What Are the Drawbacks of Owning a Chihuahua?

 The most distinguishing characteristic of the Chihuahua is the size. They are a small animal that does not much money to take care of. They are compact and can go with their human companion easier than larger dogs. There exercise needs can be accomplished in the home and the grooming of the animal is simple. Usually just a bath, dry, and you are done.

What are drawbacks or negative aspects of Chihuahua ownership?

Chihuahuas do not make good protection dogs. They are small and though some have a huge bark and attitude, there is not much they can do if you are in need of protection. Even against other dogs, the Chihuahua will lose most fights. It is likely that your Chihuahua will be injured or even killed if it goes against a potential attacker.

Chihuahuas are notorious for running underfoot and tripping people. The elderly or handicapped that are prone to fall may think twice before purchasing this breed. This is not true for all Chihuahuas, but there are instances where the small dogs have made their companions trip and hurt themselves.

They are not good hiking partners. Chihuahua's short legs cannot keep up with their human for long distances. For every step you take they sometimes will have to take five. This, of course, is according to your stride. They will tire easily on a long walk and most of the times you will probably be carrying the tired dog on the walk back.

Chihuahuas are prone to injury from being stepped on, falling off a bed, from wild animals, or from other dogs. Even wild children will have to be restrained when around the Chihuahua. This breed cannot be around any rough housing or in an environment that can cause them harm.

The little dogs are not set up for cold weather. The mass of their body is not enough for them to keep warm when the temperature drops. Larger dogs have more body mass and can stay warmer with just their internal heat source and their fur. Chihuahuas can be susceptible to frost bite or even hyperthermia if left in the cold for long.

If you have any reservations about owning a Chihuahua, think hard before you get one for your home. If any of the conditions mentioned make you feel uneasy, then think hard about another breed. If your Chihuahua gets hurt, the veterinarian bills could be quite costly.


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