Why Doesn't My Bunny Like Me? - A Guide To The Bunny

What many people don't realize when they are contemplating getting a rabbit is the sheer amount of time it can take to bond with a bunny. Unlike dogs, who will be licking your face within a day or two, or cats that soon warm up, a rabbit can take, quite literally months to even be on 'speaking' terms with its new owner.

For this reason, rabbits, especially young ones, are generally not suitable pets for children, unless your child happens to have a particularly patient and understanding temperament.

Rabbits will also often strongly object to being handled. Initially you will probably have the most success scratching around the head, between the ears, and on the nose. This simulates the grooming act of a submissive bunny, and even the grumpiest bunny will sometimes allow, nay demand, that their owner pet them there for extended periods of time. Don't be surprised if you get a little warning nip because you stopped too soon, many bunnies are huge fans of this kind of touch, and it can be an excellent way to bond with your little fuzzy bundle of furry joy.

You may even be rewarded for all your hard efforts with a little bunny lick or two. If your bunny considers itself to be dominant or in charge, it may simply groom the areas near you. This is his or her way of saying that you have done well, they quite like you, but you will of course understand that to go any further with this mutual grooming would be to break all bounds of propriety.

The bright side of all this is that when a rabbit does bond with you, it bonds strongly. Depending on the rabbit's temperament it may become a snuggler, or it may always remain slightly aloof. Aloofness does not mean that the rabbit is not happy however. A happy rabbit will often run and jump, and perform little rabbit dances known as 'binkies', where they leap and twist in the air, shake their ears and generally seem quite pleased with life.

There is a strange quiet companionship that comes with owning a bunny. If you wish to have a tongue lolling excited companion, pick a dog. If you wish to have a wheedling purring mass on your lap by the fire, pick a cat (not that bunnies are above begging when they want something, oh no, the soulful stare of a bunny who wishes to have that which you have can be quite hard to refuse.)

A rabbit is a quiet, sometimes playful creature that will take time to get to know. The rewards are great however, and the relative few who discover the delights of the bunny world are generally entranced forever.

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LyndseyLou profile image

LyndseyLou 9 years ago

A week ago I was joyed by adding a Netherland Dwarf to my family. I am getting a little frustrated. I have spent hours each afternoon since I got her, yet she still will not come close enough so that i can even touch her. If i even move, she freaks out and has to run as far away from me as possible! I have even tried having a handful of yogurt drops, but she still is very hesitant to come near me. Is this typical and is there anything I can do that will help her trust me? Any tips would be so helpful!

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 9 years ago Author

Hi LyndseyLou,

I've written a hub on this subject for you, because I think this is a VERY common problem for many rabbit owners.

Have a look here: http://hubpages.com/animals/Bunny-Care-Guide-How-T...

Judy 8 years ago

My bunny has screamed four times since i adopted him. that scared me so much i didn't know what to do 'cept pet him. But he is still not so friendly with me. :(

nikki 8 years ago

do you think an 11 year old should get a bunny???

Thaily 8 years ago

"do you think an 11 year old should get a bunny???"

No, rabbits are delicate and shy creatures. They get scared easily by fast movement and loud noises. I would not suggest a rabbit as a suitable pet for young children, also because children enjoy picking animals up and rabbits, as prey animals, are afraid of being picked up. When picked up poorly a rabbit will thrash and kick and can break it's own spine in the process.

Elfi's Mom 8 years ago

"My bunny has screamed four times since i adopted him. that scared me so much i didn't know what to do 'cept pet him. But he is still not so friendly with me. :("

I have been Elfi's care taker for 9 months now...the first two were spent just getting her to tollerate my exsistance, but perserverence pays off...learning how she expresses herself was more rewarding than instant affection

√Čle and Emma 8 years ago

OK That's to long for me to read, can u tell me it not so long??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate reading but i love my rabbit and i want it to b happy!!!!!!!!

Bunniez profile image

Bunniez 8 years ago Author

Its only a little bit of reading, don't be lazy! :)

Lisa O'Shea 8 years ago

I have had my bunny for a month now and she appears to be getting worse with me. When I first brought her home I let her get used to her new house before even attempting to touch her but after a few days, I was able to scratch the top of her head and cheeks. In the second week, I had to try and pick her up as there were ants in her hutch and I had to clean it out which was a little struggle but ok. Ever since then I was able to get her out to put her in her run and then to put her back without much of a struggle but now she appears to be getting worse as she is sensing what I want to do and now runs from me and there is even the odd growl and pounce if she is feeling scared but I feel that I need to put her in her run everyday so that she doesn't get lonely or bored in her hutch. On average it takes me up to an hour to get her out of her hutch and the same to get her back into it and I have tried ramps and grabbing and enticing her out. She is now 4 months old and I have done a little reading and am thinking of having her spayed as this may help with her mood, what do you think? Are there any other techniques to get her to get used to me?

yaya 8 years ago

My bf and I just bought a mini rex for 3 days.Its our first time having a bunny and me having a pet.

On the first night, she was very very quiet and abit scared to let us get near her or touch her.But on the second day, she will start sniffing our fingers and gradually allowing us to touch her.

She became very friendly and she will run around and do a little hop or standing on two feet in her cage.What makes us excited was that its was only her second day and she already will start to approach us and do some sniffiing. =)

On the 3rd day, we let her out of her cage and I can feel that she is a happy bunny. She will run and hop around, sniff every corner and even ran towards us and sniff. But she 's a bit reluctant to let us carry her back to her cage.

We bought some toys and a toilet bowl for her to pee n poo as we decided to give her some toilet training. Amazingly, just two hours after we placed the toilet bowl in her cage with some of her poo in it, she seems to know that she is supposed to pee n poo there. She was lying lazily at the opposite end of her toilet and suddenly she started running towards the toilet bowl, sat on it, and did her business there.

She's playful, friendly, very active and intelligent!! Everyone in the family loves her. Even my bf's mum who dislikes pets started to play with her.

My bf and I want to give our bunny the best we can afford to give as bunnies lifespan are very short and we want our bunny to be a happy bunny.

Play with your bunny as often as you can. Look at how your bunny behaves to understand its character. Just sitting infront of your bunny looking at it or talking to it will let her know your presence and that you are giving it your attention. I think that's consider as ''bonding'' too. =]

Lorraine 8 years ago

I Have a rabbit she is evil. I have tried bonding with her but she likes scratching, biting a nd just generally goes for me when I feed her or clean out her hutch. She is olny 10 months old and I can go nowhere near her. I have to wear gardening gloves to pick her up otherwise I will be scratched and bitten badley. Can you help?

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JustTheHiredHelp 7 years ago

I adopted to Mini Lops, mother and son named Andrei and Sasha, about 2 years ago. They still haven't warmed up to me. If I lay still in the middle of the floor, they have no problem licking me and hopping all over me, but the minute I try to pet them, they make a bee line back to their cage. They treat me like the hired help, only good for feeding and cleaning. It makes me kind of sad, my last bunny, Freckles, was a mini rex with big personality and liked nothing better than laying on my lap while I stroked her ears and tummy. The furballs I have now seem to just tolerate me. What can I do to get them to warm up to me?

Simba 7 years ago

What can i use to cover exposed cables that my Simba has already gotten to?

Vicki. 7 years ago

I have two 4 year old rabbits; that i have always thought were very happy apart from the female one who satrted being aggressive and still is after a couple of months when i first got them but we learned to live with that. i have read aout there body language recently and discovered they are quite angry little rabbits! they are regular cleaned out, fed every day. and given lots of love. i feel awful that they have felt this way all this time, and i don't know what to do becuase i love them to bits and they are practically my life!

sandbag 7 years ago

I'm sorry to hear about those whose bunnies aren't too friendly. I bought my ex-girlfriend a netherlands dwarf bunny and she named him Gustav (and made me take care of it). He used to be a timid little bunny but by letting him be as a house bunny he grew to be very sociable. The problem is, he's so secure in his environment that NOTHING SCARES HIM! He gets on the couch and poos and pees there (his potty training got messed up because my ex-girlfriend borrowed him for two days last month and he probably got confused with his home setup) and we tried to scream at him or throw some things beside him to scare him but he just stares at that thing and doesn't care about anything (Don't worry, we've never hit him, we love him!).

That he's not afraid of anything however lets me play with him! I get to play tag in the livingroom with him, and he always binkies when he's running after me. I also sit on the floor and we sniff each other's noses out and I guess that's how we bond. I guess that bond manifested with the fact that he always lies flat forward with feet out on the floor beside my computer chair (sometimes I almost step on him but I'm now very careful) to keep me company. Right now he's running all around the room probably looking for something to chew on (he likes soaps and candles).

Gustav has been a really good pet for me (I got to keep him after breaking-up with my ex), and he's my first rabbit. I guess we were lucky in choosing him from the store (the alternative bunny was a beautiful jet black rabbit but kept shivering when touched, Gustav was just calm and nice). It is true that the rewards are great and I'm probably going to be entranced forever with rabbits. :)

Catherine Ellis 7 years ago

I got my bunny in April and things started out great. she let me pick her up and everything, but now she is very aggressive. She bites me and whenever i put my hand in her cage to pick her up or pat her, she runs the other way and starts grunting and snorting. What does this mean? what am i doing wrong? I want to have a strong relationship with my bunny, and i want her to like me. Please ,if you have any insight to make my bunny happier ,please let me know!

mollie 7 years ago

my new rabbit hates me! i pick her up but she jumps out of my arm and lands on her neck. i hate it because im scared she will kill her self. what can i do.

lexi 7 years ago

why do rabbits make weird squeky noises and thump with their feet?

jjljfl 7 years ago

i have a bunny and im 11 and he really doesn't like me

bunnylover 7 years ago

i got my bunny a few months ago and he was really finiky at first but a month after he got nice and licked me a lot but he stopped and he doesn't do binkys anymore, why is that?

he's adorable but in the store they said he was a dwarf but he grew to be the size of a big rabbit i don't feed him any special food but im afraid he's gonna get TOO big, what should i do?

bunnylover 7 years ago

i got my bunny a few months ago and he was really finiky at first but a month after he got nice and licked me a lot but he stopped and he doesn't do binkys anymore, why is that?

he's adorable but in the store they said he was a dwarf but he grew to be the size of a big rabbit i don't feed him any special food but im afraid he's gonna get TOO big, what should i do?

kk 7 years ago

don't mess with ur rabbit it i'll make him really mad

lalala 7 years ago

I got my bunny a week ago and it loves me!

a pissed off 11 year old 7 years ago

I just got two bunnies, a full grown rabbit and a baby. The rabbit is fine and lets me pet her but the baby bunny won't let me pick it up and even gave my friend a scar on her face. I've been nice to the bunny, letting it run around my room and I pet it but still doesn't like me.

coniglio 7 years ago

I have an angora rabbit who is about 4 months old and she is ALWAYS shaking. Is this common? Also, my sister owns a netherland dwarf rabbit who is about the same age as my angora and whenever they are put in the same room, the dwarf attacks my rabbit. Is there any way for them to get along? People have told me to just let them get used to each other, but that doesn't work. They are not spayed.

