Two Arizona Australian Shepherds Relocate to Kentucky

Beau and Arrow
Beau and Arrow

Beau is a black tri Australian Shepherd, with long thick hair. He has a broad back and a thick white chest. He sails across the yard at a breakneck speed and leaps over shrubs that are in his way with no real sign of effort. Arrow is a red tri Australian Shepherd with short curly hair. When she is playing outside she looks like a small reindeer as she speeds across the yard in a dead run. Both were born August 2007 in Arizona. They have only known mild winters and hot summers. These two pups are litter mates and best friends. These two best friends moved from their home in Arizona to Winchester Kentucky and have found many differences in their new home.


Thick green grass, which covers every inch of the ground in Kentucky was the first noticeable difference for them. Their home in Phoenix had a desert landscape which consisted of small pebbles and packed soil. With this change they also discovered their first ticks within the first week of their arrival.

The coolness of the month of September was another change for the duo. Usually they only went outside for short periods of time due to the intense heat of Arizona, now they can stay outside for long periods of time and do not become overy heated or dehydrated.

October was a lovely time for them since they watched their first leaves fall from above and allowed them to make lovely crunching noises when running in the yard. Again enjoying the longer stays outside without the heat and exhaustion.

November found the family moving into a new home that has a sheep farm running the entire length of the back yard fence. The natural herding instinct came to them as soon as they saw the sheep. They herded the sheep as far away from the fence as possible with just a few minutes of running the fence and barking to the top of their voices. They love being able to herd the sheep away from the fence.

December 1st brought snowfall. White snowflakes that landed and remained frozen on their coats while they raced around the yard. Arrow broke away and ran in the snow as fast as she could. She raced across the neighbors yard and ran behind their house and disappeared into the night. I called and whistled for her and then finally I heard the tapping of her nails on the pavement. She was racing toward me low to the ground and looking more like a reindeer than ever with snow falling on her back.

Spring arrived with warmer days and more of the rich thick green grass they had learned to love. With their first full summer they found that they loved to take long walks around the cul-de-sac and back to their home again. Racing each other and winding between my legs in an attempt to herd me, they loved that sunset ended at about ten o'clock on these warm nights.

These two Australian Shepherds, found a love for their new home in more ways than I ever anticipated. They show no signs of wanting to return to the hard packed dirt with the sun bleached pebbles.

They seem so much more alive and alert living in Kentucky during the winter months. There was never a problem adapting to their new home or the new weather. This winter brought freezing temperatures and many snowy days. The pups enjoy running in the cold, they suffer no ill effects from the change.

When they saw the snow falling they asked to go outside and play and I accommodated them by taking them out and allowing them to enjoy the weather. It warms my heart to see that they become quite excited to be able to frolic in the snow, which is something I never imagined while living with them in Arizona.

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Chas. Turner 6 years ago

Two beautiful dogs.I really like the way you described the story of the dogs. They will get to play in the snow several times before spring arrives.

stylezink profile image

stylezink 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

Great hub! I love any story about aussie's! My girl loves the snow too! She tries to eat it and jumps around like a reindeer as you said. Thanks for sharing your story.

vicki goodwin profile image

vicki goodwin 5 years ago from Winchester Kentucky Author

Thank you both for reading this story and commenting! My dogs have not tried to eat the snow yet. Maybe I will introduce them to snow ice cream. So glad you liked the hub.

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

great story, and beau and arrow are the cutest names ever. I once moved my dog from Portland to las Vegas and back to Portland. Going from the rainy northwest to the desert and back to the northwest again. Good hub!

vicki goodwin profile image

vicki goodwin 5 years ago from Winchester Kentucky Author

Thank you! I would imagine that the climate change from Portland to Vegas is about as extreme as my dogs faced.

I do love their names. Arrow was actually named first because when she was born, she had a white patch of hair that was shaped like an arrow on her neck. When we decided to take the black tri, the name Beau seemed to fit him perfectly. He is quite the gentleman.

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

well, they are certainly cute. I love aussies.

rcrumple profile image

rcrumple 4 years ago from Kentucky

Welcome to the Central Kentucky!

Those are some great looking aussies! You'll grow to like it here until you go through your first ice storm. Be careful of Lexington traffic. It's the Bubba complex to deal with if you try to change lanes, "You ain't comin' over here, this here's my lane!"

Loved the article. Very Well Presented!

vicki goodwin profile image

vicki goodwin 4 years ago from Winchester Kentucky Author

Thank you for the warm welcome to Kentucky. I will be cautious of the Bubba complex in traffic. Thank you for your kind comments about the pups and the article.

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 4 years ago from Central United States of America

You've two beautiful dogs! Their play reflects such happiness and your loving care for them!

vicki goodwin profile image

vicki goodwin 4 years ago from Winchester Kentucky Author

Thank you. They are much loved pups. Thank you for your kind comments :) I appreciate that so much.

innerspin profile image

innerspin 4 years ago from uk

What great looking dogs. Nice to read how they've enjoyed the change in climate. I would imagine Kentucky suits their active natures.

vicki goodwin profile image

vicki goodwin 4 years ago from Winchester Kentucky Author

Yes, indeed it does suit them better. They love being outside and running full force in the cooler temperatures. Thanks for the compliment on their looks. I believe they are quite beautiful.

TimArends profile image

TimArends 2 years ago from Chicago Region

From Australia to Arizona to Kentucky… They are quite some travelers!


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