What Dog Breeds Have Blue Eyes?

The breed most known for blue eyes are Siberian Huskies. This is a gene that is unique to only a few breeds. Another commonly known breed to have blue eyes is the Australian Shepherd. This gene is independent of color, meaning any color of dog belonging to the breed can have blue eyes.

Blue eyed Siberian.
Blue eyed Siberian.
Blue eyed Corgi.
Blue eyed Corgi.

 However, some dog breeds carry the blue eye gene which depends on the color of the dog. Dogs that are white due to extreme white spotting or with white on most of the head, especially with a lack of color around the eyes, can have blue eyes, or if there is color over or near one eye, the dog may have a blue eye on the white side and a brown on the other.

Some breeds that can have blue eyes, though much less commonly than Siberians or Australian Shepherds are: Dalmatians, Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Great Danes (harlequin), and Australian Cattle Dogs. 
Many dogs can have blue eyes because of a dominant merle coat color gene. If this is present, deafness can be a common issue as well. This is not true for Siberians, as deafness is very, very rare with the breed, especially when connected with eye color.

Blue eyed Cocker Spaniel.
Blue eyed Cocker Spaniel.
Blue eyed puppy.
Blue eyed puppy.

However, blue eye coloring is a recessive gene in most breeds. Even if the breed is not known for it, and the parents do not have it, a puppy can still be produces with one or both eyes blue. This means that ANY breed can throw a blue eyed pup in a very rare instance. Health concerns associated with blue eyed dogs are cateracts and deafness, so be sure you get your puppy from a reputable breeder.

A shih-tzu with one blue eye.
A shih-tzu with one blue eye.

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Comments 7 comments

jane 5 years ago

you forgot Old English Sheepdogs. Many of them have two blue eyes. I have had 2 like this.

Sharon Jones 4 years ago

My chihuahua is blue and white not a merle..but blue eyes and pink nose. Mom is blue Dad is white.

Jennifer 4 years ago

The Grey colored Great danes have blue eyes sometimes.

Renee 4 years ago

After having the DNA test done, Our dog is Lab, Boxer, Pit mix and has blue eyes. He is also deaf

AM 3 years ago

And the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog or Catahoula Cur

michelle 3 years ago

my brindled dark grey and tan pitbull has blue eyes.

Yoda8 2 years ago

My bulldog-boston mix has beautiful blue eyes

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