What to do if your dog attacks you

A dog attack would always be a scary and traumatic experience. Dogs have been domesticated for thousand of years. A strong bond is formed between humans and dogs. Human and dog would provide each other comfort. Both would rely on each other and help each other. Man has tempered the dog’s inherent aggressive behavior with socialization and obedience training. Unfortunately, the inherent canine characteristics will never be changed. The dog may be a well tempered and gentle pet but the chance that the dog will attack can not be totally eliminated. A situation would push the dog to the limits and cause the dog to attack other dogs, other people and even its human family. So what would you do if your dog has suddenly gone berserk?

Aggressive dogs

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Protect yourself

Presence of mind would always count a lot. Often times being calm is what would save you from severe injuries. The dog may have turned vicious but it is still your pet. An authoritative tone of voice commanding the dog to “Sit” or “heel” would make the dog to momentarily stop on its tracks. This would give you time to get on higher ground, inside a car or put something between you and the dog. Never panic. Don’t make sudden movements that will be perceived by the dog as an act to fight. Running is also not advisable. Dogs are very fast and it would be quite impossible to outrun a dog. The dog that perceived you as a prey would be even more determined to attack. If in spite of all these attempts, the dog still managed to bite you, attend to the dog bite at once. Naturally if the pet hasn’t had it shots you would need to have rabies vaccinations as well as anti-tetanus shots.

The gentle pet becomes vicious

Have you ever wondered why the gentle pet attacked you? The dog may be suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition. A docile dog attacked and severely injured its master. The dog was quarantined for rabies and later on put to sleep. It was found out that the dog has a brain tumor. The gentle pet may have gone vicious because it has suffered cruelty or provocation from one of the members of the family. Fear is one of the reasons why dogs attack.

The dangerous pet

Some owners have specifically trained their dogs to be ferocious never realizing that the dog trained to protect the family from burglars can also maul the children and sink its sharp teeth on the owners.

Dog attack styles

Dog attack training

Dog attacks shark

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jeanie.stecher profile image

jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

As part of deterrence, it is best to have your dog trained by a professional to prevent or the least lessen attacks. But when worst comes to worse, a dog spray will definitely do the trick.

cocovilla 5 years ago

I want to know why the dogs are being trained to attack ... ATTACK WHO??? and WHY?

Byron 4 years ago

Um.. they said that in the article cocovilla... :-\ I don't understand. Read it again? Read up on attack dog training? That's like asking why police are arresting people. Arrest who?? And why?? Makes just as much sense.

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