Why Do Dogs Need Toys?

Dogs are like kids. The same way parents buy toys for their own kids, there is no wonder dog owners would also do the same for their dogs. Dog toys vary in types and are classified in several categories. They can be bought anywhere; in fact, almost every pet shop near you has it. However common, this doesn’t mean that your dog can be given any toy that is available in the market. There is still a need to consider safety measures for your dog to avoid accidents.

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Special Dog Chews

Most dogs are addicted to chewing up things, most specially the puppies. They chew almost everything that comes into contact, be it a shoe, rag or sock. Chew-type toys are important because they keep the jaws and teeth of dogs strong and healthy.

Small and cuddly chewable toys are good for dogs which are also petite like Chihuahuas. For other dogs, however, whose jaws are extremely strong, giving these small chewables are not advised because they may be easily damaged. When damaged, the broken debris can be harmful to the dog and can choke them.


Reward Toys

Dogs should also be conditioned positively. In situations where they have performed well or have followed the master’s instructions, it is best to give your dog some sort of incentive for them to keep their good deeds up.

Comfort Toys

This type of toy is most needed for puppies that need to be separated from their mother’s comforts or for dogs that will be brought in a travel or a trip. These comfort toys gives them a soothing feeling and something to cuddle, thus reducing their anxiety from separation and lessening their boredom.

Rubber vs Plastic Toys

Plastic toys which are not so durable are also a no-no when choosing a toy for your dog. Plastics can be easily broken into several parts which can be aspirated or stuck in the gums of the dog which may cause them pain and lesions. Chew bones are good because, first, they look like the real bones which dogs crave for. Also, they are made of soft rubber which is not hazardous to the dog.

There are various toys available in the market today. Each one has its own purpose in improving a dog’s holistic growth, be it mental, physical or social. Choosing the right toy to give your dog is important because the safety of the dog may be put in danger with toys which are not appropriate.

Fun Puppy Dog Toys

Large & Small Dog Toys

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