Mili 7 years ago

I have a bunny and I'm only 14. He loves me and likes being held and always licks me and runs to me when I open his cage. I don't understand why a bunny wouldn't like its owner.

mimi 7 years ago

hi i have a bunny too, its a girl and very crazy! i want her to be like normal. When she is mad she is like evil and wants to attck and bite and when she is happy she gets all crazy and she is a huge dare devil she would do anything to get away from me hands like when i out her on my desk she was like scared at first she started to look a lot at the ground and going and then going back and then she jumped like 4 ft. down! and i saw her flip and stuff( trying to catch her) and then she shoke her head and then started running liike nothing had happened to her and i checking like every where if she had broken bones (found out when she bet me and ran away) so yea is that normal and want her to be normal? like calm like a normal girl bunny?

Amber 7 years ago

To everyone who has aggression problems with their bunnies: GET THEM SPAYED!! Unspayed female bunnies are very territorial and crabby, and will bite you if you try to move them or take them out of their cage. For the people with new, frightened little bunnies, here's what to do: bunny proof an area around their cage (a room with a couch or chair is best). Make sure that both in the cage and in the room are little hiding houses (buy them or make them out of cardboard boxes). Then, open your bunnies cage, sit on the couch, and ignore him-EXCEPT talk constantly. Bunnies are very voice oriented and will get to know your voice and feel comforted by it. Do this every hour you can every day. Eventually, he'll come out and explore a little. Wait until he approaches you (this can take a while, be patient!) and then gently pet his forhead. This imitates natural bunny grooming, and is very calming.

Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

I suppose my rabbit is normal. I read up on bunnies a lot when I first got her. She is so cute she is almost never in he cage other than to take little "cat-naps" she is always on the couches in the living room instead. She is litterbox "trained" (mostly but sometimes, like last night, she will poop on the couch, gross) i gave her several cardboard box houses, toilet paper rolls, cat balls with bells, all she cares about are the boxes though she never plays with the other things i give her. she will let me pet her (requests it is more like it) and will let me pick her up though she does not like it and i only do it when i feel that i have to b/c i don't want her to be afraid of me i have only had her for about a month now and she seems happy she does "binky sometimes" I didn't know if I would notice what it was until I saw it and then yeah I could definitely tell what it was. She did kick her feet at me once (I put cilantro in her bowl and that has a strong aroma, I guess she does not like cilantro! lol) The only thing is that she doesn't run around and play she hops semi-slowly around and in and out of everything she loves me and the kids she comes right over when we get home and waits to be pet and she is always sneaking in with the kids when they are asleep. I had always thought she was a very happy rabbit but I am now noticing that she never runs unless the kids are trying to pet her and she is not in the mood. (she's not mean about it and they know not to pick her up and chase her). Is it weird that she doesn't feel the need to run around the house when she can just hop around instead? I think I am just overprotective and worry too much about her but I am the type of person who would never get a pet that I can't take care of so i research what they need and like and every site is diferent in what they say a happy bunny acts like. I'm guessing she is comfortable but not excited just like the rest of us (I would call myself a happy person but i don't run around doing carwheels all day, well only on fridays, jk)Any advise?

molly 7 years ago


Cookies Owner 7 years ago

Our pet bunny is mellow and enjoys being around the family most of the time when he has not had pellets in his diet. He is aggressive(charges at us and grunts) when we introduce pellets back into his diet again. Is this a coincidence or is their another type of pellet we should try? Currently he eats alfalfa pellets.

Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

Cookies Owner-If your rabbit is not a baby then he/she should be getting timothy hay pellets not alfalfa (due to the fact that alfafa has too much calcium and can give your rabbit a UTI) as for the aggressive part of it I don't know that it would help any to switch him/her but it couldn't hurt to try since timothy hay is better for them anyways. Is you rabbit like that with fresh veggies too maybe it's kind of like goin near a dog when they are eating a bone. I hope that every thing works out, maybe the alfalfa pellets is giving her urinary issues and that is why she gets so cranky but chances are that's not it. Hope all goes well for you let me know how it works out. Also make sure that he/she has timothy hay available all the time for digestion

Cookies Owner 7 years ago

Thank you Jenny-rabbit for your information! Our bunny is six months old. I will have to look up at what age they are considered an 'adult' rabbit and if appropriate we will switch to hay pellets. We had run out of pellets for about two weeks, since he wasn't having the pellets we made sure he had plenty of hay and plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. This happened once before, and once we get him back on the grains, he is aggressive. Thanks again!

Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

This info is from the House of Rabbit Society (if you need any more info on rabbits i would go here it is more accurate then blog sites are:

What quantities of food should I feed babies and "teenagers"?

Birth to 3 weeks--mother's milk

3 to 4 weeks--mother's milk, nibbles of alfalfa and pellets

4 to 7 weeks--mother's milk, access to alfalfa and pellets

7 weeks to 7 months--unlimited pellets, unlimited hay (plus see 12 weeks below)

12 weeks--introduce vegetables (one at a time, quantities under 1/2 oz.)

What quantities of food should I feed young adults? (7 months to 1 year)

introduce timothy hay, grass hay, and oat hays, decrease alfalfa

decrease pellets to 1/2 cup per 6 lbs. body weight

increase daily vegetables gradually

fruit daily ration no more than 1 oz. to 2 oz. per 6 lbs. body weight (because of calories)

What quantities of food should I feed mature adults? (1 to 5 years)

Unlimited timothy, grass hay, oat hay, straw

1/4 to 1/2 cup pellets per 6 lbs. body weight (depending on metabolism and/or proportionate to veggies)

Minimum 2 cups chopped vegetables per 6 lbs. body weight

fruit daily ration no more than 2 oz. (2 TBL) per 6 lbs. body weight.

What quantities of food should I feed senior rabbits? (Over 6 years)

If sufficient weight is maintained, continue adult diet

Frail, older rabbits may need unrestricted pellets to keep weight up. Alfalfa can be given to underweight rabbits, only if calcium levels are normal. Annual blood workups are highly recommended for geriatric rabbits.

Cookies Owner 7 years ago

Thank you so much Jenny-rabbit, you're the best. That is a great guide. I will check out House of Rabbit Society too!

Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

Thanks, I have only had a rabbit for about 2 months so I have been doing as much research as I can so that I will know how to properly take care of her. She is such a great rabbit that I know I lucked out big time with her. I think she is a Himalayan and she is so much like a cat we call her kitty rabbit. She has a cage on the floor with the door always open (unless my 2 yr old neice comes over, it's for the bunny's protection to put her in her cage) she is very friendly smart and just an all around awesome rabbit! The only "problems" I have had is that she won't let me cut her nails yet we are still working on the trust issue of that she will let me hold her, hold her paw but after 2 seconds she wants me to let go of her paw and get squirmy on me so i just let her go when she calms down. Next time I'll ask my husband to help me and maybe cover her eyes. The only other problems is more my kids than the rabbit. They tend to leave papers on the floor and she is always nibbling the edges of their papers, but I know that is what rabbit do so I tell her know give her a stick and show the kids that this is what happens when they don't pick up after themselves. After reading about rabbits not being affectionate, even biting and getting into everything I consider myself very lucky to have such a well behaved house rabbit. She's happy to see me when i come home (well that is also when she get's her dinner but I like to pretend part of it is just b/c she loves me) she cuddles the kids at night when they lay on the couch for movie time and she goes in her litter box 99% of the time. If anyone is reading this b/c they are thinking of getting a rabbit I would strongly suggest getting a Himalayan. They may not be the cutest breed but they are know for being very good starter rabbits and most are very friendly and well behaved they are medium size I guess very slender though the size of a small cat.

Cookies Owner 7 years ago

Jenny-rabbit - we are able to cuddle our bunny in our arms on his back, he falls into a deep transe (sp?) as if he is sound asleep, he is so relaxed, at that point we are able to cut his nails. good luck :)

Jenny-rabbit 7 years ago

Thanks Cookies Owner. I'll have to try then when she's not mad at me anymore. She still runs over to me and wants to be pet but she kicks her feet at me every now and then to let me know she hasn't forgetten the last time i tried to cut her nails. She is also a little mad at me for putting up a baby gate so she can't get in the kid's room. She was never allowed in there but would manage to sneak in every now and then so now when I tell her to get out she kicks her feet at me, but then wants me to pet her. Guess it's like "just so you know I'm mad at you right now but I still love you" thanks for the advise I'll let you know if it works.

Bisky Batt 7 years ago

I've had my dwarf rabbit for 7 months and I'm sure he hates me. Normally he binky's when he's out of his cage and lets me stroke his head through the bars but that's it. He won't let me stroke him any other time.

He was neutered yesterday and is now even worse than usual. He's started using my sofa as his toilet for the past week and this morning he sat next to me on the couch and stared at me as he went toilet!!

He doesn't let me stroke him or pick him up so I can't check his wound from the neutering. He's hardly come near me since yesterday, and just keeps staring at me.

It makes me really upset cos I'm sure he doesn't like me, I'm starting to wonder if I should find him a home with someone he likes.

