What to Do if Your Dog is Throwing Up or Vomiting

Vomiting is very common in dogs. Throwing up can be due to a variety of causes, most of which are not a major concern. A vomiting dog has strong abdominal contractions, heaving forcibly to expel the contents of the stomach and the small intestines. Vomiting is not considered a disease but rather a symptom of an underlying ailment. Finding its cause is a challenge not only to dog owners but to veterinarians as well.

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Dietary Causes of Vomiting

Vomiting in dogs is usually diet-related. A dog will vomit to expel toxic or irritant substances in the stomach. Aside from being voracious eaters, dogs are scavengers as well; they eat not only spoiled and rotten foods but non-edible objects too. An owner that provides a pet with premium quality food will be disconcerted to know that the dog has also ingested aluminum foil, plastic wrappers, stones, tree bark, and many other non-edible substances. Dogs sometimes induce vomiting themselves by eating grass to expel substances they have ingested that do not agree with their stomach.

A dog can be an after-meal vomiter. Dogs in a pack need to wolf down their food because they race with their fellow dogs to eat their share. Gulping down food can result to vomiting.

Other Causes of Vomiting

Recurring bouts of vomiting could be caused by gastrointestinal problems or an underlying disease. The many possible causes include:

  • stomach ulcers
  • cancer
  • parvovirus
  • intestinal parasites
  • pancreatitis
  • hepatitis
  • kidney failure
  • deficiency or excess of hormones
  • infection of the abdominal cavity

Managing a Vomiting Pet

A dog that repeatedly vomits can get dehydrated or experience electrolyte imbalance. Vomiting can also result in aspiration pneumonia. It is imperative to stop the bouts of vomiting and determine the cause. A dog that vomits once or twice but acts its normal energetic self may not need medical treatment, but a severe case of vomiting needs a veterinarian’s attention. Take the pet to the vet if the dog is in obvious pain or the vomitus has blood in it. Immediate medical attention in this case can save the life of the pet.

Vomiting in Dogs

How to Induce Vomiting In Your Dog

Removing Dog Vomit - Step # 1

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lauran 6 years ago

My father in law has a pit bull who recently became very ill. He is very fat so I'm sure that has somethin to do with it. The dog is throwing up a lot mostly yellow or clearish stuff. Once it was blood. When he breathes he takes a deep breath in and quivers like it hurts and let's it out. It's pitiful. His throw smells terrible like poop but stronger. What could be wrong?

Brandon 6 years ago

Ummm Lauran it sounds like you are all unfit dog owners, from the obesity, to none of you being concerned that there is blood in your dogs vomit. Lastly, if you read anything on this page you would have known what to do. Take your dog to the Vet immediately and put the dog on a diet.

Pam 6 years ago

Brandon, I think that was kind of rude. This girl said its her father in laws dog not hers, so don't push the blame onto her. Second she obviously wrote on here to get a answer not a smart ass remark from someone like you. Lauren, take your dog to the vet, also how old is this pitbull? He probably ate something wrong or has intestinal problems. Problems could range from lung problems to heart. He could have just ate poo. Take him to the vet and make sure he has all of his shots.

Amanda 6 years ago

My dog got a hold of two chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Day, he is a year and a half old Mini Dachshund. He was acting fine and didn't act weird after getting a hold of the cookies. He tends to get car sick normally, and when I drove an hour home from my moms on the day after Christmas he threw up, and then yesterday he threw up twice, and today he has already thrown up once. I am not sure if the throwing up is related to the cookies, or if it is caused by something else. What should I do?

Michelle 6 years ago

Well, my dog has been sick all day long today. She's been trying to throw up but nothing is happening. I fed her water, but then she trew up yellow. And later she threw up a little blood. Is there something I can do to make my dog feel better???

jackinabox profile image

jackinabox 6 years ago Author

@Michelle you should take your dog to the vet. He will be able to advice you in your specific situation.

Judy 6 years ago

My 3 year old pikingese keeps puking yellow and brown foam, she is shaking badly and is obviously upset (she's moping around walking slow with her head down. In the past hour ahes thrown up over 10 times... I have no idea what to do and Its 2 am so I can't take her to the vet!

