Where to Go to Get Dog Medical Supplies

If you own a dog you know that even if it is healthy as a horse, the dog will need medical supplies.  The daily maintenance of a pet costs money sometimes lost of money.  If you have a puppy or older dog, the costs can sky rocket sometimes out of your range to pay for them.  An older dog, especially larger breeds, needs special dog medical supplies that could run the owner hundreds of dollars a month. As the hips, senior dogs need pain killers and arthritis medicines that can cost as much or more than human prescriptions. Puppies need shots, special diets, and if they are not healthy daily doses of medicine.

Where do you go if you fit this scenario of needing dog medical supplies?  The most common answer would be the vet. There you would get advice, a prescription, and medical treatment. The vet probably has medicines in stock and you have to pay the price that he or she sets.  This could be multiplied with the costs of blood work and repeated blood work in the medicine has a chance of causing liver defects and other side effects which could harm the dog’s health. Your vet bill could well exceed your families own medical expenses.  The vet is a good place to start, but if you have a standard prescription without follow up visits there are other options.

Online dog medical supply companies can supply your medicines online with proof of your vet’s prescription.  This could be cheaper or more expensive than going to your vet for a refill, but with this method the good thing is you don’t have to go to the vet. You can call in your order or go online and fill out a form. Your dog’s medical supplies will arrive in the mail right to your door.  If you are a seasoned online shopper, you will be surprised at the ease of this method and the time you will save spending a minute on your computer instead of an hour on the road and waiting in line at the vet’s office.

Some pet stores carry dog medical supplies also.  They might be a little more expensive than the vets, but you probably have one closer to you than your vet anyway.  Most malls have pet stores and if you ask the owner, it may be possible to have them order and carry your dog’s meds.  Thank how easy it would be to be able to pick up the medications as you go to the mall shopping. You could have lunch, get some shopping done, and pick up your dog’s medicines on one trip.  Again this would save you time and maybe money.  Look for a pet store the next time you are in your local mall and set something up with the owner. Not only pet stores, but big lot stores such as Wal-Mart can order your meds for you and have them ready to be picked up with your own prescriptions. Just because the prescription is for a dog doesn’t mean that the pharmacist can’t communicate with the vet and have your prescriptions prepared together.

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I am really impressed by your writing. Very info is given on hub.

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