Elle 7 years ago

I have a mutt bunny, she is part mini lop and part rex and something else. Her mom was a mix of rex and something and her dad was a mini lop. She is about seven or eight months old and she is a terror! I mean that in a good way, she is a house bunny, hasn't been locked in her cage since June, I got her in march or april. Her name is Poppy, I love this little brat, she has free reign of my house and bosses around one of my cats and plays with the other. She eats EVERYTHING, I am a bit worried about what she eats, about two months ago she got in a bag of chocolate cookies and ate about 1.5 tablespoons of chocolate, I was worried sick about her, but nothing happened. She has eaten cords (covered with PVC pipe, no idea how she got it out) metal zippers, chewed some holes in my clothes, torn up the carpet in my bedroom when I wouldn't let her out of the room at night. Chewed up the baseboards in every room of my condo, and eaten some of my homework. I love this little bunny so much, she has so much personality and I will have a bunny as a pat for the rest of my life :)

Leah 7 years ago

My bunny, Boudica, bonded with me the first night we got her. She is a very unusual bunny. A MAJOR cuddler, she will come and lick me for a good half hour before running and binkying. She will nibble me then lick me then nibble me again. She follows me around the apartment and flops on top of my feet to get me to stop moving and pet her.

Gwen  7 years ago

i got a baby bunny 3 monthes ago, and he was about 2 or 3 months old then. i never had a problem w/ him xept liter training. now hes about 6 monthes old and he refuses to be handled. hes OK w/ me petting him, but hes very aggressive w/ every1 else and wont let any1 hold him. did i do sumthing wrong? what should i do? will he grow out of it?

Emelia 7 years ago

When I first got my bunny he would come to me and love to be picked up but after about three weeks ago he started running away when I try to pick him up. I also just recently found out he was a boy. He is about 8 months old. Should I get him neutered? Please help!!!

Stacy 6 years ago

I just got a Californian Bunny about a week ago, and she loves to sit on the back of my couch and she crawls on me. She is too cute, her name is Wednesday. I used to breed Mini Rex, but this is my first actual pet, are Californians just more friendly?

Accunamatada 6 years ago

my bunny is only 5 weeks old but it keeps biting me and every time i pet it's face or when i put my hand in it's cage it looks like it is going to bite and nudges my hand. Every time I hold it, it kicks and scratches me even though i spend time with it all day long.

Makayla 6 years ago

I feel like a failure, my poor bunny is trapped in a cage with a little bit of running room all day, and I always see him hiding in the very back of his cage. When I get home if I have time to say hi to him, he hides there and refuses to come out; I try to pet him and be gentle, and I sit with him for like 20 minutes giving him a raison, but he just doesn't interact with me! He is about 3 and been with me for more than 2 years and at this point I don't know how to make him like me!! What should I do? And how can I give him more entertainment so he's not stuck in a little cage all day?

Missp 6 years ago

Get the bunny a bigger run, I should think he's depressed! Neither you or I would be happy if we were locked in a cupboard all day. Give him more room, more toys and more freedom. Make the room safe and sit quietly while he finds the confidence to explore. He'll get there

Daisy 6 years ago

"my new rabbit hates me! i pick her up but she jumps out of my arm and lands on her neck. i hate it because im scared she will kill her self. what can i do."

Do not try to pick up your bunny they're very scared of it. Bunnies don't like it because they are hunted by many birds and when you pick them up they sometimes feel like they're being attacked. You also have to consider they're size. When we stand up while we're holiding them it seems like we're not far of the ground at all but to a small animal it would be like standing on top of a building to us. Falling from that distance is a great deal to them and can make them dislike you. If you want to bond with your bunny, don't try picking them up, let them hop around on the ground where they feel safe and pet them fro time to time. ;)

Daisy 6 years ago

"I just got two bunnies, a full grown rabbit and a baby. The rabbit is fine and lets me pet her but the baby bunny won't let me pick it up and even gave my friend a scar on her face. I've been nice to the bunny, letting it run around my room and I pet it but still doesn't like me."

When you get 2 bunnies you have to be careful. Many rabbits can be very aggressive and fight a lot with other rabbits. It is proven that rabbits of opposite genders get along better than 2 male or 2 female rabbits.

emma 6 years ago

My rabbits hate me. They are always bitting me and stratching me when all i want out of them is to pat and love them. Sometimes i bake treats for them and i try to keep their cage clean but they make it really hard coz they don't poo in one spot- its always all over the place! And they refuse to use a drink bottle so they have a bowl which they are always filling with dirt and poo, and i have to clean it up every day! What do i do!

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Emma, have your rabbits been fixed? If not, that is step number 1. There are many reasons for this operation, although it may seem horrible at first. It should calm them down, and remove most terretorial(sp?) behaviours. It will prevent any unwanted babies being born (there are far too many bunnies looking for homes as it is), and it will also prevent cancer of the reproductive organs.

Are your bunnies of the same sex? Do they seem to get on well together? It may not be that they hate you, but are generally unhappy 'cause they don't like each other.

With regards to the water bowl, there's not much you can do. If they refuse to drnik from a bottle, all you can do is keep their bowl clean and fresh.

Are your bunnies kept in the same cage? If so, do they have some "private" space of their own? Even just a cardboard box with a doorway cut into it (one box per bunny) placed in their own favourite spot will enable them each to have some "alone" time.

Of course, this is all just theory, based on one set of circumstances, but hopefully, something may help.

Those people whose bunnies just generally "hate" them... All I can suggest is patience. Let your bunny come to you. If you're planning on getting a bunny, this is also good practise. I never pick my bunny. I go to the (shop, shelter, breeder, etc), find a cage of bunnies I like the look of, then just stand at the cage and wait for one of the bunnies to come and investigate me. I feel this gives me a good start to a bond, as the bunny has chose me, not the other way around.

Be sure with your "hateful" bunnies, that you always remain at their level when attempting interaction. If they're in a cage, put the cage on the floor, open the door, then lay just to one side, and wait. Do not make any sudden moves, and if you happen to notice the bunny looking at you, try wiggling your nose at it. Just rolling your top lip over your teeth will be sufficient for your bun to understand that you are trying to communicate. Mumble to you bun the whole time you are there. Imagine talking to baby about to fall asleep, and use that tone of voice. It doesn't matter what you say, just be sure to say your buns name as often as possible. Keep some treats nearby. Whenever your bun ventures towards you, wait until it has finished investigating you, then SLOWLY offer a treat. Your bun will probably have retreated back to where it came from, so put the treat down at the place where he came closest to you. It sounds like an awful lot, and may take several days to see any improvement, but believe me, it's worth it.

People with buns that don't like to be picked up... That's kinda just the way they are. My bun sh!ts himself when my partner picks him up, but will tolerate me (not like, by the way, just tolerate). This is probably down to the way we go about it. My partner will just reach over and grab Tash (my bun) in typical bunny-lifting fashion, whereas I will crouch in front of him, place my thumbs on his chest und his "arms", wrap my hands around him, and lift him straight to my chest/shoulder, immediately placing one hand under his butt. (once again, imagine lifting a baby. Many people lift cats this way also). I think the reason he will tolerate this is because he can clearly see I am not a predator, and on some level, understands I am not about to eat him.

Please just bare in mind that every bun has his or her own personality, and that what works so well with one, may fail horribly with another. Also, the things I talk about are strictly from personal experience, and should in no way be taken as gold.

Good luck with your buns!

Diva 6 years ago

I have a Rex rabbit named Binky he is a very laid back kind of rabbit!! When I go to take him put of his cage for exercise he runs and hides in his little house. When I take him out and let him go in him play pen, he loves me and licks me! Why is he afraid of me when I first pick him up?

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Diva - you're invading his territory/the place he thinks of as his very own. If at all possible, you should avoid picking him up whenever possible, just open the cage door and let him come and go. This will confirm to him that he owns that one bit of space, and if you do need to pick him up once he's out of his cage, he should realise sooner or later that out of his cage Is 'shared space' and therefore your rules. He will probably never enjoy being picked up, but he will learn to understand that sometimes, he will just have to make do.

faithe 6 years ago

my rabbit is scared of me and thumps when i try to put her back in the cage! the cage is one that rolls and is raised off the ground so i don't have a choice but to pick her up. i only got her 6 days ago and she is not nuetured. is this just natural?

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Faithe - just be sure to approach your bunny as calmly as possible, preferably on your knees so you don't look so big and scary. Other than that, just give her time to get used to it all, as you've only had her a short while. If possibe, get her a plank of wood or some stacked cardboard boxes to use as a ladder so she can get in herself. Coax her up to her cage with a little treat a few times until she understands what it's there for.

faith 6 years ago

haha my name is faith my rabbit will never let me get her out i was going to take her out to get her prenant and she scratched me and it is bleeding it hurts so i am goning to get herpregnant and get my dads help then she will have the babies and i will keep a baby and sell her because i did not train her i bought her when she was 2 months at a 4h thing at a fair. well i would say just sell her and get a new rabbit that is what i would do if i was you> wish you luck

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Faith without an 'e'

what a horrible idea. There are far too many rabbits born each year as it is without adding to the problem just because you're too selfish to spend time with the bunny you already have.

Rabbits are the opposite to dogs. The older a rabbit gets, the easier it is to train.

Anyone who forms a bond with their bunny quickly realises how that rabbit is also a part of the family, and would no sooner sell it than their own mum or dad. In fact, many of the people who establish this bond give up the idea of 'pet' and 'owner', using 'carer' or 'companion' instead.

Your rabbit is only biting and scratching because she's scared or your going about it the wrong way. Spend time with your rabbit, get to know her and her you, or just give up the idea of owning a pet


I came by my (albeit limited) knowledge through taking the time to scour the Internet, and spending time with my own rabbits. There is a wealth of information out there on how to calm a rabbit, from handling to spaying to buying products specially designed to calm them down.

I would hate the idea of my rabbit becoming just another statistic, and you should too.

Starr 6 years ago

I have a little grey Netherlands dwarf named Snickers. He's quite the friendly little bugger. He seems to be opposite to most bunnies as he likes to be held (will scratch your leg whine and beg until you pick him up), no aggressive behaviors, loves other animals and random people as well as being litter trained. I've only had him for about 2 weeks and he's almost 3 months. Was never tamed or housebroken in any way according to the pet store. I've never actually had a pet this perfect before. It kind of makes me wonder if some huge flaw is going to spring up somewhere down the road

Tashs' mum 6 years ago



My Tash is a bit odd himself. Yes, he is a somewhat typical bun in that he's not the biggest fan of being picked up, he will dig and chew at the carpet if he thinks he's not being watched, etc etc. However. Having scented (chin-rubbed) every cable in the house, he now leaves them completely alone. If his wanderings do end up taking him behind the T.V, he just looks at the wires as if disgusted that they are in his way, and carries on past them.

