White Cat Breeds

Facts About White Cat Breeds

Cats of the domestic variety are very popular for pets. There are many white cat breeds that allow the solid white color in their standard or allow only the solid white color for a singular cat breed. Among these white cat breeds are the Maine Coon cat, Persian cat, Oriental Longhair cat, Siberian cat, American Shorthairs and many more.

Most cat breeds allow solid colored white cats in their breed standard. It is only in those breeds that only have a singular color, bi-colors or markings that do not allow solid colored white cats. Many people like white cat breeds and some even prefer this color for their cats. Many longhaired varieties have white colors accepted in their breed standard.

White Persian Cats
White Persian Cats

What You Need To Know About White Cat Breeds

Most white cat breeds suffer from sunburn especially in the ears. This is because the fur is thinner in the ears. Frequent exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer in most breeds of white cats. Application of sunscreen can be done but it is better to keep white cat breeds indoors when the sun is at its most punishing.

White cats usually have blue eyes or odd colored eyes. This is common among white cat breeds and is noticed all over the world. White cat breeds are also prone to hearing problems or deafness. In odd eyed white cats, the side that has the blue eye is usually the side that has a hearing problem or deafness.

It is a superstitious belief that white cats are a sign of good luck. If there is a white cat on your doorstep just before your wedding this signifies lasting happiness. In other cultures, any of the white cat breeds are considered bad luck. It all depends on where you are and what culture you believe in.

Do not try to color your white cat with any other color other than those recommended by vets. This is because the way that cats clean themselves will ensure that they will ingest any foreign substance that may be dangerous to their health.

Some white cats may need to be kept indoors due to their propensity to deafness. This could lead to accidents and other occurrences that could lead injury or death. White cats are also prone to getting dirty easily although, the shorthaired ones can clean themselves more easily compared to the longhaired varieties. Most cats enjoy human companionship and are great as pets.

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Naoko 8 years ago

I think this text more applies to albino cats, not all white cats in general - angora cat can be all white, but have normal eyes and perfect hearing... And that cat in picture is DEFINITELY not a persian, just look at it's nose.

Yuuki 8 years ago

I have 3 white cats, 2 of whom are persians and they all have perfect hearing, etc.

I also agree with Naoko...the cat in the above picture is definitely not a persian. More like a long-haired domestic cat...but still gorgeous though!

Evan 8 years ago

I have a cat that looks exactly like this one. I brought it to a vet and they said it has a mix of a snow lynx/bobcat. The white marking around the eyes, pointed ears, hairy toes so on are destinctive features. I got it as a stray from a place I work at. Cats come inside and had babies. One full black and the rest white. He has the playfulness of a non-domestic cat

candise 8 years ago

I had a white cat. he was deaf and and one brown and one blue eye. he was inbread. this cat was my best friend. i got him when i was 20 and lost him whem i was 25:((((this cat was very playfull and friendly. my aunt who is very religious and whatever else told me that the picture i took of him made her feel bad. it was because all the pics i took of him, only one eye would have the ''red eye''. she said that's a sign of sickness. well on thanksgiving i kissed the cat goodbye and set him off to the side. he laid down and went to sleep and when i came home he was in the same spot. this was tipical. i went to pick him up just cause i loved him so much i wanted to say hi... well he was stiff and sadly deceased. no sign of sickness at all. so the vet said this is also a down fall of having a white cat with deafness and odd colores eyes. the vet said it was most likely a heart attack. i am still mortified. i loved that cat sooo much . its sad to say but i replaced him with a jet black cat and this cat just had an episode last week with the red blood count dropping. gladly hes ok. im starting to think that every cat that loves me is going to have a short life....:( wish me and lee luck:)

amy 7 years ago

candise, everything will be alright with you. I believe so. I was in the same position 4 years ago when I lost my first cat. I was so devastated to come home knowing that he was not there anymore. I got a new cat later. She was great but I was just not really connected to her until I nearly lost her again. She is now 4.5 years old, and has been living with us since 2005. She is an odd eyed cat though. I never think that she has disability though, extremely playful. I think that we may have spoiled her. She now does things her own way and she makes sure that she actually has what she wants. LOL. Anyway, you will be fine.

Kim 7 years ago

I have a 3 year old white female cat that has one blue eye and one green eye. I do belive that she is deff but never had her checked. When she younger she was very playful btu as of about a year ago she has developed a very mean side to her. She actually attacked me and put me in the hospital. She has a mate and two daughter so I don't know why she seems unhappy. She has never had any health peoblem so I have no idea why her attuitde has changed and gone bad.

