, lol i uploaded iT!

DM 5 years ago

My cat CoCo looks just like Choco...LOLOLOL!! I love siamese cats.

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