Here's hoping that that one doesn't change :)

Hope your bun continues to be a delight

Desiree 6 years ago

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but I went through this thing that simply had me in terrible tears and I was extremely sad, and my rabbit could sense it, so he started licking me as if he wanted to make me feel better! Sometimes he's the aloof bunny, but other times he loves to be near me! I love him so much. He's very stubborn, and occasionally does things out of spite just to see what he can get away with. lol. I researched rabbits before I got him last summer, but I had no idea how smart they are until a few months after we got used to each other!

starr 6 years ago

Yes! Actually Snickers just did that with my fiancée who had some nasty cold he just got over. Snickers insisted on going to cuddle him and about every half hour would poke him with his nose to make sure he was ok

Well snickers does have one quirk...the broom! They arnt on speaking terms haha he attacks it if we leave it out. Does anyone elses critters have it out for one specific inatimate object?

Starr 6 years ago

To Faith:

Maybe if your bunny REALLY ISN'T the right pet for you...there could be someone with a kitty/puppy or the like who could better take care of your bunny and would trade you? At least that way the bun gets a better home and you could still visit

Kat 6 years ago

I have a bunny.He licks me and let me touch it ..its friendly but its like that to everyone..and this makes me sad..it makes me fell like between us it doesn't exist any bond..I spend a lot more time to play with him than my mom and dad but he treat us equall..so i'm thinking to sell him or give him because he is so indifferent with me..because if his mine he should love me more right? not to be equall wit everybody...what do you think?I would like some opinions

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Kat, I think you should be happy that you have such a friendly bunny. Most people moan that their bunny hates them. But then, if you would consider giving your bunny up for such a petty reason, maybe you just don't deserve him.

Nigger 6 years ago

My bunny is a nigger should I hang it?

Maple 6 years ago

My rabbit is 5 weeks old. Is it ok to let her wear her harness at this age or would she get hurt. I have tried the harness with her once and she didn't seem to mind.

starr 6 years ago

Make sure she can't get her legs through it. If she does and panics she can get really hurt or get off the harness and run away. Make sure you can still fit a finger under the straps, so she doesn't choke.

And walk her away from loud noises...aka cars so she doesn't get scared

Heather 6 years ago

I got a baby bunny from a local 4-H girl who needed to sell her bun's babies. I'm not sure what kind she is (she's white with gray spots, and gray ears that stand up (not a lop)) or exactly how old she is. I was told she was about 2 months old then, so she's about 4 months now. I was told both her parents are mellow rabbits and when I first held her she was calm and mellow, relaxed. It's been so much fun watching her get used to her home. I've had rabbits before as a child, but this is my first experience with a house bunny. She has a cage that has her litterbox, room to streach out and lay down, her food bowl, her water bottle, and a woven wooden basket that she can stand on or hide in. I've made it a practice not to reach into her cage to get her, or force her back into it once she's out. I want her to know that her cage is her space.

At first we had a disagreement on how she wanted her cage arranged. I would clean it out and put things one way, and she would immediately go in and start tossing things about, placing them where she wanted them. I finally realized that she was telling me how she liked her 'furniture' arranged, and since I began putting things back how she wants them, no more tossing things about. :-)

Molly is a very curious bun, and after a month of trying has finally won over my old tom cat; they've started playing together. When the cat is in the rooms she's allowed to roam, Molly will follow him around the room. It's so cute.

I've got a 6 yr old daughter, who is fabulous with the bunny. She loves animals, and after a couple days and several scratches, she has learned what behavior is allowed around the bunny. They will chase each other around the floor, and Molly sometimes follows my daughter like a puppy.

I had a couple questions for those with more house bunny experience than I... Molly is a very happy, good natured bunny, but right now, doesn't like to be picked up and held for more than a couple minutes at a time. She has recently started hopping up on the couch and onto our laps to visit with us on her own. Will she be more tolerant to being picked up and held as she gets older? What can I do to help her calm down or teach her that we don't intend on hurting her? I know that rabbits are prey animals, and we make sure she is facing us as we slowly pick her up and cradle her against us so she doesn't feel scared.

How long does it take to litter box train a bunny? She's doing pretty good, but still has quite a few poop 'accidents' when she's out.

Is there a way to 'extract' something from a buns mouth once she starts nibbling? Every now and then my daughter forgets and leaves a little toy out that I'm afraid the baby's going to get and eat. I've tried to get her to open her mouth and let me have what she was eating (a very small piece of candy wrapper that my daughter left on the floor) but all I got was dirty looks and almost chomped fingers. I'm hoping that it was small enough that she'll be ok. But if it happens again, is there anyway to remove it from her mouth without being bit?

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Heather - if you look about 14 comments up, I wrote a long piece for a girl called Emma, and the second-last paragraph talks about picking buns up.

Litter box training is an individual thing, I'm sure you know that babies/small children learn at different speeds... Potty, speech, walking etc... And your bun is the same. I would definitely say be patient... Sounds like Molly is well on the way.

As for getting things out of their mouths... If you're lucky, part of it will be hanging out and you can just grab it out in a kind of tug-of-war situation... Otherwise... It's down the hatch I'm afraid.

All in all, I would be extremely happy with your bun, she sounds like she's being well looked afterand is rewarding you with all her best bunny-habits. Keep an out for the binky when she's out of her cage (a binky is when a bun suddenly leaps into the air, twisting it's head and body around. It can look a bit scary if you don't know what it is, but it's actually a buns way of saying they literally could not be happier). You can't miss it, it's a hilarious display.

Enjoy your bun :)

Heather 6 years ago

I didn't know that was called "the binky" that's what I used to call my daughters pacifiers, lol. She does the binky all the time, my daughter and I both love to watch her be happy and play. Thanks for your input!! :-)

Starr 6 years ago

So I did a bun rescuing operation last night and have now aquired a lionhead mix/male named "Destroyer" (hubby picked the name for a laugh). He's about a year old.

His first home was badly abusive I was told, and I can see knicks and scars on the poor things ears. I was told it was two young teenage girls that had him .He was rescued by another girl until she could find him a home. We where told he was very skittish and shy, however when he got home with us he instantly bonded with my fiancée and now will litterally not leave him alone. He tolerates me to pet him but no real like of me.

So the question is, how does such a shy, badly abused bun come out of his shell so quickly? Do you possibly think he's prejudice against women because of the teens? Certainly seems that way to me. I know other animals can come to dislike a gender, but I've never heard of rabbits doing this (picking out a fave gender)

Tashs' mum 6 years ago

Heather, you're more than welcome :) Any more questions just ask.

Starr - how strange...

I have heard of dogs before that will take to one sex owner months before the other, due to abuse in the past (something to do with the different smell in male/female hormones)... Maybeits the same for bunnys?

As for how quicky he trusts... Who knows? Maybe he can just sense he's in a good place now, maybe he's just crazy-happy to be out of his last home?

I think you have other rabbits? Do you still have it/them? Maybe the new bun has just been "talking" to them and they've told him he's in a good place :)

hope he works out well.

Amy 6 years ago


My name is Amy, and a week ago I adopted a 5 week old lionhead rabbit, whom I named Decaf. I love her and she's very sweet, but I am at a loss for how to continue bonding with her. Within the second day I was getting kisses, and that lasted for four days, but now she won't. She also used to jump right into my lap to be petted, and fell asleep on me, which she also won't do now. I am concerned. She still zooms around her play pen and jumps in the air, so I know she's happy. But I also want her to be happy with her owener. So far shes been a wonderful pet who enjoys people and who can have fun and run around in many places besides her pen.

But if this is the sign of a problem, I want to adress it early- the last thing I want is a sad bunny. She is freindlier outside her play area, but I don't know if that's territorial or just that she's friendlier around other people. She is such a pretty and fun bunny, I just want to make sure I can bond with her as much as possible!

becca 6 years ago

well i think my rabbit may be bipolar. her name is matilda, and i don't know what breed she is. she looks like a wild rabbit. one day she wants tons of cuddles and will do anything to get to my face to give it a good licking, or "groom" my hair. she jumps on the couch to snuggle with me for hours, lie at my feet when on the computer etc etc. but then, sometimes as soon as i get near her she runs away. i dunno if shes scared or just grumpy or what. basically shes different every day. i got her for free because she had been abandoned but i think that whoever abandoned her must have handeled her cause she didn't mind being petted. i don't pick her up caus i know she doesn't like it (if i have to take her somewhere i just put this big wicker basket out and call her and she comes and jumps in) i dunno i just feel really sad on her "loner" days :( anyone know ANYTHING that sounds like this? i dunno maybe its just rabbits in general, doing what they want, when they want.

Tasha 6 years ago

all right well i got this adorable little baby bunny and we have been very close. She is so people friendly and whenever one of my family members or I walks in she get on her hind legs and paws at her cage as if she wants to be held. Well anyway I wanted her to be even more happy so I got her another bunny to play with. I love this bunny too though she is VERY shy. So they love eachother and there always close (both baby femals) but my question is this. When I put there cage outside to get some fresh air they lay body to body beside eachother sprawled out like there enjoying themselves. But THEY KEEP SHAKING!! i don't know if there scared or if its some enjoyment thing but im worried. Should I bring them in?? thank you for you time..

