Train Your Guinea Pig To Sit Up

Some piggies can sit up when you give them reason to
Some piggies can sit up when you give them reason to

Just being in the presence of a guinea pig is usually enchanting enough. But training your guinea pig to sit up can help not only impress non-guinea pig lovers, but help strengthen the bond between you and your piggy. Not all guinea pigs can sit up, so don't be disappointed if your piggy is one of those.

Is Your Guinea Pig Healthy Enough To Sit Up?

Sitting up takes some strength that not all guinea pigs possess. Senior guinea pigs, those recovering from illness or those who have ever had a leg or back injury will not be well enough to be able to sit up.

Take time every day to observe how your guinea pig normally plays and cleans. Guinea pigs may sit up all by themselves as part of playing with other guinea pigs or for grooming. If the guinea pig doesn't topple over or call out a piercing EEEK!, then you can safely assume your guinea pig is strong enough to be trained to sit up.

Getting Your Piggy's Attention

Guinea pigs are extremely interested in everything at the end of their nose. They have to give a little nibble at anything new in order to determine if the new object is good to eat. Find out what your guinea pig will focus his or her attention on. For some, like the piggy pictured, it's a baby carrot. Others might like a hay cube, Romaine lettuce leaf or a yogurt drop. Other safe foodstuffs are listed here.

Up And Away

Let your piggy see and sniff the treat. Then slowly raise it up, making sure the piggy follows it with his or her head, stretching up for it. Reward then. Then, try again with another tidbit, this time raising it a little higher so that one foreleg comes off of the ground. Reward again.

Guinea pigs are individuals and all learn at different speeds. But soon, maybe even in the first week, you will raise the treat up from Piggy's nose to over the shoulders. Piggy should stand up on his or her hind legs, even ever so briefly, to grab the treat.

Don't praise your guinea pig in a loud voice, like you would a dog. Loud voices tend to scare guinea pigs. Keep your voice soft and "coo-ee". The treat is enough of a reward for most guinea pigs.

Your guinea pig might need to get used to sitting up. Some can sit up for quite a while, over a minute, and some for only a second (if that). You're not looking to break any world record for guinea big hind leg standing. You just want to do some playful and activity with your guinea pig that the both of you will enjoy.

These piggies know how. Film by tababitha

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Kara 9 years ago

that is so cute and awesome , I'll have to try that with my guinea pig.

pee 9 years ago


iLy x_3 8 years ago

lol. cool. my guinea can't do tat. ill try one day tho.. 'mabee'

Madeleine 8 years ago

I am trying to train my guinea pigs to jump on cue. They jump into their hutch every day but I think it would be cool if they did it when I said "up!". Anyone train their's to do this?

Bill 8 years ago

I can't belive it my 10 month old Piggy did it first try

Janny 8 years ago

I watched it so i can train my little baby Ruby I adoted her.

Han 8 years ago

I just got my baby guinea pig a fe weeks ago but I will be sure to try it when she is stronger and older!

Stephanie 8 years ago

I trained my guinea pigs to run in circles on comand. I'll have to try this trick too. :)

holly 8 years ago

cute my piggie can do that too

newbie:) 8 years ago

i got a 2 month old guinea pig today and shes adorable. but shes not very strong so im still trying to get her muscular

Lewis 8 years ago

I've got 2 guinea pigs salt pepper salt done it first time but pepper i had to work on him

GPiggieluver 8 years ago

I want a Guinea Pig so badly I have a Hamster so my mo wont let me get a Guinea Piggie! But if [WHEN] I do i'll be sure to teach him that.

Leslie 8 years ago

Awwww, that is so cute. I some times let my guinea pig named chubby run free in my house and when i say Ho he stops and he lets me pick him up. Lol one day my mom tried this and chubby didn't listen, he only seems to listen to me! also when i wake up every day i give him a tablespoon of carrots, and when i wake up late he cries and cries for some carrots! he got used to it

masterOcard 8 years ago

awww. so cute! im trying to teach my guinea pig to do that stuff as well!

Cool nat 8 years ago

My guinea pig can sit and liedown without moveing! I am sue to try that befor he gets too old.

piggie Lover 8 years ago

This is such a cute idea, thanks. My piggies are all healthy, strong and really sweet, but when I hold the treat higher so that they would need to raise one paw, they just look at me and "WEEEEEEEEEEEK" until I lower it. It feels like they are saying "A:don't play with the food, and B:I am not some trick pony" LOL...I will give training them to do this another try but if they don't want to...I can't force them. :)

Olivia K. 8 years ago

ok plz help me, after the folling question i ask u, can u answer it on this emial:

1. What if i dnt really have a spot to train him where he won't stop running around and going under my bed so i can't catch him. because he's not very interested in anything, so i can't get his attention. :\

Nicki 7 years ago

awww cute i have 2 guinea pig i got them 2 days ago they are 4 weeks old n cuter than never 1 called peanut(mine) n the other chocolate(my sisters) they r cute!

when i role a ball near them they chase it n miy piggie give me guinea pig kisses n the other 1 licks me! nawww i luv guinea pigs!

i spend so much time with them n my dog gets jelious. lol

paige 7 years ago

i have a piggie i got him three days ago.i have a room in my house special for my other piggie died five days ago she was three years dog tipped over the cage when i was sleeping and then he had a heart attack he did that to my hamsters and then he would chace them.but he is sooooo sweet i just cant give him up!!!!!!!!!

livia 7 years ago

that's so cute!!!my guinea pig can sit,lie down and sit up. i will be sure to try this trick too!!!

