Why Dogs are Better Than Children

If you are a dog lover, you probably don't have a problem with the title of this hub.  If not, you're probably ready to start arguing with me.  Honestly, I would have reacted the same way years ago, but that was before I had dogs to fall in love with.  I'm not one to spend tons of money on clothes and toys for the dogs or even on intense medical care during their short little lives, but my attitude has changed now that I have beagles in my life.

Dogs vs. Children

  • In most cases, you get to choose a dog with the temperament, size, look, etc. that you want.  Children, on the other hand, are a genetic mix based one the biological parents.  You can choose a mellow dog, but whether you end up with a mellow child or a hyper one isn't up to you.
  • Dogs can be trained.  Children can only be taught.  What's the difference?  When I train my dog on the basic commands and the rules of the house, he obeys them.  Even when he occasionally slips up, a gentle reminder puts him back on track.  I can teach my children all the rules and the proper ways to do things, but their obedience and compliance is partly determined by who they are on the inside.  Try to fix errant behaviors and you have a fight on your hands.  You can try to argue with me on this, but there are many wonderful parents who raise their children well and most of them turn out great, but there's the one child who is defiant no matter what.
  • Dogs don't dwell on the past.  I learned this one from watching "The Dog Whisperer" on TV.   Dogs rescued from a shelter don't keep thinking of the tough life they had before they came home with you.  The live in the moment.  If you have a child, especially a teenager, you know very well that they never forget past hurts or injustices.  The tough thing is that they remember it in their own way.  My cousin had a severe case of ADHD and as a baby/toddler, his parents had to add a top to his crib to keep him from climbing out and getting hurt.  His memory of it is that they put him in a cage....
  • Dogs (and many other animals) are very therapeutic.  It's so nice to be able to tell your problems to your dog and not have them judge you, argue, or talk back.  They are great listening ears.  Children have plenty of problems of their own and shouldn't be burdened with their parents' problems.  Not much in the way of soothing feelings there.
  • Dogs are happy to see you.  When I walk into the house, my dogs are happy to see me EVERY single time.  Even if I just walk out of the room and then back in, they are so excited.  Young children can be happy to see you, but some freak out when you leave and get all worked up when you come back.  By middle school and high school, your kids are rarely happy to see you.  Mind groan when I walk in the door because they know they have chores to do and rules to obey and now I'm there to enforce them.  They hate it when I show up at their school.  They're either embarrassed to have me around or scared that I will argue with a teacher or find out they're failing a class.  When I want to see a friendly face, I hang out with my dogs.
  • Unconditional love.  Yes, my children love me (at least I hope they do).  It's just that dogs are so much better about showing it.  There is something wonderful about petting them, cuddling up to them, looking in their eyes, etc.  Smaller dogs can sit in your lap while bigger dogs can at least put their head on your lap.  Dogs don't give you attitude because you won't let them go play at a friend's house.  Children give this unconditional love as babies, but it later becomes a roller coaster of emotion as they grow up.  I have yet to have my dogs say "I hate you" even though I have heard it many times from my children.


Okay, so I probably haven't changed your opinion on the subject, but I hope you at least looked at things in a new way.  Dogs and children can't replace each other in our lives, but there are those days when it's nice to have a cute face looking at you that doesn't argue with you, yell, cry, or pout.  And that's why I think dogs are better than children....

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loriamoore 6 years ago

Cats are better than children, too!

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Actually, I think they are similar....well, kids are a little more stressful...

karent profile image

karent 6 years ago Author

I'm not really a cat person.....

And yes, children are more stressful. Dogs are a de-stressor.

Sib 6 years ago

I think I need to get a dog now.

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