Debby 6 years ago

I have a wonderful happy loving rabbit that will give me a face washing when ever I ask for kisses. He love me and has bonded well with JUST me. I love him to bits. I have been able to work with him on many things BUT ONE. He does not like me OR ANYONE for that matter to touch his things. We have 2 cats and he will even chase and nip them if they go anywhere near his STUFF. He is only penned up at night because he is litter trained. I have to tell ppl NOT TO TOUCH his toy if they don't want to be bit or charged at. He is not fond of new ppl but now that im getting ppl to pet him from the nose to his forhead. I just don't know how to treach him that its ok to play with me and that im NOT taking his toys away. He is happy playing with his toys all by himself and he loves to just snuggle, and groom me. Im just worried that by not playing with him he isn't getting stimulated enough. Just thought you might have some tips for me.

tsmmsrs 6 years ago

i have had lots of rabbits in the past and thay were all good and kind and thay all let me pick them up. but i have had a rabbit for ova a year and she still doesn't like me if i come near her she runs away and when i have to pick her up to put her back in her cage (she is allways out free in my garden)she scrams me and i am sceard that she will brake her back but i don't no what els to do for her coz i cant leave her out ova night.:(

Abby 6 years ago

excuse me many people say children cannot look after rabbits i have had a bunny since i was 10 and i can look after him very well.Rabbits are very loving and can take to anyone as long as they are treated nicely . My bunny even lets a 2 year old stroke him on his ears and he seems to relax. so if you have small children don't hesitate.By the way i am 12 years old

Ellen 6 years ago

I've had my rabbit for about 9 months and i don't know how to get her to bond with me :(. I feed her fresh veggies and limited fruit twice a day, she always has pellets and alfalfa, fresh water and litter box. ive bought her numerous kinds of toys and she has never been interested in them. sometimes she will go crazy at night when im studying and run around exploring and jump on me, but i will try not to pet her because when i do she seems very annoyed and runs away from me and i don't want to overwhelm her or make her uncomfortable. on occasion she will let me pet her head when i approach her, but that's very rarely as i try multiple times a day. I'm thinking about getting a male rabbit (my bunnies spayed) to try and get her to bond with him and maybe come out of her shell and be happier. i don't know what to do to help her warm up to me, i feel like ive tried everything and am trying to be as patient as i can :( any suggestions??

Sidney 6 years ago

Dear Ellen,

I wasn't sure how to bond with my bunny, Harline at first either. You can try picking her up and holding her, if he struggles stroke the top of his head or between his ears. Harline personaly likes her cheeks rubbed. After a minute or so he should settle down and maybe even close his eyes. You can also try hand feeding him if you don't already. Maybe even hold him while you feed him. Harlines not interested in toys either but she loves rabbit treats. This should help you bond with him. If he makes a purring noise while you scratch his head this means he is happy. Those are some things i did when harline was little and now i cant get her to stop licking me. I hope this helps some :)

Aggie 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have a bunny that was pretty much raised on his own in the wild. I've had him for 2 weeks and he is very loving towards me now. He lays on my lap and lets me pet him forever, snuggles up to my neck and can't wait for me to get him out of his cage.

I am sorry to hear about the people having aggression problems with their bunnies. Here are some suggestions:

Firstly, I am a firm believer that bunnies should be indoor animals (if possible). Even though they do not meow or bark to get our attention like cats and dogs, it is not fair to leave them in a box (cage) and expect them to be happy when we reach into their cage to give them a bit of attention. They are mad, and rightfully so...wouldn't you be if your existance was limited like this....?

You cannot make an animal like you. You have to understand what THEY want and try to meet their needs. Be patient with them, give them the space and time to explore and get confidence to trust you.


-find a room in the house that's big enough for him to explore and for you to sit with him in (best to have a computer or tv handy, as this could take a while..) Make sure to bunny proof so he can't get into trouble but don't overdo it (let him feel free)

Set up a litter box (with food in it, as bunnies like to poop where they eat..yes, even on their food) and have bowl of water out too. When you see them go pee or poo in their litter box, say yes, good job, and pet them if you can.

Once you have a relationship with them, begin potty training decipline, this should begin about day 2-3 (so life is easier for you an bunny...rabbits like to be clean too!)

If they pee on the floor, say 'no', and place them in their litter box (they are very smart and learn easily but do not understand punishment, like throwing something at them, so don't do that 'cause they will just learn to be afraid of you and get aggressive to protect themselves from you).

Now, get them out of the cage (even if you have to put a towel over them to hide their eyes and calm them...so they won't bite you) Although you shouldn't have to do this with time, they will learn to love your play time.

Now let them roam in the room. Have plenty of treats handy (I use pellets as treats during training but feed him a lot during the day, I also use small pieces of carrot), use whatever is safe and works for your guy.

Now let them play. Go up to him slowly in about 15min once they've had a chance to sniff every corner of the room, give him treats when he's closer. He will eventually associate coming to you as getting a reward. This is how you teach them, reward when good instead of punish when bad. Let them hop on your lap, give them a treat. Pet them, give them a treat. And talk with a happy voice, 'good', 'yes', 'thank you'. And use his name often. Do this every day for as long as you can. Minimum 20 minutes. But they should get 3hrs of exercise per day). I'm at the point where mine hangs out with me all day when I'm at home. He stays on my sofa and jumps off and on, runs around and comes to me whenever he wants me to pet him. I am now working on training him to come to me when i call him ( give him a treat each time for now) so far so good!

You can built this relationship too! And it's so worth it. Just remember that every animal has a unique personality but they usually all need time to build trust with their loving owner.

Just make sure to handle him EVERY DAY but not just in a cage setting, let him feel free and you will have a new best friend before you know it!

And thank you all for opening your homes and hearts to owning a bunny!

kristul 6 years ago

this wasn't helpful

Skye 6 years ago

I have a 6 month old mini holland lop bunny. She's adorable, and in some ways, friendly. She will eat treats out of my hand, and jump on me, and allow me to pet her on her terms. She hates being picked up, which I am still trying to work around.

The odd thing that she does, is that she sniffs my legs! I don't have lotions or scented soaps on them, so I am not sure what the deal is. She'll walk around and around my legs, sniffing them, then she will jump up and rest her face against my leg, still sniffing, and scrabble at my legs with her paws. The scratches don't hurt much, and fade in a matter of minutes, but it's not pleasant. I'll push her down, and she'll jump right back to the other leg, and go on and on doing this. She'll follow me around the house trying to do this. Why? I know she isn't doing it for me to pick her up or pet her, as she runs when I try. I even bought a cat scratch post for her, but can't get her to use it. And she isn't scratching like a cat, where she drags her paws way down my legs. She's just scrabbling them a few inches. She isn't "humping" like a dog does with the lower body. She has lots of wood, plastic, rope and other chewable toys in her cages and in the house. She has a box with some packing paper to play in, though she hasn't really gone for that yet. So, why is she scratching my legs like she does?

Thanks for any help!

sadbunneyz 6 years ago

My bunny sometimes lets me pet it but it always makes a snorting noise and it comes out but it only run back in. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BunnyRunsAway:'( 6 years ago

Hey,my bunny used to like me.But now he doesn't.

He runs Away from me.And He let my sister pet him...

And don't let me...

Is there a chance he will like me?

if there is,can you tell me how??

caseyandcali 6 years ago

I found my bunny in my backyard and she will not let me do any thing with her and i had her for a month i always have to pik her and move her to her play area but she wont let me i have to force and i know that's bad but i don't know what to do i saw on of those bunny harness things are those good

Shayna C 6 years ago

I read all of these and i'd have to say im glad i did pick my lop mix bunny over the dwarf. the dwarf was more.. antsy and scratching my babyyy bunny at first wasn't eatng for sleeping..or drinking when i first got him when he was a month old..he warmed up to the house 1 week after.. he instantly fell in love with me i assume. very affectionate. i potty trained him as well. he is very snuggly nd cuddly. i am pleased and i am sure he is too. lots of licking, binkying , and the soft purring noise he makes..hes getting used to baths actually likes them a lot.. hes so content he just plopps right over and falls asleep nearly killing me i think hes dead hahah but all said and done i love my bunny hes a great companion and i encourage any responsible caring and loving person with a lot of time on their hands to get one!! but i do have a question if i do hurt my bunny in some way will he let me know?? he will scream, bite, run , attack, if i hurt him right? i clip his claws nd im scared sometimes.. i don't go close enough to the quick i don't think. i just wondered if hed let me know hes in pain.

snuggles 6 years ago

my rabbit is almost 5 months old and she's not eaiting!...I bought her this new brand of food because it was the only one they had in the pet store near me and she wont eat it..the food is called natures cafe bunnys buffet, and its a mixed of like bananas and the normal food i use to get her with carrots etc. The thing is that she's not eating all shes been eating is her bedding and grabbing my dads cover cds(which are made of paper). Im really worry about her its been a day since i seen her touch her food .. my parents think if we keep her in her cage that she will soon eat. but i think we should take her to a vet. what do you think is wrong with her?

Bunny Lover  6 years ago

My rabbit is 7-8 weeks now and is fine with me stroking him and he even eats treats out of my hand. But he hates being picked up. If it were upto me I would just eave him altogether but my vet said that he needs lots of attention including being picked up. She said that I also have to check his nails and the rest of his body for an signs of diseases or injuries. Please help, what am I supposed to do if he doesn't want to be picked up?

pankakes and ozzy:) 6 years ago

i just got a mini rex(i think) and she is so sweet to my bunny ozzy(mini lop) but he just isn't feeling the relashonship. hes not aggressive but not sweet. what should i do?

Brandon 6 years ago

Hi,and i just got a bunny named Maya. When i got her,she sniffed me a bit and was a little bit nice but when we brought her home, she always shakes and tries to get away from me when i pick her up...Can someone tell me why and explain, i would love that.Also,I'm a big fan of rabbits!:)

Brandon 6 years ago

And also, my bunny,Alice died.I miss her as hell!:(

Anna Claire  6 years ago

I have a bunny Misty she is real sweet I love her, and

she loves me & my cat Nashville. Both of them are the

best of friends!!!

Anna Claire  6 years ago

I just got a new baby bunny he is so sweet, I bought him at a rabbit show & while I was there my older bunny Misty won best in show & 1st place ribbon!!!

Kristen 6 years ago

I have a bunny, about 2 months old. I haven't named him/her yet because he/she isn't developed enough to tell if it is a he or a she. Anyway...

At the pet store, it was soooo loving and just held on to me and just loved me. Even that night, played on the bed with me and my bf, we petted him, etc.

Then, he just went star crazy. I have dressers that kind of sit up off the floor, well when I went to put him in his cage, he hides underneath it. Whenever I try to slowly reach down and pet him even, he runs back under there. There isn't anything under it, its just that, hes not fully potty trained yet and i cant reach under there.