.Ya.Better.Late.Than Neva. 6 years ago

In my experience yellowish clear liquid being thrown up means they are hungry

Linda 6 years ago

Last week my brother and I got some puppies; just recently my dog started vomiting his food,and some stuff that looked like small meat. I don't know if he threw up because his brother is ill(my brother's puppy has flu) and he got the same thing or of he is just like that can anyone help me?

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

My puppy is 12 weeks old and it just threw up twice this morning. I didn't see anything in it that he may have eaten and he seems okay now. Should I be worried? How do I make him feel better?

Audrey 5 years ago

My Dog threw up and won't eat his food. I've had him for a long time. He is also getting tired and weak. Should i be worried?

Tina 5 years ago

My dog can eat and then she throw's up about 15mins later.

I want to know if Thayer is anything I can give her. Until I can call vet in the morning.

this is bin going on for two days.

liz 5 years ago

My dog has thrown up five times now. Help!

Desperatedogowner 5 years ago

Someone please help me

I just received an eight week old puppy and it keeps goin toilet

And at night time it vomits up what I this is mucas? It's clear and has pieces of foodin it

It had fleas and it's stomach is bloated

Don't judge me this wasn't my dog until yesterday


karla 5 years ago

so today my dog started throwing up and hasn't been ating....what can i do to help. hes also been acting kinda sad...help please

Angela  5 years ago

@desperatedogowner. He could have allergies so u may need to switch his/her food. Also take to the vet of corse to make sure of his allergies n does he/she have all there shots

Amanda 5 years ago

Hi ok I have a 10 year old lab/rotweiller she's been acting funny latley like constantly wanting to go outside and randomly throwing up stomach acid! today she threw up an amount of a glass full of it; and it was SOOOO loud almost sounding like a loud car engine starting! have any ideas?

Barbara Collins 5 years ago

Our dog suddenly started throwing up..So much that we took to vet. They said she had two types of worms. We had her treated. When we returned home she got worse. She couldn't even keep down the pills given for her not to throw up.

We took her to another vet that said she had allergys. Why suddenly would she start throwing up after years of the same house. I have done everything, bland diet rice, cottage cheese, antibiotics they gave me ect. She still throwing up its been two weeks. I'm extremely worried.

dc2bee 5 years ago

year and a half old shih tzu throwing up 5 times in 2 hours what should i do

Brittany 5 years ago

My dog, Penny, throws up every once in a while. She usually throws up her food though because she eats it too fast, but the past few days she has been throwing up what looks to be bile. Its yellow, and i haven't seen any blood or anything suspicious. She threw up three times yesterday and i don't know if she just doesn't feel good or if it is something I should have looked at by a vet.

Shena 5 years ago

I just adopted my Dog Shena from the Town Lake Animal Shelter here in Austin,I've had her for a week now,and about 3 days after having her she started to act weird.She doesn't wanna walk anywhere,and when I take her outside she just sits down.She Vomited grass.I have also tried the the bland boiled chicken,but she just threw that up too.What else can I do to make her feel better? Vet say's after taking her antibiotics she'll be fine but it's been 3 days!!

Alisha 5 years ago

My dog keeps throwing up. Her vomit is white and has some blood in it. She has vomited 5 times in 2 days. I am very worried! Please help

P.S she is a German Shepherd

Danna 5 years ago

Hi My bassethound has went blind about 1half years ago she started vomiting today white salia and she ate this morning tonite she threw it up and is acting like she isn't getting enough air and coughs up white what can we do till morning till vet her gums are still pink but she not her self

Paris 5 years ago

Hi my has been throwin up allday , she not walkin rite or anything shes warm n she will not stay from under my bed I don't no what too do im only 17 n I jus got this dog please help

Paris 5 years ago

Hi my has been throwin up allday , she not walkin rite or anything shes warm n she will not stay from under my bed I don't no what too do im only 17 n I jus got this dog please help

TIMMY 5 years ago


Marley16 5 years ago

Ok umm my dog of 2 and a half years suddenly stared throwing up this morning and I don't know what to do!!!!! She's thrown up 5 times and it looks yellowish :( I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doglover 5 years ago

Fyi :) if a dog gets to the point of throwing up often and the content is yellowish your dog probably has a pancreatic infection....this can be caused by eating a foreign object or be caused by to much greasy human food over a period of time....take the dog to a vet asap

Melissa 5 years ago

I have a chihuahua that has been throwing up for 2 days..He will eat and drink but throw it back up within an hour... Any suggestions til I can get him to the vet tomorrow?

