Why Is There A Need for Dog Crate Beds?

Dog crate beds are a necessity for the comfort and safety of your dog. Many owners of dogs crate their animals in lieu of having the animals sleep with them at night or letting the dog roam free during the day. Some dogs are naughty and get in the garbage or they will tear up carpeting and furniture. The crate keeps them same, comfortable, and out of trouble from their people. Some people use dog crates to travel with their animals. Airlines will not let your dog aboard a plane unless it is crated and a long flight in the cold cargo hold is uncomfortable.

Why Dog Beds For Crates

Most dog crates do not come with bedding in them. Some owners throw towels or blankets in the crates to make bedding, there is a better way. Dog crate beds are designed to not only protect your dog from the cold, hard surfaces of the crate, but they are made to give your dog comfort on long stays within the crate and make a cleaner environment for both them and the owner. Without proper bedding you animal could be cold and may even acquire skin irritation that could lead to skin problems and large vet bills.

The Dog Bed as an Investment

Dog crate beds are moderately cheap, but the cost of a good bed is an excellent investment in your dog’s happiness and safety. They come in many shapes and sizes and the size of the crate itself dictates which one is right for your animal. Most come in washable material that makes the cleanup of accidents easier. Just spray some cleaner on the spot and rub clean. It is that easy. There are some materials that are machine washable and the mattress will come out clean and smell better than it went in.


The nice thing about dog crate beds is that they are made of fabric and you can use a plethora of deodorizing products on them. After awhile most beds become saturated with the smell of body odor, urine, or rotten food. You can spritz up that smell by using a fabric spray or just common air fresheners. You can even use a scented oil or detergent in the wash to give the bed a distinct smell. Some dog crate beds are stuffed with cedar chips. The chips can be replaced as they become soiled and fresh bedding always smells like the wood it is made from.

It Just Makes Sense

Dog crate bedding just makes good sense when you think about it. You want your dog to be comfortable and you wouldn’t want the animal that you love suffering as they sleep or when they travel. Some dogs even become so attached to their bedding it becomes a security blanket the sooths them when you are away or asleep. By taking the bedding with you on trips, your dog will have a piece of home that smells like they are still there. They will sleep better and be more secure in their dog crate bed especially when it they get used to it and it become theirs.

Types of Dog Kennels

Dog owners who have to kennel their dogs sometimes look for ideas for dog kennels that can enhance the look of the kennel and at the same time make it more comfortable for the dog. Asthetic improvements can be made and at the same time your dog can have a more user friendly living areas. Ideas of improving a dog kennel include; waste removal systems, cooling and heating units, more secure fencing, and a sand box for digging and playing

Waste Removal

One of the major issues with dog kennels is waste removal. Most kennels or runs do not have a waste removal system and a dog will sometimes have to live with the waste until the owner cleans it. If the run or kennel has a cement floor, a removal system can be easily installed. Use premade rain gutters and bury them on each side of the kennel where the top of the gutter is even with the cement. Angle the gutters so that the waste will run to a central collection point. This could be a buried fifty gallon drum or a septic tank. Just hose the waste into the gutters and your dog will have a cleaner environmen

Cooling and Heating Systems

Cooling and heating systems for dog kennels are rare in pet stores or big lot stores. In lieu of searching for a specific kennel cooler or heater, buy a unit that is made for a camper or designed to heat or cool a small space. A small camper cooler or heater can be placed on top of the dog house in the kennel or you can encase the kennel in thick plastic to keep the revamped air inside. If the kennel is close to the house, construct a small ducting that is fan driven to your dog’s kennel providing warm or cool air as the season dictates. Do not put a portable unit in the kennel where your dog can accidently bite a cord or cause injury through curiosity


Some dogs are escape artists. No matter what is done, some dogs just find a way to get out of their kennel. One way a dog can be kept in a kennel is to provide more security. This can be done in two days. First, a web cam can be installed into the kennel. This is can be done cheaply and with no experience. Simply buy a remote web cam and have a monitor to observe your dog. You can see where and when they are trying to get out. After the location of the escape is found, reinforcement bindings can secure the fence or baseboards can be installed to keep the dog from crawling under loose boards or wire fencing.

Add A Sand Box

To add fun to the dog kennel, a sand box could be added. This will give the dog fun and a new activity. The dog can dig in the sandbox, roll around, and just have a better quality of life. A sand box can be bought specifically, but if you are looking for a discount, just buy a child’s plastic swimming pool and fill it up with sand. Keep an eye on your dog the first couple of days after giving them the sand box. Make sure the dog does not use it as a place to defecate. This can cause diseases and unwanted parasites in the sand that can be brought into your house. Change the sand regularly to ensure cleanliness.


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