What Your Senior Dog Should Have in Their Diet

Your dog uses fat as his basic energy source. A good low-calorie alternative is achieved by replacing some of the fat with highly digestible carbohydrates. Digestible carbohydrates have one half or less of the calories of fat in an equal amount. Indigestible fiber has disadvantages for your dog that digestible carbohydrates don't have. Your dog needs a diet with a normal fiber level and the fiber source should be moderately fermented. This helps to repair his gut and maintain a healthy gut. A healthy gut condition is vital in his weight reduction program.

Be sure that the weight loss formula you choose doesn't dilute the calories with high fiber levels. High fiber foods can lessen digestibility and absorption of numerous nutrients. This includes fats. This will cause your dog to lose weight at the expense of good nutrition. High fiber diets can also hurt the skin and coat condition. A diet that adjusts the fatty acid profile while lowering the fat level will maintain your dog's healthy coat and skin. When rice is the primary carbohydrate source in your dog's diet, his blood sugar levels may rise.

But corn, sorghum and barley may lower his blood sugar and insulin level, which can help your dog lose weight, also l-carnitine, which is an amino acid that helps burn fat. You should have a goal of helping your dog lose weight gradually. Dogs should lose one to two percent of their original weight each week. Being overweight can aggravate other health problems like arthritis.


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