Jack the Guinea pig 7 years ago

I like the guinea pigs and their tricks. I also have 2 guinea pigs. One Black. One white and brown.

guineapiglover 7 years ago

I tried this with my guinea pig and she used my legs to hold herself up on her hind legs!!!

Anthony 7 years ago

I just got my Piggys yesterday so im letting them settle into there new home, ill try this trick soon!

tasha 7 years ago

email me and tell me how u teach it to


amelia 7 years ago

that is so cute

ella 7 years ago

will so try this i have got two piggies lotta and lola

ella and jj 7 years ago


simonita 7 years ago

haha how cute. ill try it. ^^

Amanda 7 years ago

Cute video. :D I have two guinea pigs, i tries clipping their claws, but they always used to SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAK! And nibble me when i attempt to pick up their little paws. They ok with me cutting them now. :) :0) :O) :D

maia 6 years ago

I want a guinea pig but I only have a fat hamster twice the size of my friends full grown one my mum said I could get one in two years I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katelynn 6 years ago

Snowball (MY piggie)won't do it i'm a VERY impaitent person and he's just a weird little piggie

kudos 6 years ago

my guinea can do it! hes so smart! lol

florencia 6 years ago

this is so funny!

Rachelle 6 years ago

Im getting my guinea pigs in a week and im adopting :) cant wait till i can try many tricks!

Ash 6 years ago

my guinea pig cant do it :( but that's ok i still love her!

Dude 6 years ago


Two year olds should not be allowed on the internet. :P

faith 6 years ago

I didn't know that they were special if they did that. mine do it all the time and i thought they were dumb!!!!!!!!

Anita life 6 years ago

I am currently fattening mine up. I quite enjoy eating them when they are young and tender, because you can eat them whole (crunch crunch) or you can put them in a salad or they go quite well with butter fried potatoes. it is better with the potato if you eat them alive [sqeak, sqeak] who knows, maybe il buy another one and try new recipes.

i like them best when they are still inside their mother (saves on stuffing)

sometimes, when my mum and dad go out on the town we have guinea pig martinnis [shaken, not stirred] just delicous with a marachino cherry in their mouths (they look and taste so sweet) and if we dont feel like something sweet, then we put a whole carrot in thir bum-hole [extra large SQUEAK SQUEAK]

I hope you enjoy these tips.

richard 6 years ago

ha ha ha i bought a zu-zu pat for my guineapig and when i put it on the ground he tried to mate with it!!!!!!

ashlee 6 years ago

guinea pig soon love you lots in love

doedor 6 years ago

my guinea pig is cute and i tought her how to give me kisses

ray 6 years ago

wow asome

finatics profile image

finatics 6 years ago

Great info. We taught our guinea pig to stand on his hind legs and it was adorable. Sometimes he would just squat on his butt, rather than on his legs because he was too lazy. After we taught him how to do that, everytime we rustled something and walked by his cage, he would stand on his hind legs even when we didn't say "beg". Sadly, he died a few months ago from an infection. Rated up

monkeyboy7777 6 years ago

i have a guinea pig and when ever i say Rocky he comes there . and whenever i lower ma knee he jumps up

livy 6 years ago

i just got my guinea pigs october 13 thyere so cute !!!!

one is black white and brown one is brwn and white so cute the black white and brow one is oreo the other is butterscothch if you have ever seen wonder pets that is what butterscotch looks like so cute

Izzy 6 years ago

My guinea-pigs run from their run on the grass to their shed with the hutch in and wait next to the hutch on the floor waiting to be put in. It took about 4 months of training to do this. Don't try it if your piggies are skittish or babies.

guina Pig lover 6 years ago

Mine does it for even my finger sOoooooOoooo cute

gr 6 years ago

hello i want a pig as a pet.hahaha

kitten&biscuit 6 years ago

i hav a ginny pig named biscuit gotem couple days ago

and hes ssoooooooooooooooooo cute ill try it thanks 4 the


kitten& biscuit

Aaina Kala Winepei 6 years ago

My guinea pig loves doing this. Coconut is a lady killer.

blue 5 years ago

ive never tried it but if you put a treat on a surface where the guinie pig can see it may jump onto the surface and eat the treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blue 5 years ago

ive never tried it but if you put a treat on a surface where the guinie pig can see it may jump onto the surface and eat the treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chezals 5 years ago

Thxs allot peeps tht made this

cheeky 5 years ago

i will work on it with her thx

D'Arcy da gigguly pig 5 years ago

i did it on my first try my owner touted me wid brocaly :D nibbul nibbul

Bellatrix 5 years ago

It took a long time for me to teach mine this. My guinea pig Oreo looks like a little kangaroo while doing this(if can even get him to!) :p. My guinea pig is easily frustrated and stubborn when it comes to challenging things. It is especially hard to be patient since he bites. But I love him SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Everything would suck without my little munchkin with me. One huge problem is that I only have 1 guinea pig. He doesn't have a playmate but I don't think he needs one. He seems SUPER DUPER DUPER happy in his very oversized cage. Actually he is my first guinea pig. He is treated like king! I love you Oreo! Heheheheeeeeeeeeee Bye ppls!!!!!

Eevee 5 years ago

I was proud when my guinea pig did it for the first time, but I thought she wasn't going to do it cuz she looks kinda chunky.

Aditya 4 years ago

Your guinea pig is almost like mine!!!!!!!!!!1

Ellie 4 years ago

How cute but not giving it the treat looked like it was torturing and that other one i almost cried because he was like stuck and couldn't get it :(. poor guy

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