Want To Build A Chicken Coop?

A Frame Chicken Coop Kit

A Frame Chicken Coop Kit
A Frame Chicken Coop Kit | Source

Let's Build A Chicken Coop!

When you're planning to raise chickens, building the coop may in fact be one of the most difficult parts. Why? There are a few reasons, one of which is the art of transitioning your chickens from their cardboard box and into the chicken coop. That being the case, what you might want to do is make sure that chickens feel at home in their new coop by installing a heat lamp similar to what they would have had in the nursery.  Ensure however that you hang the light high on the coop ceiling so that your birds do not fly directly into it. 

On that note, chickens cannot fly, but they can jump, and they can flap their winks. The average chicken can jump approximately five feet in the air, and they enjoy doing so which is why you would want  to place their roosting areas a good distance off of the ground. Your chickens will immediately jump to their new roost without problem, giving you easy access to retrieve the eggs in the morning. 

The coop needs to be insulated unless you live in a tropical area, but you also need to make sure it is well ventilated. Giving your chickens the ability to exit the coop is paramount to their happiness and health, so make sure that they can exit the coop safely while ensuring that their exit to the outside world can be easily blocked off during the winter. One mistake people tend to make with the exit door is failing to insulate it properly. Make sure cold air cannot enter the coop once the door is closed, and make sure that any seal you utilize is always in good condition.

The structure of the chicken coop itself can be similar to a tool shed, and you can in fact modify an old tool shed if you so desire. If you do this, then keep in mind that the you will need to clean the shed thoroughly and ensure there is nothing within that could harm your feathered friends. Chickens are easily poisoned, and the last thing you want to walk in on is a stiff in the roost. 

The ceiling is yet another important part, and one thing you want to ensure is that there are no exposed rafters. Though your chickens will theoretically be fine with rafters, there is always the chance that they will manage to break their necks, legs, or even wings. On that note, it would be a good idea to determine just how high you want the ceiling to be. It would be wise to have it as high as possible, but there are some who still haven't managed to build space elevators in their backyards. 

Easy access is key, especially if you want to get in and out quickly in the mornings. That being said, plan out your coop effectively, and make sure you have everything you need. If need be, you can search the internet for plans, and in the end you will have a great chicken coop that keeps your chickens happy!

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