Jenny 5 years ago

Help we have a 9 week old maltese shih zu puppy she got her second set of shots around 5 this afternoon. In the last hour she has thrown up 5 or six times. She only weighs 2.3 lbs

Mitzi 5 years ago

My maltipoo had her third set of shots on the 12th of this month (2days ago) and she has been vomiting what she eats after a couple of hours and she wont retain anything in her stomach..

Last time when she got her other vaccines she was perfectly fine but this time i took her somewhere else and they gave her benadryl when she had her shots (which she didn't have that last time) so its making me think she is allergic to the benadryl but im not sure about this. What do you recommend me??

ronda 5 years ago

y would they give her benadryl to get a shot i spoke to my vet today and throw up is indicator of upper GI and diarrhea is lower. She advised I can get pepto bismol per child dose. my dog has thrown up all morning clear frothy phlegm all morning and if it was diarrhea to give immodium. and if continues to come in. So far the pepto has worked

dbayder 5 years ago

Can a dog become anxious do to the confusion of too many people trying to train her?

Jennifer 5 years ago

My dog has thrown up 6-7 times in the past week. 4 of the times it has been a huge amount of puke probably weighing somewhere between 2.5-5 pounds...i changed his food almost a month ago so I wouldn't think it would take that long for his new food to cause it...he has also been having some not so pleasant bowel movements. He seems to be acting normal for the most part but since the last time he got sick he has been a little whiney. He is a one year old boxer/pit bull mix.

littlemonster 5 years ago

Advice anyone

im 16 and my dog is 12 years old shes a jack Russel terrier. She has thrown up about 10 times in the past hour. I know it's not her food shes been eating this since she was a young pup shes usually active

should i get my parents to take her to the vet?

buena 5 years ago

I got an english bulldog mix had since hes been 8 wks an hes always throws up. I mean its so common that he comes 2 me lickn his lips to let me know, im gona puke lets go outside. He gets a health check an shots every year an hes 3 an alls good. Hes my best friend.

Princess 5 years ago

My dog is a sht szu she is a 1/12 she started vomiting today she has vomited about four times already first it was her wet food then the last time it was watery but brown what can I give her to help her

Nicole 5 years ago

My dog ha being throwin up like once or twice a day and it is white or sometimes a different color. She acts fine, seems fine but she m throws up randomly. Do u might know what I can do to help her?

laura 5 years ago

I have a 9 week old puppy who looks very weak he moves a little here and there i noticed it this morning and immediately took him to the vet the vet did not give me an answer as to why he might be acting this way he gave him the parvo shot and sent us on our way but now hes throwing up clear mucus i bought him baby food and pedialyte and have also been giving him water often he has pooped yet either i don't know what's wrong with him please help!

ese loko 5 years ago

every just go to the vet

Anonymous 5 years ago

My dog is a 9 month old lab. She was sorta coughing and hacking a bit today. Then she threw up a few minutes ago. I just hope that she is ok. It was a clear, liquidy subtance. Is that normal? She DID drink a lot of water prior to the throwing up. She had her usual meals.

mandy 5 years ago

I have a small dog that was running a fever but it has stopped and he is dry heveing and won't eat. What do I do?

Mini 5 years ago

My dog has thrown up at least 6 times a little bit ago I don't know to do.

Elsi 5 years ago

I have a 7month old chiguagua and he recently started vomiting once a day usual its a clear foamy vomit but today it looked like his food, he is always chewing on ssomething from shoes to tissue he is not dehydrated because he drinks a lot of water is it maybe he eats what he chews on ??

bulldog 5 years ago

I know that you can try can pumkin for exstrem diaria and pedilight juices for vomiting.

