Twin Horses that Survived

This is a list of equine twin births that I have been able to find recorded online.Twin foals are a relatively rare event and I find the stories of healthy twin births to be varied and fascinating. It is widely considered that the chances of a mare's pregnancy producing viable twins is about 10,000/1.

Horses have difficulty carrying twins and they rarely both born alive and even less likely to survive into adulthood. If twins are detected early in pregnancy, one is usually terminated to greatly increased the chances of the other foal being born healthy.

Here are some examples that beat the odds. The foals have the best chance with older mares who seem better able to make room for the twins during pregnancy.



Bess and Royal
Bess and Royal | Source


  • Twin filly Clydesdales, Midge and Murtle, Teahen Farm (Michigan, USA)--Last confirmed alive at age 3 years.

Magic and Razz
Magic and Razz | Source



  • Twin foals, but only one survived long after birth.


  • A colt and a filly, Cody and Jenny (Minnesota, USA).


  • Twin Cremello colts, Bill and Ben (Wales, UK)--Last confirmed alive at age 24 years.



  • Twin Belgian foals, Patrick and Cornelia (California, USA)--Shown above.

Triplet Foals

For obvious reasons, triplet foals are even less common. Most genetically triplet foals are the product of embryo transfer and actually carried by different mares.

A live birth of triplets was recorded in 2010 but only one of the foals survived.

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Fiona 4 years ago

Hi I have twin 3/4 arab mares. Born 23-11-2005 in Ngaruawahia New Zealand.

psycheskinner profile image

psycheskinner 3 years ago Author

I would love to see a picture of them!

Fiona 3 years ago

Hi could post here but sent you a couple of photos via facebook. :)

Fiona 3 years ago

Sorry I meant couldn't post here :))

profile image

hlwar 2 years ago

In 2006, Walnut Creek had a black Andalusian mare who foaled healthy twin babies. You can visit here: and in the Site Menu click on Novena TCV for photos.

brakel2 profile image

brakel2 2 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hi Psych. Such interesting facts about twin horses who survived. I have never heard of twin horses. Often twin babies both don't make it. It makes me wonder about other animal twins. I used to love taking photos of horses. Thanks for sharing. Blessings. Audrey

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