Types Of Wild Cats

The cat family or Felidae is a diverse family which consists of various types of different cats.

Generally all cats are carnivores and are differentiated on the basis of their size and habitat.

Broadly cats are divided into two main types:

  • Small cats which are common and domestic
  • Big cats which are large, more dangerous and are wild.

Big cats not only differ from small cats in size but behaviorally they differ from each other as well.

Big wild cats are unfriendly and would eat any living thing that comes along their way and can not be tamed.

Generally all the big cats are tough, hard boned and have a flexible hyoid bone. 

A Black Panther, which is a melanistic specie of several big cats.
A Black Panther, which is a melanistic specie of several big cats.

This feature allows the big wild cats to roar unlike the small cats which due to a rigid hyoid bone can only purr.

However Snow leopard is a specie of the leopard that cannot roar despite having the hyoid bone, just like the roaring cats.

The wild cats also have a very sharp vision with their vision being more enhanced in poor light.

Some common types of wild cats are mentioned below:

African Leopard
African Leopard
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard
Clouded Leopard
Clouded Leopard


Cheetahs are mighty cats of the wild which are now unfortunately on the verge of extinction. These cats have a yellow skin with black spots on it.

Cheetahs are famous for their sprint and are the fastest running animals on this planet.

They can run up to the speed of 96 km/h. Because of their speed cheetahs are excellent hunters.

They, after locating their prey, chase them with their lighting pace and rarely a prey can safely escape.

Mostly the chase between the cat the prey remains for few seconds. They have blunt claws because of which they kill the animal by knocking it.

Cheetahs are the cats of grassy plains and are found in the jungles of Africa and the subcontinent.


Jaguar is without a doubt the most beautiful cat in the world.

It has a dark blotched coat which camouflages it with the forests of Africa where it is commonly found.

Jaguars are mostly found near water. They differ from other cats in a way that they are good swimmers and also feed on fish.

At night these cats are specifically active when they do most of their hunting. Their preys are mostly tapirs, capybaras and peccaries.


Leopards are another type of very beautiful cats which are being slowly extinct.

The leopards, just like the cheetahs have spots on their bodies but their coat is mostly double shaded and also their spots are more ring like then that of cheetah. Leopards are mostly found in the forests of Africa and Asia but they have also been seen in deserts.

The leopards are famous for their long jumps and they can climb trees. They search for their prey hiding behind or on top of a tree.

Mostly they hunt their prey by jumping on top of them while they pass the tree on which the cat is hiding.

They mostly feed on medium sized animals such as antelopes but they also eat small animals such as rabbits and at times even insects.

Leopards are decreasing rapidly in number and are being conserved. Leopards are hunted for their beautiful skin because of which they are finishing.

Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger
White Tiger
White Tiger
A Male Lion
A Male Lion
White Lions
White Lions


Puma which is also called cougar or the mountain lion is commonly found in North America.

These cats are average sized and are also related to small cats. Their jump is also very high and they can jump more than five feet high in the air.

Pumas unlike above mentioned cats belong to the category of solitary cats and they live alone.

They do not have a fixed den and they remain close to their territories. Pumas are very strong and they particularly have very strong hind legs which allow them to jump high.


Tigers are the largest cats and are extremely beautiful. On average they weigh up to 600 lbs.

Tigers have beautiful vertical black strips on their bodies. Their coat color is determined by their habitat.

Tigers are very powerful and strong and they live completely alone.

Unfortunately this beautiful cat is also endangered and very few of its species remain on the planet.


It is impossible not to mention the king of all the cats, the great lion, when talking about the wild cats.

Lions are large wild cats that are found in jungles of mostly Africa and Asia.

Lions are brown in color with the male having a large red beard around its entire face.

Lions are said to be the most brave and powerful animals.

They live with their pride and hunt together. The lioness does the hunting while the lion leads the pride.

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