Why do dogs not like bathing?

Dogs are well cared for pets. Because these animals are considered as family members, they are allowed to stay inside the house and even sleep in our beds; we make sure that measures are taken to keep them clean. Dogs are regularly groomed. Some owners, not minding the expense, would have the dog professionally groomed. These pets though have some very disconcerting behaviors. You will certainly be annoyed if after you have spent hours grooming the dog, it would only take a few minutes for the dog to roll in mud and destroy your handiwork. Dogs have the propensity to wallow in muddy puddles and to swim in smelly stagnant water. It is really quite perplexing why these animals shy away from being bathed.

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Why dogs need to be bathed

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need frequent bathing so as not to remove the natural oils that weatherproof the coat. A dog can get away with dry shampoo or with rubbing the coat with damp cloth. Nevertheless, there are instances when a bath would be extremely necessary. Our furry friends are very active. Aside from the natural doggie smell, they also have the inclination to dig and roll in things with abhorrent smells.

Why dog shy away from being bathed

Dogs don’t like to be bathed not because they are afraid of water. Some breeds took to water like ducks. Dogs though are very active animals. They are always on the go.  Being bathed means staying still for a while. The dog may also feel uncomfortable when certain parts of its body are doused with water. For instance, a dog would not want soap and water on its face. Dogs don’t want to be surprised by cold water.

Teaching the dog to love being bathed

Dogs are affectionate creatures. They love to be cuddled and petted.  Bathing the pet is another opportunity to bond with the pet. The most suitable time to teach the dog to love being bathed is when it is still a puppy. Introduce the bathtub or to the spray nuzzle in such a way that it will not be a negative experience for the dog. A favorite toy in the tub will lure the dog and also take its attention from what it thinks as an unpleasant task.

Bathing the dog

Dogs form a strong attachment with the master. A soothing voice will calm the dog. You know that the pet feels uncomfortable being washed in certain areas so you need to be extra careful to prevent the dog from reacting strongly.

How to Bathe Your Dog

How-to Wash Your Dog

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