Shi 7 years ago

Does anyone know what breed this cat is? My cat is almost identical. My cat has a small black smudge on her head though. Anyone know!? Thanks :D

haffa 7 years ago

Hi shi, my cat fitted that same description, with a 1" black line on top of her head, just died after 13 years with us.

the line disappeared when she was 5ish

I 2 would love to know its breed.


nicki 7 years ago

i had two cats one solid white and one with one small black line on her head. the one with the black line dissapperaed when she was about a year old and she sadly passed away and her sister was with us 5 years before dissappearing but she left us a beautiful solid white with peiercing blue eyes *Bella* greatfully she isn't deaf someone told me her breed was an atric kitty but i couldn't find no information to back it up i too would like to know her breed

bv 7 years ago

even i have a white cat which is very cute

ew 7 years ago

White cats are not necessarily deaf (mine is not), but they are certainly vulnerable, for instance, to sun and predator exposure, because of their colour. And pets who are vulnerable, tend to need human protection more than other pets. So they might be extra affectionate. It's just a guess.

ew 7 years ago

White cats are not necessarily deaf (mine is not), but they are certainly vulnerable, for instance, to sun and predator exposure, because of their colour. And pets who are vulnerable, tend to need human protection more than other pets. So they might be extra affectionate. It's just a guess.

Shi 7 years ago

My cat's black marking has actually gotten bigger as she has gotten older. It now looks like a heart. Because my cat is so white I keep her as an indoor cat although she likes to help me hang out the washing, she never goes far from my side and calls out to me if i'm not within sight haha. 13 years is a fairly long time I hope my cat (Tahlulah) will stay with me for that long, she's my baby! Hahah :-]

Porridge 7 years ago

When I pull sellotape my cat sticks his tongue out and rolls it

nick 7 years ago

I too have an all white female cat named Sophie. She is deaf with blue eyes and spots of brown only in her left eye. Like Shi's kitty mine since the day we brought her home will cry if I am not in sight. I'm not sure of her breed but she looks very similar to the cat in the picture, but when she was a tiny kitten she seemed to have sort of a bulging forehead which has seemed to go away. She's my baby and I treat her like one!

Jennifer 7 years ago

I have an extremely beautiful, long-haired white cat, with two piercing blue-violet eyes. I got him in China (where I used to live), and where cats like this are quite common. He's totally deaf, though clearly not mute! It's funny -- he's figured out that I can hear (and I think he can feel the vibrations when he screams loudly)...my other cat (who hears purrfectly) has clearly figured all this out, because she's extremely talkative with me, but silent with him.

In terms of breed, frequently all white cats with blue eyes or two differently colored eyes are Turkish Van, Turkish Vankedisi and Turkish Angorra...

Steph 7 years ago

On Christmas eve I adoptded 2 beautifull pure white cats(sisters),they both have green eyes.We wonder what breed they are,we have searched all over the www,but we still don't know!if you want to help our search they are all white whith short hair w\ green eyes

brenda 7 years ago

i have just adopted a kitten that was brought here for me and my son from Alexandria, egypt - she is only 3 months old but can hear a pin drop from another room..lol.. she is very long legged with big ears - anyone know what she would be?? - other than my ice blue eyed baby - her name is Cleopatra!!

rosso 7 years ago

I adopted a white cat a wee male that was living stray in the city he now has developed a heavy ruff around his neck and is on the long side of medium hair length. His personality is quite odd in some respects not much of a climber but playful enough he can be handled quite easily and is quite calm when he is being carried he has gold orangy eyes and furry paws one of his ears is deformed and the vet had to remove a polyp when he was in for neutering i wonder what kind of kitty bhe is a type of ragdoll variant or one of those norweigan forest cats he is about 10 pound and quite lanky he is not a really loud cat but he makes littlle sound at feeding tie etc talk to me i'm in the dark...

Shi. 6 years ago

Tahlulah's (my cat)dark patch is now disappearing :[

murphy 4/16/2007 6 years ago

he is long hair pure white and has green eyes but he does display some trouble with his ears at time. If he is maine coon then he is one of the nicest coon cats ive ever seen just a lover not a fighter.

