What's So Great About Quaker Parrots

Cute, right?
Cute, right? | Source

Quaker Parrots; You Either Love Them Or Hate Them

I've had Boom Boom, my quaker parrot, for about two years now. I bought her from a breeder and finished hand-feeding her until she was properly weened. I ripped her toe off by mistake. We've moved across country together. My Quaker Parrot and I have been through a lot together and if there's one thihg I've learned it's that you either love them or hate them. Me? I'm lover not a hater.

Here's why...

Great Talkers

Quaker Parrots are the best talkers for the size and price. Actually, I think their small stature in comparison to some of the larger "talkers" is actually more convenient. They make less of a mess.

Boom Boom was saying "step up" and "hi" within 2 weeks of bringing him home and he was mimicking whistles even before that!

Big Personality

Quaker Parrots will let you know when they want something, when they're happy and when they're pissed.

There's hardly a moment in my apartment when I'm moving around or doing something that's completely boring that Boom Boom isn't watching my every move. When I pack my bags he mimics the zipper sound. When I'm working (like now) he is bobbing his head and making the "key tapping" noise...the keyboard.

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nigger 3 years ago

mine beatboxes and raps with me

mecheshier profile image

mecheshier 2 years ago

Great Hub. I love birds, especially parrots. They are such wise creatures. I have to tell you that once I took care of over 85 Macaw birds in a humungous aviary, plus there were Eclectics, parakeets and greens. I learned so much. I always knew that birds were smart. But I didn't realize how smart they really are.

Thank you for the great post. Sounds like Boom Boom is quite the character. Voted up for interesting and awesome.

kmuise profile image

kmuise 2 years ago from Laurel, MD and Bedford, MA Author

Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, Booms died about a year ago after a quick illness. I miss her everyday.

mecheshier profile image

mecheshier 2 years ago

Ah, I am so sorry to hear that!! :-(

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