He used to love me, and he still runs and does binkies and is so cute, but like the next second he runs under the dresser. I say no and clap my hands because I would never hit him or anything like that, but i feel like he doesn't care.

Eventually, he went back to his cage and got water, and i closed him back in there =[.

I am tryin to be a good mama.

shelly 6 years ago

i have a 9 year old black bunny he is so friendly it amazes everyone.. when i first got him it took along time to even get him used to me. i honestly treated him like a little kid when i would pick him up and he would bite i would put him back into the cage and walk away for a few minutes then i would come back and try to pick him up if he bit i would say not nice and walk away.. eventually after a year or so he got very used to me. i call him my baby he is not in a cage he has the run of the house (yes it is bunny proofed) he sleeps with me he loves to be held and picked up. he also loves to play if im home and not paying attention to him he will start biting something. he picks in my garbage and gets into all sorts of mischief.. i love him though i wouldn't trade him for anything. the only issue im having is he will not eat his food i have had to feed him table food even though its not good fro him because he refuses instead if i dnt give it to him he will steel it anyways what should i do

Muffin  6 years ago

Hi my names Zoe and muffin is my gorgous 2 month old bunny she is a house bunny only had her for a week she has settled in well her cage is open for most of the day she is very loved she comes and sniffs me and the last 2 days she has been binking I love this as I no she is happy she has not been a problem at all and enjoy spending time with her only question is I never really pick her up only done it twice she always runs away but let's me pet her just not pick her up why ?

Brooklynn 6 years ago


meeeeeeekaaaahpalinns 6 years ago

I have a rabbit called Roy, I have got a new one called Ronnie. How do I introduce them?

X-X-LOTTE-X-X 6 years ago

my bunny Tallulah is really moody. If I go to close, she will stap her foot and run to the bedroom and continuasly stamp her foot at me. I have tried being patient, giving her toys etc but her mood is starting to upset me. I can't stroke her as it makes her panic and I can't go neer her as she dosent want me there and I don't know what to do :( can anyone suggest what to do??

peri 6 years ago

I have 2 boy unneutered bunnies. When i got them they were 5 months old but now they are 8 months old. When i first got them; they were so friendly and looved me and played all the time. Now; i have a new puppy and cant spend as much time with them. They seem very bored and actually have nipped me! before; they NEVER bit me. im worried about them and i want them to be happy. I try playing with them as much as i can but they don't have as much fun as they used to. ANY HELP?! thanks. :(

Jemi 6 years ago

Worked like a charm. I was very sad after my first bunny died- she was very affectionate and my new one was very scared of me. I tried the methods suggested and she sat there lapping it up!

adrituna 6 years ago

this iz soooooooo cute!



( o o )

o o

itz a bunnah!

gurtrude3875 6 years ago

well i happen to have 27 rabbits currently, so i know a lot on the subject. one thing i found very helpful is dressing up in a bunny suit. this may seem stupid and/or embarassing to YOU, but this makes your bunny feel right at home and will make you become one of them. you can buy it at a haloween store. gurtrude.

gurtrude3875 6 years ago

well i happen to have 27 rabbits currently, so i know a lot on the subject. one thing i found very helpful is dressing up in a bunny suit. this may seem stupid and/or embarassing to YOU, but this makes your bunny feel right at home and will make you become one of them. you can buy it at a haloween store. gurtrude.

Gesture  6 years ago

I have a wild rabit and I'm not sure she likes me or not?? Pleas help

i love smokey! 6 years ago

this afternoon i was playing with smokey , and she wouldn't leave me alone!!!it's not like her....she was jumping all ova me!Plus my sister's rabbit theodoor was on the trampoline and was jumping off!and then run around and around the trampoline!should we be worried about this behavouir?it's not like them at all......


i love smokey!

binky 6 years ago

i had my bunny for 5 months now...i tried potty training him..but it just didn't work for him...but his temperaments have been very good lately..whenever i come home and let him out...he's always running like crazy...binking everywhere...i don't really like him going on the sofa's so i usually sit away from them and he usually comes lay down by me...there's also this stuff animal that he likes and he's always laying down by it...sometimes he's pretty naughty like chewing things up but he'll stop whenever he hears the yogurt chip bag, and come running towards me. so whenever i want him to stop something or get off the sofa...i grab his yogurt chip bag and he'll come looking for it and stop whatever he's doing. the only time that he hated me for two days was when he accidently stepped on a mouse trap (the sticky ones)that my friend set up in behind the heater, and he panicked, screamed, and was running all over the room. he was so freaked out that he began attacking me everytime i went near him. But then i finally got him to calm down and approached him slowly, petting him on the head and he became friendly again. Nail clipping, ugghh, he used to not let me clip his nails, but now he's somewhat getting use to it. He won't let me pick him up, so i can only do it when he's laying down. so whenever he's laying down, i slowly go over, pet his head with couple strokes and hold his front paws out and clip them. my first time doing it, i actually layed down with him, covered his head with my left hand and held his paws, but now he's used to his front paws getting clipped. Now i just need to do his back feet, he would not let me hold them for a long time. Overall, he's a very energetic bunny and seems to be very happy. He's the only bunny i have and is actually maturing, but he's not neutered yet. I've researched and it says that they may get very aggressive and harder to deal with if not neutered. But i feel bad if i do neuter him. i mean is it necessary since he's the only bunny? i'm having a hard time deciding.

Nicola 6 years ago

I have a mini lop she is 14 weeks and absolutely fantastic. It has been not hard work but time consuming.

My tip is let your bunny come out their cage by themselves lie on the floor always come down their level. Lie there don't move and let your bunny investigate themselves. Next day lie there again but when they come upto you talk to them softly and gently tell them they are good, clever and lovely. Don't attempt to touch them. Then so on and so on introduce one thing at a time. Please be patient my bunny is so gentle now she will even take her treat when i hold it with my lips and a lick on the cheek too. I took her to the vet two weeks ago for her jags and the vet complimented me on how well behaved she was.

Paula 5 years ago

my parents bought abunny when i was 10! I had to clean it, feed it and stuff. And guess what? he si happy! I am happy. I understand him. He never kick me, or bites me. U don't understand how we are perfect to each other. i love him

A Person 5 years ago

Wow. Reading the comments here is depressing me. I feel bad for all of the bunnies with whiney, impatient and irresponsible humans posting demands for help after describing doing things that are clearly the very reason their rabbit dislikes them in the first place. My favorite was the person claiming there was too much to read in the article and demanding a quick fix instead. How very typical and appalling. If you can't be bothered to read a few short paragraphs, you have no business being responsible for another creature's life, you lazy, ignorant sod.

Clearly, the majority of you haven't bothered to take any time to read up on how to care for rabbits BEFORE bringing one home. Now you are surprised that the adorable little friend you brought home dislikes you. I can't blame them; I dislike quite a few of you based on your comments. Meanwhile, you have responsible and clearly loving rabbit owners patiently trying to offer you advice, which likely is being ignored. I hope at least a small percentage of you recognize the responsibility you've taken on and actually care about your pet enough to take some time to educate yourself while also taking the time to allow your rabbit to become comfortable being around a strange smelling, large, loud human.

Alex 5 years ago

I bought a bunny, and it became very dominant and territorial... It hates my squirrel! I just recently bought another bunny, hoping he could make a friend. He does not like the new bunny at all... WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!????

Mandy 5 years ago

I just adopted two 3 month old bunnies from the humane society, and brought them home the day they were fixed. Luckly they were an already bonded pair from the same litter so they didn't have to be alone after getting chopped up. The male is very friendly already and already starting to use his litterbox. The girl on the other hand is very... well scared. She runs and hides in a corner (DEPRESSING) and wont move. She's to scared to use her litterbox as well. Only thing is when I let them out to play she is the most aggressive to running around. Any tips to get her to like people a bit more? (After hand feeding her a baby carrot she was less shy around me but still super super scared)

Mandy 5 years ago

Never mind! After lying in the floor for hours trying to get the bunny curious it worked! :D She's a lot more social and very funny to play with. She just needed some more 'me' time :) she also loves playing with the birds I own... although they may beg to differ haha. Re-reading and studying up on bunnies before I got them was worth the time! Thank you again for your help, and I will continue to read up on any extra things I should know!

Breanna 5 years ago

Hello, I need serious help. I have a bunny named Jack. I rescued him from the pound but i feel really bad now. See, my mother is a little bit allergic to rabbits. The bunny lives outside in a hutch at my grandmas house where he almost never gets played with. I need to convince my mom to let Jack stay in my room but I don't know how.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!

calliope 5 years ago

My bunny bites me every day!What do I do.

what 5 years ago

my bunny hates me when i pet it the thing broke a joint in my finger bla bla bla he hats me

Meggy 5 years ago

My bunny is about 1 years old. i got her last spring, so for the winter I put there in her cage in my basement. I went to feed her every day, but she would never come out of her cage, even when I left the door open. I brought her cage out side and on my porch a few days ago. but she doesn't come out of her cage unless I take her out, and when I try to take her out she runs away to the little 'den', and every time I pick her up, she scratches me a lot. she has given me some really bad cuts on my arms and hands. I'm not sure what to do.

please help.

Brittany 5 years ago


I got a rabbit a couple of days ago and its a male. I have a two story hutch, and hes never been down the ramp since, I find it very strange and also my bunny will run away from me, thump at me and all! ???

Meggy 5 years ago

I have a two story hutch for my bunny also, when I first got the hutch, she didn't really like it and she never came out, but when I just left the door open for a while, she hopped right out of the top of the hutch. so I would just give him some time and see what he does

Ally 5 years ago

Ihave a bunny named Oreo, he's very friend;y and he loves people, but latrly he has been running in his cage evry time I try to pick him up. I was just playing with him and he scrached me when I picked him up! and when I'm holding him he wants to get down really bad, should I be worried? I really love my bunny and I don't want anything bad to happen to him what should I do?

maggie 5 years ago

I've had my rabbit for about a year now, and she has never liked being picked up, but it seems to be getting a whole lot worse! she won't even come out of her cage, never mind anywhere near me! I try to take her out to my garden every day so she can eat some green stuff and hop around, but she seems more interested in digging then any thing else, I'm not really sure what to do, i don't want to be a bad pet owner, I just want her to be happy! My friends rabbit just had kits, and my niece wants one but she's only eleven so i'm not sure if that's a good idea either. HELP PLEASE!


