Walking the dog chore or pleasure

My favourite thinking Spot
My favourite thinking Spot

We have a short Jack Russell who has the heart of a lion and the legs of a sideboard! Being six foot five and ‘pleasantly plump’, walking with such a small dog doesn't fit the image; however the pleasure I get from walking her in all weathers, priceless.

A little while ago a man said to me, “I must get a dog, it will give me an excuse to go for a walk”. Before I could engage my brain and shut up I replied, “If you need an excuse to go for a walk and then shouldn't have a dog”.

This was a cruel reply but I do not regret my comments. If you need an excuse to walk on a glorious summer’s day, you're not going to walk the dog on a soggy winter's morning!

Personally, I love my soggy winter mornings as we seem to be totally alone trudging through the fields. I seem to be able to put my thoughts in order and appreciate the moment. The dog appreciates sniffing around for news and rolling in anything unpleasant! I think she needs her eyes tested! She seems to ignore rabbits 10 yards away, but runs like the clappers to catch a rabbit 60 yards away!

So, if you see someone who is large walking a dog that is not (but is wearing a really thick pair of glasses) feel free to say “Hello”. The really good thing about where we choose to walk is the really comfortable farmers’ gate, which is at the right height to lean on and contemplate the world or my navel, whichever frame of mind I'm in at the time!

So my answer to the question is yes walking the dog is a great pleasure, would I go for a walk without the dog? Yes but not as often.


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