Sal  6 years ago

i use to have a cat called Basta. He was pure white but his hearing was purfect and his eye sight was even better. He was short haired. We found him when i was about 6 or 7 on our farm in the chicken house as a little tiny kitten and would cuddle up to the chickens. We decided to take him in and make him our pet. When he was fully grown he lived 24/7 outside. Then when I was 19, we had to get the cat's ear taken off because he had sun cancer on it. But then some months later, he got skinny and grew quite weak and was no longer able to jump on top of cars or anything. Then one night i gave him his dinner and he ate it all drank his water and that was the last i saw of him. It looks like the cancer was not all removed and had spread to the rest of his body. :( But a cat that was picture perfect, and with all of his senses in perfect working order, i think he did real well to get almost 13 years

cleo 6 years ago

hi ive had a white cat for about 2 yrs now and don't know wht breed it is! he is called ozzy and has greeny yellow eyes he has pointyish ears and is very handsome...plz help me find out what breed he is .

Liz 6 years ago

I have a pure white cat (named Bowie)... she has one green eye and one blue... haven't found a problem with her hearing, however... she does have feline acne and she is bipolar. I am very glad to be Bowie's mother because any lesser person would have had her put down by now due to her bipolar disorder. She has attacked my room mate before and even myself on occasion (and drawn blood). But I endure it because when she is in her good moods she is the most loveable cat in the world! She even walks on a leash and sits and sits up on command! I LOVE MY KITTY!

gillian 6 years ago

I have a pure white feline with odd colour eyes 1 blue and 1 greeny brown, shes so loving and wont venture out due to people trying to pinch her when she was younger so she wont go near strangers, shes 8 yrs old and has no problem with her health and has fantastic hearin exspecially when its feeding time lol, my mother has her mother who as well is pure white but deep blue eyes and is deaf and her friend has the grandmother and did have the great grand mother and they were pure white to but with no problems with there hearings,. my cat is my national treasure and the bond we have is special and will never be broken,

Michael 6 years ago

We have a Pure white cat, not sure of the breed(got him from a friend, he is HUGE and they called him Tank when he was born, i called him blizzard) he has GOld eyes and has perfect hearing.

3 weeks ago, i got home from work and parked in the driveway. I saw this White thing on our porch, i was afraid to go up to him because he was a White kitten and he looked Dead. He did not hear my car pull up nor did he hear me set the car alarm(Beep Beep). I decided to touch him and he was warm and asleep. he did not know i was there for quite some time petting him. He opened his eyes and they were beautiful blue, both of them. Over the last 3 weeks we had decided that he cannot hear and thing and that's probably why he was alone, seemed like the mom abandoned him and he found our porch. We took him to the vet yesterday and they said one in 10 white cats are deaf, well that's not completely true from my reading.

Frankie(named for old blue eyes the first time i saw him) will be an indoor cat, he is loving, playful and is teaching Blizzard how to be a kitten again. As i type this he is sitting on my comp desk infront of my keyboard and can't hear a thing :(

Frankie is identical to the cat in the picture on this page, cept smaller of course :)

madan 6 years ago


edith 6 years ago

Hi Madan,

I've temporarily taken in a white cat that I found outside my apt door - I'm very, very allergic to cats, but love them, so couldn't leave this one behind... I'm not sure if it's a male or female, but beautiful, all white with one greenish and one blueish eye, and extremely friendly... I'm trying to find a good home for this cat, as I definitely can't keep it - I don't know where you live, but if you're still interested, let me know at edithm@me.com

al 6 years ago

Eye colour is unrelated to coat colour, though the two traits can be inherited together. White cats are just as likely to have green or amber eyes as they are to have blue eyes or odd-eyes. In fact some breeds allow amber-eyed or green-eyed whites in their breed standard.

However it is true that most odd-eyed cats are white or have a high degree of white markings. Certainly only white cats are allowed to be odd-eyed in most breed standards.

The author also forgot to mention that white cats, regardless of whether they are albinos or not, are prone to skin cancer, esp. on the ears. You need to miniminze their sun exposure or keep them out of it entirely. Some people also believe blue-eyed cats in general have vision problems in dim lighting, but it's inconclusive at best. It is known that many albinos are sensitive to bright lights, so albino cats may apperciate dim lighting more!

Also of interest is that sometimes white kittens are born with a smudge of black, gray, or tan on their foreheads. These birth marks (or kitten caps) often disappear as the kitten matures. So many solid-white cats may have started out with one spot! Blue-eyed white cats with these marks are also less likely to be deaf, though it's not known if all blue-eyed cats with normal hearing had such spots as kittens.

pip 6 years ago

i have a short haired white kitten with a mixed coloer patch on her head with green eyes shes always playing out even when its sunny and never gets sunburned don't know if that's becouse i live in the uk but even when its hot shes fine i have noticed shes very shy unlike my tabby whos not shy at all. :)

Noelle 6 years ago

That cat is an Angora, I believe.

technorican profile image

technorican 6 years ago from Houston

I have 2 white odd-eyed (heterochromia) cats. Neither is deaf. They are absolutely beautiful! I've taken lots of photos and videos of them. As for breed, mine are American short-hair although I think one has a bit of a long-hair in her. I don't know where her extra long tail comes from.