Britney 5 years ago

My bunny, George, absolutely adores me. He loves rubbing his chin on things especially toes it's really cute.

Claire 5 years ago

Bunnies lik to b alone and I got my first bunny wen I was 11 and it was fine but u mite wanna wait cause sometimes wen ur holding a bunny and the bunny want to b put down he'll squirm and I dropped my bunny once:( so u mite wanna wait!!!!:D

Kelly 5 years ago

So I bought this bunny for my daughter five years ago.

She was 11 and the bunny is strickly her job (of course I paid for the supplies) and I was wondering how long do bunnies live because her bunny is still alive and I thought that they only lived for three to four years.

Should I get her another bunny?

I don't want to have to take care of him because I really don't have time. I thought so if she took care of one by herself she can take care of two right?

sam 5 years ago

i have to rabbits at first i thought they were both boys because that's what the pet store told me... well later on i noticed one of them was getting really fat very quickly and eating a lot.. we cheaked the rabbit and found it was a girl...and now i think she is pregnet she dosent want picked up and only petted once in a while shes always digging but she hasn't nested yet so i have no idea if shes pregnant or not! :(

Zelda&Becca 5 years ago

Zelda is my pet rabbit. I adopted her from a rabbit breeder in Wisconsin. She chose me actually, I didn't choose her. We bonded from day one, so I consider myself one of those "very lucky bunny owners". Since day one she has let me hold her, we've cuddled, and she licks me all the time. We're at that point now where I will come home from work and open the door to her cage and she hops out and stands on her two back feet staring up at me, waiting for me to pick her up. Zelda is actually sitting on my lap right now, staring at my computer screen while I type this. I often wonder, can bunnies see images on computers and televisions? I let her out into the living room area all the time (which is carpeted), and I bring out her litter box for her. Zelda always goes "potty" in the litterbox, no matter where I put it! She will jump around, do zig zag dashes, and do little twists in the air. It is very fun to watch! I love my bunny, and to everyone (not necessarily on this page, but everywhere) who says that bunnies do not make great pets need to get one and realize how much love and affection you can get from a little furry bundle of joy.

:) 5 years ago

Do you think rabbits are okay for a fourteen year old to keep as a pet..? o-o

Because I'm fourteen, and I've really been wanting to get a rabbit.

It's not like I run around screaming...

I just noticed you said rabbit aren't good for 11 year olds and I was 11 only a couple years ago. Lol.

jenn 5 years ago

I have a dwarf bunny, and everytime i let him out of his cage he'll play and play as if he's happy. but if i go anywhere near him, he runs away. sometimes i make him sit with me, just so i can pet him, and he'll get use to me. but then he scratches trying to get a way. I'm trying to let him have his space so that he won't end up completely hating me and turn evil on me. lol but everytime i try to catch him to put him in the cage, he freaks and it takes me days to get him in the cage. i have to wait til he wanders upstairs and on my bed til i can get him. i've tried putting him in a playpen, with a blanket over the top, but if he's in their for a while, he ends up taking the blanket down. and if i put him in the small rabbit playpens he jumps right out. i want to be able to bond with him, but it's taking forever for him to get use to me. i had my other rabbit, a giant. she was okay with me holding her if i was sitting down, and she ran all over the house, and i had no trouble getting her back in the cage. i just want some help. thankyou!

ClaLouBakX 5 years ago

I have a male Netherland Dewarf and I have had him for nearly 3 years now. He doesn't seem to like me, he's always grumpy and usually quivering/shaking. I don't know what's wrong and I get him out and spend time with him a lot. Any ideas on excersizes or stuff that'll help? Do you know why he's acting like this?

Lovesmyskipper 5 years ago

I got a bunny from my boyfriend on my birthday. She is three months old. she used to never bite but latley shes growlin and bitin me. i have no idea what to do. Any ideas?

please answer 5 years ago

question. I do what you say to make it happy. After i do them, it comes licks my hand for a while and bites! What does this mean?

Casey 5 years ago

jenn 2 weeks ago

I have a dwarf bunny, and everytime i let him out of his cage he'll play and play as if he's happy. but if i go anywhere near him, he runs away. sometimes i make him sit with me, just so i can pet him, and he'll get use to me. but then he scratches trying to get a way. I'm trying to let him have his space so that he won't end up completely hating me and turn evil on me. lol but everytime i try to catch him to put him in the cage, he freaks and it takes me days to get him in the cage. i have to wait til he wanders upstairs and on my bed til i can get him. i've tried putting him in a playpen, with a blanket over the top, but if he's in their for a while, he ends up taking the blanket down. and if i put him in the small rabbit playpens he jumps right out. i want to be able to bond with him, but it's taking forever for him to get use to me. i had my other rabbit, a giant. she was okay with me holding her if i was sitting down, and she ran all over the house, and i had no trouble getting her back in the cage. i just want some help. thankyou!

I had the same problem with my rabbit too! but then I put her in my room and laid on the floor every day for abuot a week and just let her sniff me. after a while she would get used to this and would start to hop all over me. this is a really good way to let your bunny get used to you, even though you may have to lay on the floor and not move for at least a few minutes. you bunny will love you after this I'm sure :)

Marcus 5 years ago

My step mom dosent like animals but I have a bunny that is about a year old. I can't let her out much, is that why she hates everything. What should i do from now on?

abbyxo 5 years ago

I have read a few comments and some say that rabbits are not suitable for young children. My sister was eight when she got her bunny Squiggles in April. She was amazing with him, she was calm when she went to see him because she was worried she would scare him and everyday after school she would race in to go and clean his hutch out and play with him. Squiggles is her first rabbit but she's read dozens of books on rabbits and really seems commited. Squiggles got his hutch cleaned out everyday up until october (his hutch was moved into the shed so that he wasn't cold) and the garden was all boarded up so that he couldn't escape and Ellie spent all her savings on his jags and his toys and treats ect. He really is spoiled and we all love him so much. But i thought that he would be a very loving bunny, but if you open his hutch he tries to leap out, and sometimes pretends to be using his litter tray so that when you look away he can dive out his huch. He just wants to play, and when no ones in the garden with him, he'll hop up the stairs and sit at the patio doors and look inside or claw at the doors on hit his nose against the glass until someone notices him so that we will go out and play with him. One day, when my sister was at her friends house for the day, i cleaned out Squggles hutch ect, and played with him for hours just running about the garden and when i went inside for lunch, he sat at the door like usual and waited for me. Then when i went outside i sat down and he jumped on top of me and ran around like crazy like i was the best thing that ever happened to him. He's such a poser and we all have thousands of photos of him. But one of the worrying things is that Squggles eats anything and everything, from his food, to the the laces on our shoes, from our door, to my grans cigeretes lying in an ashtray, from his hutch, to his shed and many more things. When we pick up our shoes, there's always little teeth marks from where Squiggles has had his little cheeky snack. He's NEVER full and eats everything in his food bull, tips all his treats out and eats them, then chews all his toys then munches on our furnature. But we all still love him loads, even if he has eat half our fence. At least he keeps the weeds down. He also digs in the plant pots, where he is strictly forbiden, and leaves little dirt piles behind. When he's hot, he lies underneath the outdoor tap or just sprawls out in the shade. xooxoox

Alexis 5 years ago

MY bunny i got like 5 months ago and he don't like me picking him up and i have to and he hurts me from scratching me and i am 11

Meggy 5 years ago

hey, the same thing happened with my rabbit, the only thing you can do to get him to trust you is to put him say in your room and then lay down on the floor and just let him sniff you and hop on you. this way he gets to know, and if you do a few times he should let you pick him up.

pancackes 5 years ago

Greetings, my dwarf bunny is a good bunny until its time to clean his cage! he freaks out starts making angry noises, biting, scratching and all sorts. i never lock him inside the cage he's got access to my room 24/7, he only goes in the cage to eat, drink and do his business. so over all he's a happy fella. why does he attack me when i clean =/

CharlieBunny profile image

CharlieBunny 5 years ago

For those of you who are saying your bunny has become aggressive: Consider spaying or neutering it. Not only is it much healthier for your bunny and can prevent cancer, but it will also calm those raging hormones down!!

Hollybunny 5 years ago

I got my rabbit Holly 2 weeks ago, she was initially called Nigel but when we sexed her, he was a she. She really is amazing, but when i let her out of her cage she thumps her legs but then runs around and binkies,i thought thumping their legs was a sign of annoyance? But she seems so happy less than a second later. She just loves attention and adores being scratched behind her ears and having cuddles and licks me like crazy! Although the early morning wake up calls are a little annoying! but she's worth it, i think the key to bonding well with a rabbit is to understand his/hers boundaries and not to push them. I agree with what some people are saying about rabbits not being good pets for children, my auntie bought a rabbit as a pet for her kids, and they were both completely different with her, one was very calm and sensitive towards her but his sister was loud and screamed when the rabbit moved, in the end they had to rehome her because the rabbit was getting very stressed, also my aunt didn't have the time to care for the rabbit as well as if she hadn't of had the children, so i guess it depends on the child/household :)

Melz 5 years ago

How do i get my rabbits trust fast? And what do they LOVE to eat as a treat, Right now, im giving my rabbit Sunflower seeds. My rabbit wont it bannana ;o; WHY? I didn't give him some food for 1 min and i showed him some bannana but it WILL NOT EAT IT ! -(Sorry if im off topic)

answerer 5 years ago

To Please Help,

The licking means your bunny loves you, the nipping is just your bunny saying he/she can't get enough of you!

Hope this helps!

kelly 5 years ago

I brought my female mini lop rabbit at 11 weeks old and decided to keep her as an in door rabbit. At first she was very shy and distant, she didn't like being handled or touched but in time she became very friendly even jumping up on to the sofa to lay with me. She loves my 6yer old daughter and has started to lick her face, i have read this is a sign that the rabbit is very happy. She is 25 weeks old now and overall and a loved member of our family and im so glad we keeped her as an indoor pet.

Carissa 5 years ago

My rabbit is amazing. He and my cat are my brothers children and best friends. sadly they are both quite old (cat is 16 and a half pedigree and rabbit is nearly 8) and have age related illnesses. not life threatening yet but you know like humans general decline slowly but still both living happy lives.