Rachel 4 years ago

I have a ten year old paplion Italian greyhound mix I think that's the right spelling, but I woke up at like 930-10:00am and she was sleeping I went and got a glass of chocolate milk and came back in the room and she was gaging and finally puked it was like a clear pinkish color what could this be from?

Btw it's the family dog I own a chihuahua

bigedthejoker@yahoo.com 4 years ago

10 year old Pitt is pregnant and is throwing up blood clog what should i do

Chrissy 4 years ago

Hi my dog is a 2 year old collie cross and has recently stopped doing the toilet on his night walk even though we take him out for 45 mins around 9pm. He then has vomited during the night 3 out of the past 4 nights. Should I be worried? All the rest of his toilet is fine and he's eating and acting normal!

Paulart profile image

Paulart 4 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

Very useful and valuable information on this hub regarding pet health.

kayla 4 years ago

my dog keeps throwing up when we are on car rides any advise please help im only 9 years old

cassie 4 years ago

my 4month old chihuahua is excesively throwing up and weird noses when she breaths ); what's wrong with her

Norma 4 years ago

my dog is 5 months old i gave him him some ham and then he threw up almost all of it in big amounts should i be worried?

worried 4 years ago

We have 1/12 year old rescued male Pit. Yesterday very happy and active. This morning, after eating, he started to vomit. First food and some yellow bile. !2 hours later he is still vomiting, maybe once every four hours, and very little yellow bile. He seems a bit tired, but alert when called. When walked he urinates fine and stool is normal. I took him off food since this morning with small amounts of water.

Unemployed right now and have no funds for a vet visit that might be just an upset stomach.

Any advice.

mamas. 4 years ago

my 6 year old dog had some orange chicken today & she threw up a little after she ate some.. Wuhts wrong will she be ok !? /=

Kaitlyn 4 years ago

My 7 year old airedale terrier has been barfing for the last 36 hours. All together about 6 times. She doesn't want to eat because she'll puke it up soo all it is it water. There is no blood but i know her puking a lot isn't healthy. Any ideas on what it could be?

luke 4 years ago

my dog has been puking all night and im really worried and don't know what to do about any ideas

alejandra 4 years ago

I have a chiwawa and he sems to throw up yellow bile and poops with blood but he acts him self

mrs.romero 4 years ago

my 1yearold lhapso opsa has been throwing up for the last hour but don't have the money to take her to the vet they want payment up front what else can i do

Edwin Gonzalez 4 years ago

help just rescude a 9 week shih tsu puppy shes maybe a pound of weight. She wont eat and keeps throwing up heavy brown what causes this? also her sugar is 16 and wont stablize what should i do? Vets are scared she wont make it through the night.

loveanimals 4 years ago

Please people, take your dogs to a vet. It's worth the money to possibly save their lives! Better safe than sorry ....

I sincerely hope you all are up to date on your dog's vaccinations, especially the parvo vaccine.

Also, if your dog is wheezing and/or coughing so hard that they vomit, this could be kennel cough (it's like whooping cough in humans) and they need to be vaccinated for it.

Lastly, dogs sometimes get car sick just like people. Your vet should be able to prescribe or recommended treatment to make car rides more pleasant.

Best wishes to all of you.

marcos 4 years ago

My 10 month old pitbull keeps throwing up brown liquid, what is it

my dog dollly 4 years ago

she threw up yesterday a lot and today... but only once in each day its every time that she drinks her water maybe somethin is wrong with the water she seems super happy and ok after she does it but she feels guilty after and looks at me sad till i say its ok and pet her

zuby 4 years ago

Pedialyte really helps with vomiting in dogs they tend to get very dehydrated when they vomit and this can cause more vomiting or in the worst case your dog can quickly start to have seizures and die from dehydration feel his nose when he is sick if it is warm and dry then squirt Pedialyte into his mouth every 30 minutes not too much because his stomach will reject it he should be fine after a couple of hours

profile image

SidK 4 years ago

If your dog 'Regurgitates' its entire food, STOP feeding it 'PURINA' dog food. Our Chihuahua mix never liked it. We add water & some chicken but after a year he went from regurgitating once a month to every meal. We went to Vet, no parasites. Buy Kirkland and mix rice & chicken he's 100% ok