GTL 6 years ago

I have a pure white cat she has one blue eye and one green eye, WHAT BREED IS SHE?? Email me at GTL226@aol.com

Chantal  6 years ago

it could be ragdool!!

chichi 6 years ago

we have 2 white cats, 1 is an odd-eyed cat and the other is just blue eyed ... sadly OMMI is deaf..

Eve 6 years ago

I am missing my white cat call Snowflake(male). He is deaf abit, and sometimes respond if you call his name "Snowflake". He likes being picked up and he likes strangers. He has never been missing before, but he might has got ran over by a car which we don't want that to happen. My children is missing him like mad. He is a loving cat. He has no collar, but we was going to get him Neatured, but he went missing (so not Neatured). We live in Elland, Dewsbury Road. If you found him good news or bad news please phone pauline on: 07903968683 so just tell me to put Eve on if she is in. We all miss him very much. Please help us!! :(

Doris Carman 6 years ago

I have a white blue eyed kitten. Inbred not by choice but a lovable player.Not deaf. She has other colors on her but shows mostly white.Her mother and father both lovable ONe tiger and one multi colored.All bobbed tails.Long back legs.This one was born 5th of 7 or third of 7,cramped so now she walks weird. love this cat, our siamese does not.

Lilly 6 years ago

no matter what breed it is it is nice! is it true that pure persians always have 2 different eyes colours? i am going to buy a pure persian so will pure white persian be deaf? is it necessary that out of 100% 10% white persians be deaf?

Jane 6 years ago

I have two white cats they are both Siamese crossed with Brittish blue. They are sisters and 2 years old. one has blue eyes and definitely can hear, the other has green eyes. I was told by the vet that only male white blue eyed cats are deaf. I haven't let them outside yet as i have only had them for 2 weeks, the will be let out after i have had them for 3/4 weeks. They are very playfull and my blue eyed girl is very talkative and loves a cuddle.

Kelly 6 years ago

I have a 6 yr old cat that looks alot like this one too. He had a black smudge on his head til about a year old. He has green eyes and is totally deaf. He is the best cat in the world, and such a great personality. He weighs 18 pounds, I would love to know what breed he is, he was a rescue cat. Because of his size (he is huge), I have always wondered about his breed. Does anyone know what he could be?

Diane Maxwell 6 years ago

I have a solid white Maine Coon cat with light green eyes. She's so pretty; I believe the cat that is pictured is a Maine Coon.

Diane 6 years ago

Please delete my last name from my previous post

Thank You

Maddie Winstanley  6 years ago

I adopted a short haired blue eyed cat her name is angel skye she can hear ok! and has no problen with her sight . She is absolutely adorable and very loving !she looks very much like the cat in the photo but she is more compact and stockier sounds more like a siamese !! what do you out there think could she be a pedigree or more likely a white moggy domestic ???

Jessica 6 years ago

I have two leucistic albino cats...they are white with orange tipped ears and an orange tail and their eyes are blue... And they both have EXCELLENT hearing and health! And they have never had any problems!

Annu 6 years ago


Daniel 6 years ago

I have 3 white cats - one has odd coloured eyes (one blue, one yellow) and very Oriental features, and is totally deaf. It's actually the odd-coloured eyed cats who are more at risk of being deaf, not the blue-eyed ones. I also have 2 other white kitties (one of whom looks identical to the picture in the article above, and she is definitely NOT Persian) with yellow eyes, and they both hear perfectly well. None of my white cats have any problems with their sight. AFAIK all 3 of my white cats are just domestic shorthairs (the only one who has any kind of distinctive breed-related features is the deaf one who looks a lot like an Oriental, but he is full brother to the one who looks like the picture above so I know neither of his parents are Oriental, maybe it's a genetic throwback to earlier generations?)