My rabbit is an intact buck male with a very strong dominant personality. The friendliest but bossiest in the world. He is the perfect combo of loving yet in charge. I think because he is intact he knows mum and i especially me are females. He demands grooming a lot, head butts us, climbs on us and puts his hands on top of our heads to push them lower then him if we leen over. but he loves to be cuddled sang to, gromed, kissed etc. he has never bitten but does not like his mouth looked in. he will smash objects around him like bowls if we displease him. he loves to chase the cats tail. unfortunately in spring he pees a lot us but he thinks its a good thinks. he runs and spins around us a lot and does bunny leaps. I worry that he feels he has to be in charge and protect us because he never sleeps. bunnies are meant to lie down and sleep. I never knew this. i saw another womans rabbit do this and i freaked out thinking it to be dead. Takhisis never fully sleeps he is always watching his territory. he dozes with eyes half open but sat up on his all fours resting on his dulap. when hes mega tired from playing or too hot or has a belly ache or sick he will lay down but never lays his head down to the side ever and i have never seen his eyes shut! in nearly 8 years and we spend all day with him! he can also survive without food for many days which apparantly is meant to kill a rabbit straight away. He has teeth problems which mean regular operations now. he gave the vet a scare. she though if he hadn't eaten in 3 days he would be weak but he attacted her because she tried to look in his mouth. mum had to cuddle and sing to him so he calmed. i love takhisis hes our protector. he sure does like to chase cats. It did take us a while to get him friendly as a baby. depending on what relationship you want. I suggest mimic behaviour of a submissive subordinate rabbit. with dogs you have to be leader of the pack to make them comfy but i think its ok to let a rabbit own you and your house. he is still toilet trained and a well behaved happy boy. when he was a baby i would lie in his pen (he has massive pen a human can stand and walk around in and hutch within that and two indoors pens. I would lay on my back still and he would get curious and come over to me and eventually climb or me. it does take time to be able to stroke and cuddle them bacl. offer food and maybe act a little nervous of them yourself so they feel powerful. of course if you keep them intact and spend time with them once they hit sexual maturity fear of you will not be a problem. some people have biters though if you let them be too dominant. we never had that with takhisis. he likes to bite objects to people. he can take the tiniest grain of food from between your fingers without hurting u. a true gentleman. i say if they bite whimper like you are sad. i kno I'm bragging but i thought he was going to die recently but he survived his op so I'm so happy

Kiera-lee-lee 5 years ago

I just got a dwarf bunny and omg he is sooooo cute!! He already let's me pick him up!! :D

Brianna 5 years ago

I love this bunny advise!!!:D

miyyo 5 years ago

I just adopted a bunny and my bunny seems like he didn't like me. I reached out my hand and he turned his head away. He won't even get out of the cage. I just left the cage door opened but he wont even come out.Can you help me ?

Tesso 5 years ago

I got my bunny at thee months and she i put her in my room next to my bed but then I moved her out of the little cage in my room and I put her down in the basment with some blankets her cage and some toys. I put a two and a half foot pen and put in on the other died of the basement room so she couldn't get to the wires. That worked out very well until she was six months. She actually jumped two and a half feet and got out of the pen. So then we got her a pen that is five feet and is taller than me.PS I'm eleven. Btw bunnys are Awsome for calm mature patient children,any way now she is still in the basement she binkeys frequently she Lies down in to a bunny flop she let's us pet her when ever she got spayed at six months we r also getting her a brother in a week

kyra 4 years ago

i got a bunny in december every time i go to pick her up she runs away but when i do pick her up she scratches me. i don't know what to do to get her to get used to me she has another bunny that's in her cage and its actually is her sister. she even has bitten me one time. do you have any advice on what i can do?

samantha 4 years ago

evey body shut up

laura 4 years ago

hi a few things here firstly a rabbit squeeks and bangs because its warning you, could be there is a noise/other animal smell it doesn't like rabbits can be aggressive but can also make lovely pets given time. remember rabbits are in essence just like any other animal and although they don't attack because they smell fear the natural smells you give off can have an effect on them,as said before in the post rabbits love anywhere on there head touched and if you can get to that point the battle is half won, i would advise for those of you with scratchign biting bunnies gget a padded jacket and maybe some strong gardening gloves because contact with your rabbit in whatever form is essential, get a brush rabbits love to be groomed - let them nore on ur glove while you brush them with teh other hadn and before long you will find the biting turns to licking, also you could try putting a tiny bit of mild hand lotion on the brush and then use the same lotion on yourself this sometimes fools the animal into believing you are familiar to them

Luna and Pixie 4 years ago

I am 11 and my bunnys hate the guts out of me, they were 8 weeks when I got them and I hav tried everything to mak them like me but it dosent work, what do I do?

Sarah 3 4 years ago

Hey my bunny is very curios and loves to explore, but she is jumping out of my arms when I carry har. I'm afraid she is going to hurt herself. IS it because she doesn't like me? She also hate being in a small space with me because she has to place to go. I love her. But her behavior is getting out of hand and it’s getting frustrating.

Anything I can do?

Is it just my rabbit?


Molly and Paul the Bunny 4 years ago

I just saved a bunny from being butchered for food, he is very adorable and I named him Paul. I was inspired to save him because one of my former teachers had a bunny that would hop right up to you and sit on it's two back feet and just beg to be pet and loved. So far, Paul has been nothing like this and it's becoming very hard on me, I'm not exactly sure what I am doing wrong, he won't even come near me. He has only let me hold him once for a short period of time and then scratched me and ran under my bed. I have been up since 1:00 AM since this and it is now 5:18 AM and I just now got him to run back into his home. :( PLEASE HELP.

sinead kennedy 4 years ago

my rabbit is older and is starting to let me pick it up but it is still not very co-operative so i don't know what to do really :-(

Tjc 4 years ago

My bunnie won't listen. If I pet it it's frightened. What can I do.

jeff 4 years ago

A rabbits Brain is to small. That's why they make bad pets. Get a cat or a dog.

choclate 4 years ago

My bunny jumps out my hand when i hold him what do i do ... what does it mean ??

Louise28 4 years ago

because of the nice weather and she has turned super aggressive she bitme she always launches for me and just hides in the corner grunting i don't know what to do.i.just want her to be happy again any comments would be appreciated :-)

claire 4 years ago

i do eveything i can to help my bunny but she is always scratching me and at a dramatic state when i am holding her. i now need to use a net to catch her but she doent mind the net. and louise28 if your bunny is doing that she might be hot my mom says bunnies get hot really easliy.

Rich 4 years ago

My roomate got a holland lop had him a week and hes so friendly lets us pet him licks us binkies all the time guess we got luck :)

Bunnies 4 years ago

Hi there, I recently got a 4-5 months old angora rabbit, and he's really sweet :) he is very curious and always sniff at me and my family ^.^ I placed toys and pellets, and unlimited hay which I replenish every night. The only problem I have with him is that he keeps moving his litter box around D: should I get him sprayed? My parents are reluctant but I'm sure I'll get them to agree.. And is there any important things I have to know? I've done lots of research and know almost everything said around here~

Stormy's Mom 4 years ago

I have done quite a bit of reading about bunnies in the last couple of months but I haven't seen much on having multiple sibling rabbits. I went to the pet store and a bunny (that I later named Stormy) picked me and started our bond. I took him home and fell in love. My boyfriend came up with the bright idea that Stormy needed companionship so we went back to the pet store and Stormy's 2 sisters were still there. Needless to say, I went from never having a bunny before to being the mommy of 3 buns overnight. Stormy immediately began his domination of the other 2. The humping still hasn't stopped and I will be getting him fixed soon so he doesn't accidentally impregnate the girls. My issue is now one of the girls has started to become aggressive at times. She has started trying to hump both the male and the other female and she is my only bun that growls. She seems very unhappy lately and I'm wondering if she is just fed up with her over-zealous brother. Any advice on having multiple buns would be great. I actually feel blessed after reading this thread. My bunnies don't bite me or particularly hate me but they each have their own unique personalities. Being a bunny momma means time, patience and lots of love but I wouldn't trade it.

Bunny lover 4 years ago

Do you think a NINE year old should get a pet bunny?

Stormy's Mom 4 years ago

@Bunny lover - I don't think a 9 year old should get a pet bunny if you are expecting the child to take care of it by him/her self. I have a 9 year old and I got rabbits as a pet for the family. My 9 year old isn't capable of properly caring for our rabbits on his own. They require a lot of care and patience. My 3 bunnies take up quite a but of my time each day, not to mention they need enrichment time out of their cage for at least an hour a day. (I prefer to give my bunnies a lot more time out than that) Also, most children get bored of pets fairly quickly and bunnies will be miserable if they get ignored and left in a cage when someone gets bored with them. If you have a child that really loves animals and is mature for their age, then you might consider getting them a bunny but don't be surprised if you end up taking care of the bunny yourself.

Bridgette 4 years ago

I don't know what to do....my rabbit loves me but hates me! He/she keeps biting me on my chest and it hurts.....when i let her out to play she won't really let me pet her unless she thinks I'm giving her food.......and that's another thing she eats everything so that means she bites everything and I don't get her because I feed her 3 times aday vegetables,pellets, and then a little bit more pellets at night. Please help?,

heyx 4 years ago

I adopted a rabbit AGES ago (bout 7 months) and I don't know whether he likes me or not... He doesn't mind me stroking him as long as he doesn't think I'm going to pick him up, then he goes all moody. He doesn't bite or scratch but glares at me when he's moody and goes near to the back of his cage. Sometimes he won't start eating til I'm gone :-(

chrissy 3 years ago

how to clean my rabbit coco cage if she don't like me wont even let me pick her i just got her

john 3 years ago

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Now a Rabbit Hater 3 years ago

Rabbits are very ungrateful creatures. Every attempt I have made to warm up and comfort/love my bunny has been a waste of time. It will not stop attacking me. It bit through my finger nail deep into my skin and took a chunk out of my finger when I attempted to feed it treats. It came out of nowhere and shocked me. It'll be the last time. Rabbits really are terrible pets. Messy, smelly, expensive, time consuming and not too loving. That kind of wild creature should be left in the wild.

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