Training Your Pet Guinea Pig To Do Tricks

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement works best when trying to teach your guinea pig tricks. If you try to scold or punish your piggy, then he will associate that negativity with you, and in turn he will be afraid of you. When your guinea learns a new trick or does something good, reward him with a treat, praise, or petting. This will get your guinea pig to be the most responsive.


my first little guinea
my first little guinea

Tricks to Teach

The most important thing to know before starting to teach your guinea pig tricks is don't force your guinea to train if it is still skittish. Before training for tricks, you must first tame your guinea pig. One of the easiest tricks to teach your piggy is to come when he is called. Simply say your guinea pig's name and offer him a treat. Once he gets used to coming to you, trade the treat for petting or praising. Another thing to do is get your guinea to beg. It's the same concept, only you hold the treat up out of the pig's reach until he sits up. One last trick to teach your guinea pig is how to go in a circle. Just slowly rotate the treat around the guinea while he's nibbling on it. Once he's used to that, get the treat out of reach and have him follow it. Every time he goes in a circle, say "circle." After several training sessions you should be able to move your hand around the guinea, saying "circle", and have him follow you. I hope this helps all the aspiring guinea pig trainers out there!

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rocketgal999 6 years ago

crazy ideas but, cool!

Kaleidoscope 6 years ago

I have a comment AND a tip! First, my guinea pig, Peanut, loves it if I read him horror stories! I read it to him yesterday, and he kept squealing until I read him another! And second, NEVER buy your piggy from Critter Country. I bought my 1st one there (Mr. Frisky Whiskers), and 3 days after, he died because they don't even check if the piggies are healthy! (They had to give us $32 worth of store credits, they deserved that!)

Me 6 years ago

Every time I try to get my guinea's to follow (Charlie & Cam) they sit there and and make noises till I give em the treat! I think there just really lazy!

ifeedmyfriends11 profile image

ifeedmyfriends11 6 years ago Author

With the tricks, you have to start out slow. Give your piggies a little nibble of the treat, then move it a little further away from them. When they follow the treat and get another nibble, move it a little more. After that starts working, they'll pretty much follow the treat anywhere because they know they're eventually going to get a bite! Hope that helps!

faith 6 years ago

Have you tried different treats? Every guineapig has a favourite treat and will usually do the trick for that. Try a variety on them and see which is their favourite then get them to do the trick for that treat. also don't give in to them. Be tough, it worked with mine. Good luck.

faith 6 years ago

Hi it's me again. I just thought i would put some more tricks out there for people who are reading this.

Remember to keep your 'pig training sessions short as they have short attention spans.

You can teach 'pigs to beg, play dead, sit and stay, jump through a hoop (well walk trough one on command) and fetch (only one of my piggies did this but he sort of taught himself.)

Another cool thing to do is teaching them to stay in your pocket as you walk around or sit on your shoulder (Be careful with this one)

I hope this helped.

bon 6 years ago


Bonnie 6 years ago

Cool this really helped thanks so much!!!

Ally  6 years ago

I just got a Guinea pig and i love him thanks for posting this really helped me with my Guinea pig!!!

emy 6 years ago

i don't hav a name 4 my guinea pig yet :[ he just doesn't fit into anything

halle8321 6 years ago

i love it thanks.

halle8321 6 years ago

i love the idvise

Alexa Hill 6 years ago

I think it is a good idea to put on more tricks on your website!

New guinea pig owner 6 years ago

Thank you for the helpful posts! im a new "mommy" to a littl piggy girl named Kiwi! As soon as she is settled in and gets used to me and her new suroundings, im gonna train her to come and to do some other tricks! Thanks again!

New Piggy Owner 6 years ago

I already trained him to circle and its the third day! My Rupert is so smart!

karla 6 years ago

watch this video in youtube if you want to teach your guinea pig how to do a circle ill teach u in 6 easy steps my channel name is 2pluz4is7

missy 6 years ago

do you know how to show your guinea pig to stand on his or her feet

ifeedmyfriends11 profile image

ifeedmyfriends11 5 years ago Author

To get your piggy to stand on its feet, simply hold a treat in front of him (maybe even let him get a nibble) and then slowly move the treat so it is up above him. He should stand right up to get some more nibbles. Guineas are fairly unstable when standing on two feet, so don't hold it up there for too long, or he might fall over!

Dakota 5 years ago

I have guinea pig named Percy and he is so adorable I'm only 12 but when I saw

His face I cryer till my parents gave in an got him for me that's why I usually do when I want a pet now I'm trying to do that with this baby horse named brooke, she is the most sweet baby horse I ever met, I'm so close to getting her but bad things have been going on in my family and the only way we could possibly get her is to have the owner of the barn my mom keeps her retired horse, willy, and she would want to train her strictly and me and my mom wouldn't want that we would wanna train her with love, when ever things get good they go bad in seconds wish me luck with gettin me dream horse brooke

ChristinCordle12 profile image

ChristinCordle12 5 years ago

hahaha I love it too.

JJ 5 years ago

My guinea pig taught himself to sit on my shoulder. I'll be sitting there and he just climbs right up. He makes me think of a parrot.

jennifer 4 years ago

it works I am so happy :Dlol

jennifer 4 years ago

it works I am so happy :Dlol

Katie 4 years ago

My guinea pig ,Pebble, (who is on my lap right now) will not come when i say his name and offer a treat! He just squeeks like crazy

zareth 4 years ago

it help thanks so much

guinea lover 4 years ago

my guinea is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fat!

Khoda's my GP 4 years ago

I taught my guinea pig to play dead

his treat is apples and he loves lettuce but he wont eat his GP food

i love piggies 4 years ago

i have the cutest guinea pigs and i want to teach them these tricks!

Anonymous 4 years ago

My guinea pig just passed awy :'( his name was gizmo I will always remember him he died June 4th at 4-7am he was a son to me and I will miss him greatly we buried him on the back yard around flowers. He had URI and the vet was closed :'( we were going to take him when it opened but it was too late

I am getting another pig an training him but It won't be the same as my baby gizmo :'( I crude the whole day for him :'(

Cavy crazy 4 years ago

I have 2 squeaker(about 8 months) and fluff ball ( about 2 and got him 4 days ago). Squeaker won't learn tricks but I keep trying but fluff ball will jump over a shower gel bottle when it on its side. It's really cool taught him it today.

madie 4 years ago

my guinea pigs name is shilo.he is 3 months And i tought him but it toke a long time

Moony27 profile image

Moony27 2 years ago from Australia

I like your hub. Personally when I taught my guinea pig, I always said "go around" instead of circle.

Everyone around me got so annoyed at me repeatedly saying "go around". :)

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