Kathy T 5 years ago

I have a pure white female cat that I adopted from a rescue centre we have called her Lola. She has amber/yellow eyes and perfect hearing. She is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful loving character. Her most appealing trait is that she will find her favourite toy mouse and bring it to wherever I am in the house and likes me to throw it for her and she retrieves it just like a dog. Also she has pinky couloured ears and nose. She is onlly 18months old but has the cutest nature. I don't know her breed, but she has a fairly wide face, big ears and absolutely enormous eyes (a friend commented that she looked like an alien)

KIM EDWARDS 5 years ago


Pat 5 years ago

I have a short haired white cat, her tail is mostly black, there is black on her head, on one side she has 2 circles joined together and on the other side she has a up side down heart. Her mother is gray. I have another white short haired cat with black tail and black on her head, her sides are white. They are not related and both have yellow eyes. The older cat scratches my furniture and we have 4 scratchers. I use a spray bottle but doesn't last long. The younger one puts her paws on my leg with claws extended, she is scarring me and ruining my pants. I also have trouble getting their claws trimmed unless they are sleepy and then only one paw can be done. What can I do for these 3 problems?

luna 5 years ago

Luna is my cats name. When we moved in to our home he was there . That was 14 years ago he has one blue eye and one yellow eye .i love that cat .and he is all white .and he is omg a fighter he aint scared of nothing . Just wanted to share that .

Flowergirl* 5 years ago

Hi my aunty and uncle have a white cat named Mia. She has one blue eye, one green eye. She is very beautiful! Her mom is half tabby, half white. Do U know any signs of deafness or blindness. Do U have any tips 4 caring 4 her???

roxanne 5 years ago

i have a pure white cat the owner assured me he is a persian kitten i didn't beleive him until i googled persian cats and several ideantical to mine popped up, so they seemingly are correct, normally white cats with odd eyes are deaf we had one when i was younger and my god was that cat nasty only after we rehomed her did we find out that it was probably because she was deaf

Jld 5 years ago

I have a 5.5 yr old female Maine coon who is deaf. She has yellow/greenish eyes, and long white fur. She weighs like 16lbs. Anyways, when we got her 5yrs ago from a breeder, , we re

Jld 5 years ago

Again, her name is Biscotti, she is a deaf Maine coon w/ yellow/green eyes, and is 5 and a half,anyways, we relized after we got her that she could not hear us when we called her when we got her 5yrs ago. We love her very much but she may also have some mental issues that came along w/ her dedeafness.

Jld 5 years ago

Again biscotti, she appears to be cocked in one eye when she looks at things directly below her, she turns her head to side to look at what she's eating. For ex: turkey. She meows loudly due to not being able to hear herself. She is always surprised to see me when I wake her up. She has a sister named sasha, who is silver/ smoke who is not deaf surprisingly. She loves her sister very much, and is a joy to have such beautiful Maine coon sister cats. We love biscotti very much even because she is deaf.

Aneta 5 years ago

I have also recently received a white cat. Very cut , but likes to go inside flowers potd and makes a mess :-). Can she be trained somehow not to do that?

Teddi 5 years ago

Okay folks, the picture may not be a PURE bred Persian, but it may have Persian in its genetic background. I have a cat that is the exact same coloring, hair type and yellow-green eys. She was classified as a DSH. I am trying to find other possible genetic problems with this sort of cat. And, no, she is not deaf (unless she cooses to be) and not blind.

Neblina Alba 4 years ago

Turkish Van - most pure white cats like this are descendants of Turkish Van, Turkish

Vankedisi, or Turkish Angora

kate 4 years ago

I have a 5 year old all white 2 beautiful blue eyes who is completely deaf, she has been since I got her as a kitten, they never told me what breed she is and I would love to know!!??

Diana Reynolds 4 years ago

This is a deaf white Maine Coon in that picture.

cherylinFerndale 4 years ago

My kitten has the two little two inch markings right down the middle of her ears. He is the most adorble cat I have ever scen. SOmebody from a Greenhouse gave me the one of the two tht she had.

We call him Kalani, since we lived in Honolulu for six years. It is a name of a Hawiian Queen.

He is green eyed and other than his striping he looks exactly like the cat above.

Lorinda 4 years ago

I have a 1 year old white cat with green eyes and I know he isn't deaf because when I open a tin of food wheather he's upstairs or out on the front lawn he hears it and he comes running.

Bimistomi 4 years ago

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leah 4 years ago

my white cat has generally long hair and green eyes. i think she is a persian, but don't they only have blue eyes? can someone explain this?

Larry B. 3 years ago

How can you tell the difference between a common solid white cat and a Khao Manee?

Jenny 3 years ago

My neighbor has a white cat (male) who fits description of a Manx. He's very sweet and can leap very high. His hearing seems to be very good. He's very scociable and comes to visit me every day.

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