When Your Dog Hates Having You Leave

Your Dog Hates Having You Leave
When your dog panics at the thought that you're going to leave him alone in the house, you have a definite separation anxiety problem. It's not at all uncommon, but it is a situation demanding prompt and dedicated attention to fix.

First, you must recognize that dogs are smart, they soon put together all the signals that tell them of your impending departure. Stop and think about your normal routine as you start your day preparing to go to work at your job. You get out of bed, brush your teeth, shower, dress, grab a bite with coffee, then turn on the kitchen radio to comfort your dog as you leave the house and lock the door.

For your anxious dog, that is the "moment of truth." You, love of his life,
have deserted him. What ensues may include desruction personified.
The cure? A slow change in your regular routine. Start by having coffee after getting out of bed. Brush your teeth after breakfast. Turn on the kitchen radio right after rising. In other words, vary and mix up your normal routine.

Keep changing your schedule (even just slightly) over about one week's time and you should start seeing improvement in your pooches' reactions. You might also ignore him for several minutes after arriving home from work. He'll be excited and happy, but you must be resolute and save your greeting until he quiets down a bit.

Eventually, putting these procedures into practice should resolve your dog's separation anxiety. It will be worth all your efforts.

Sad of eye, this Beagle hates having you leave him alone
Sad of eye, this Beagle hates having you leave him alone

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Dreamhowl profile image

Dreamhowl 4 years ago from United States of America

This is very true. The trainer at my job has also said to make your leaving and coming back not such a big deal, which is a rule I know I have broken before. It's really hard to not be overly excited when you come back home to your dog. Good advice!

grousepup profile image

grousepup 4 years ago from South Salem Author

Hi Dreamhowl:

I do appreciate your comments. Thanks very much.

Be well,


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