Understanding Your Puppy's Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, and Taste

Many new puppy owners do not understand their puppies senses. The sense of smell, taste, hearing, and sight is different for a puppy than for a larger dog. Having a basic understanding of these factors will help you understand your puppies character and behavior and will help you how to change the environment so that your puppy can grow up without fear or anxiety. Understanding these senses will also help you in your dog training because the senses that you have or what you expect your puppy to have are totally different.

  1. Sight: Most people know that some breeds have keen eyesight and can spot something moving that is not detected by the human eye. Puppies don't have the best sight when they are young and see things in a different way. Many experts agree that dogs do not see the world of color, but see the world in shades of gray, yellow, and green. Darker colors would appear black to your dog such as dark blue or purple. If you are using a toy as a reward, make sure you pick out a toy that is red, blue, or green. These colors do not merge and will appear more appealing to your puppy.

  2. Hearing: A puppy's hearing is keenly more superior than humans. Some experts claim that a puppy's hearing is ten times more sensitive than humans. Puppies are highly sensitive to high frequency noise. That is why squeaky toys are so popular with dogs. The range of high pitch goes beyond the capability of humans. This would explain why your puppy might bark at the television or at some sound that is too high for you to hear.

  3. Taste: When it comes to taste, dogs are less sensitive than humans. Sometimes your puppy's palette will stray from their dog food and will want something sweet. Make sure you do not give your dog chocolate because it is toxic to dogs and may harm or kill your puppy.

  4. Smell: This is where your puppy exceeds. Experts have estimated that puppies and dogs can smell as much as 10,000 to 1 million times more powerful than humans.

  5. How Senses Will Affect the Way Your Puppy Learns: As with humans, puppies learn through mimicking and watching other puppies, their mothers, or even humans. A pack environment is something that your puppy needs to learn proper behavior from their peers. The puppy needs to understand that you the owner is the pack leader and that he or she is not. You are the alpha in the pack and you must remain strong and consistent when dealing with your puppy.


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