Judy P 4 years ago

My dog is a 10 month old mix. She recently started this thing. She is fine all day long then at night she licks her lips alot like she is thirsty, licks the carpet licks anything she can actually she want to go out all the time. She will eat a bush then get sick. She is drinking lots of water the whole time but then does it all over again. Her throw up is her food and the leaves and whatever else she licks from the floor. Any sugestions I am at a lost she has been like this for 2 hours now thrown up twice

Skye_marie 4 years ago

Desperate dog owner...thats parvo, u can save a puppy by keeping hydrated with water in a syringe

Dogacross 4 years ago

My dog had a lot of diarrhea when she was diagnosed. All because you vaccinated, doesn't mean they can't get it. Frothy foam has always been present in all of my dogs' vomit even when not ill

Kiara 4 years ago

My mom fed my dog some left over food, he ate some of it but later threw up 4 times. This was 3 days ago. He looks really skinny now and his pupils are fully diolated. He doesn't run or jump anymore. What do I do?

Doc 4 years ago

everyone who has problems with their dog for more than 2days seriously need to take their dogs to a VET!!!! letting a sickness last more than this seriously keeps your pets in pain... common sense!!!

katie 4 years ago

My 6 week old shih tzu puppy threw up the past three days only a little bit but she shakes her head from side to side everytime she throws up took her to the vet and they ran the worm test and she was 100 % ok but they put her on a special diet for a week. Also , ive noticed that when she moves a lot like in the car she throws up could it be motion sickness ?

Karen 4 years ago

As a mother, I'm a firm believer in the color/consistency of stool and vomit.

Our 4 year old Chi had a vomiting episode about 6 hours after dinner. It was dry and I suspect one of the kids snuck him a snack. There is an index card on the wall that states "Do NOT Feed Poppy! He WILL get sick!" I don't know for sure, but I can assume he was fed. Poppy is recovering from loose stool via neutering and was just adopted 3 days ago. Lots of changes!

As gross as it may be, I would appreciate a briefing of consistency and color.

samuel 4 years ago

my dog constantly throws up its a yorkie terrier a couple weeks ago she swallowed a pork bone wasn't that big she doesn't drink much water and hardly poops what's wrong ?

Lara 4 years ago

My dog has been sick 12 times in about 5 hours, I'm really worried, I've tried giving her water but she won't drink it, I don't think she ate anything funny. My mums out so I can't bring her to the vet

juan 4 years ago

my dog is vomiting and its mot acting the same he just lays down all day and he just trows up GUI saliva and im really concern how can i know if its bad or something not to worry about please help

Karla 4 years ago

recently my dog has been throwing up a lot. He used to be enrrgetic but now he ist. The color of the throw up is yellow with a little bit of foam. What should I do?

joycehewitt 3 years ago

my 8week old shtzu has been sick 2day for the first time what should i do

France Lorin 3 years ago

Recently my 1 and a half years old eskipoo has been vomiting yesterday until now its color yellow with a bit foam and some little chicken bone what should i do

mary-ley 3 years ago

My 5 months old chihuahua has been vomiting. I take him to the vet they gave him so much remedies and injections that I don't remember. He doesn't hold down water.. I've been giving him baby food but yesterday he vomits again.

They said I shold give him pedialyte till he becomes well but I don't know how much and for how long.. he became really skinny like a skeleton :(

Please help!!

Jennifer 3 years ago

The people here are very rude and i'm sure some of them are asking to see if there is a quick fix for there animal instead of paying out the butt for nothing..I take my animals to the vet all the time and its ridiculous the amount I have spent especially when they have to heal on their own. Be nice or don't respond at all..IDIOTS!!

jazmine 3 years ago

Lauran, actually it sounds like congestive heart failure.

suraj sharma 2 years ago

why my 3 month dachshund dog Vomiting and potty in running car,

karen 22 months ago

My dashaund throws up..yellow liquid with some white foam..then goes out to poop...what's going on?

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