5 Reasons Why Ducks Make Great Pets

A Pekin Duck.
A Pekin Duck.

Imagine walking down a suburban street - hard to imagine right? - you see many people walking their dogs and you may look into a house and see a cat looking out the window. Dogs and cats. Cats and dogs. That's pretty much all you ever see. Why? Because that's the norm. And while dogs and cats are great - I myself own a dog - there is another animal which is highly underrated as a pet.  The Duck.  What follows is an explanation of why ducks actually do make great pets, and debunking the myths about ducks posed by others.

A carton of duck eggs.
A carton of duck eggs.

1) Noise?

Within the first few weeks of owning a pet duck, you may have issues with noise. But this will not be unlike that from a puppy. Any young animal in a cage at night will whine, bark, quack etc. But once it has matured a little more, it will become more dependent - just like a dog.

2) Mess?

What most people do - as do I - with ducks is create a pen for them outside with a small, safe, and locked section for nighttime use. The floor of this pen can be covered with grass, wood chips, mud, gravel, or straw. So while ducks do poop - crazy right? - it is much more manageable than the waste of dogs or cats. Simply change the straw, wash the gravel, etc. every so often.

3) The Law?

Are ducks legal to own as a pet? Yes and no. It really depends on your location. Where I live, they are considered "barn yard animals" and because of which, are illegal to own. However, as in my case, neighbors go out of their way to pass by the house and watch the duck, so they care for it just as much as I do and would never report it. So if you do reside in an area where ducks are prohibited to be kept as pets, you must decide which way you want to go. Chances are that if you do decide to keep a duck as a pet, you won't have any problems from anyone.

4) Personality?

The image of a loyal dog running to greet you upon your return from work is one which has been engraved into all of our heads. This truly is a great quality of the Dog, but also of the Duck. No one can believe their eyes when they see our car pull up and the ducks run out to greet us. They may be slow - waddling across the yard - but they are thrilled none the less to see you.

5) Eggs?

Ducks, like chickens, lay eggs. This is no little known fact. What is, however, is the versatility of the duck egg. Without a male duck around, females will continues to lay normally and the eggs will be unfertilized - edible. These eggs have a higher fat content than chicken eggs, but are wonderfully tasty and almost double the size of your standard chicken egg. Duck eggs can be used in any dish that calls for chicken eggs including home-made noodles - our personal favorite.

A dog and two ducklings.
A dog and two ducklings.

So while seeing a duck sitting beside someone in a residential yard may seem a bit strange at first, they have something you haven't got, a reliable, clean, personable, quite, well-behaved friend. One that will certainly make the dog jealous.


unkwon 6 years ago

i really would like to have a duck but its illeagal

Mavis Crampon 4 years ago

Ducks are marvellous. I thoroughly recommend having them as pets. They are very good at helping you unwind when you have spent a long day hunched over a computer.

Anon 4 years ago

Eh my ducks aren't that nice. I've tried to hand raise them but they perfer to be left alone. They also don't come to me, in fact they run away when they see me. And I certainly wouldn't classify them as a pet because they're nohing like a dog or cat (who do like affection). I'm not really sure what purpose they serve as a pet but I guess it's nice to have a bit of wildlife in the backyard? They're basically just nice to look at.

Don 4 years ago

I live on a river and also have a pond. We have five pekings and about 10 to 15 Mallards at times all raised here. Both eat out of my hand and are verry happy to see me every day. They make great pets !!!!

profile image

sharyn1d1 4 years ago

I have a Muscovy Duck who could not be any sweeter! She lives in the house with us and also wears a harness w/ diapers. She was a rescue off of the side road when she fit in the palm of my hand. She is very quiet and loving for a duck. She sleeps with my 2 chihuahua. She just started laying eggs 2 weeks ago. She is about 10 month old and I wouldn't trade her for the world! They are definitely wonderful pets!

Tess45 profile image

Tess45 4 years ago from South Carolina

Where does one procure duck diapers and harnesses?

jacob 3 years ago

i love ducks but i cant get any right now.

HeidI 3 years ago

I currently have a 1month old cayuga duckling named boris. He is a doll.very sweet and loves to follow me around and sleep with me. If you go online there are people that make diaper harnesses.i ordered mine from a lady on etsy,party fowl i believe is her shops name. ducks a great pets,but they are MESSY! Constantly pooping and mucking up their water supply lol. I highly recommend a pet duck If you have the patience and the ability of cleaning cages,diapers,and dishes2to 3 times daily

Tess45 profile image

Tess45 3 years ago from South Carolina

I just recently adopted and imprint male, Rupert Hunnycutt. He sleeps with me. He has separation anxiety because his orginal human mom ran off and left him and he ended up at a Waterfowl rescue and now he's with me. He's a challenge but worht it.

Duck eater 2 years ago

Do any of you eat them

Tess45 profile image

Tess45 2 years ago from South Carolina

God No! Mine are feathered children!!!

maria 2 years ago

I have my little ducklin name is squeaks for now he's a couple wks old I'm keepin it inside cause not sure if its legal and I looked online for my area and doesn't say but just in case. How do u get the diaper on I tried for hrs and got close but he moves to much..callin it a he cause dnt no forsure and he sleep with me do I have to worry about simomella as I'm hearin or my cats gettin it cause sqeaks does jump in there water bowl..lol anyone pls answer me pls.

Tess45 profile image

Tess45 2 years ago from South Carolina

You won't get salmonella. You just have to keep practicing with the diaper. Rupert doesn't wear one. The cats can hurt him, especially since he's a baby. You need to keep them away form him. Cats have A LOT of bacteria in their claws and teeth and even a scratch could cause an infection that can kill your squeaks. Please learn as much as you can on the internet about ducks. I am assuming he's a Pekin. Also, if you decide you no longer want him or can care for him do NOT "set him free" in a park or at a pond. He won't survive. FIND a RESCUE and take him there. Make sure he stays warm enough and gently and carefully blow dry him after he gets wet. He doesn't have feathers or oils to protect him yet.

maria 2 years ago

Figured the diaper thing out..and turned out he's a she. I have a mallard hybrid a rouen hen. I plan on keeping her. I do watch the cats around her. I'm actually more worried about the cats..lol there scared of squeaks..she attacks the cats but thanks for the info.

unknown 2 years ago

I love ducks and I show my ducks in the fairs I have a huge duck coop outside for them and very safe so nothing can hurt them I have 7 ducks I have 1 Indian runner duck I have 2 Cayuga ducks 1 chocolate runner and 3 blue Swedish ducks u can hold all 7 they are all calm I love ducks and I enjoy them and in the future I want more

Amykins 2 years ago

I have an indoor call duck named Wobbles, and she is the joy of my life. They really are quite affectionate! Although I gotta disagree with you, they certainly are NOT clean animals! Especially outdoors. They love mud, and they love to get dirty even more!

lrdl3535 profile image

lrdl3535 9 months ago from California

I have several Muscovy ducks and like them very well. They are very quiet and don't cause any trouble. I just purchased some Call duck eggs to incubate, but I'm not sure how long. Some say they should only be incubated 28 days. Do you have any suggestions on incubation length?

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