Why and How To Change Your Dog's Chewing Behavior

If you have ever had a puppy, you know that chewing has to be the number one problem you face (besides potty training). How many times have your favorite shoes or even a piece of furniture been chewed beyond repair. I often have tried to figure out how to stop chewing, but the root of the problem is why dogs like to chew. Chewing is a natural instinct in canines and in the while they grab, bite, shake, and then chew what they are hunting. It is natural and I guess you can consider unnatural to go against this instinct.


When dogs are puppies the teething process causes some irritation in their gums. Chewing helps relieve the pain and help the teething symptoms which are loss of appetite, a refusal to eat, and the ever pleasant constant drooling. But to get to the nitty-gritty, chewing is just fun for your dog no matter what their age is. My Labrador chewed because we were away from home. That is how he dealt with his separation anxiety. His favorite thing to chew was whole rolls of paper towels. That’s fun to clean up.


So if you want don’t want to stop the natural and fun activity of chewing, you can still let your dog chew, but direct what they are to chew. I started giving my Labrador a big, rawhide chewy just before we left the house and the behavior changed. Until this day, if I forget to give him a chewy, he will some way find a roll of paper towels and destroy it. If you can get your dog to chew on a certain chew toy, then it will save you a ton in rawhide chewy costs. Remember that the chewy or chewy toy you get for your dog has to be size appropriate. You don’t want a chewy that is too small and will choke your best friend.


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