Why do dogs shed?

Don’t believe a breeder when he tells you that the dog is a non-shedder. All dogs shed, some more than others do but all breeds of dogs renew their coats. Unless the dog is an American Hairless Terrier or a Peruvian Inca Dog, you will have to deal with the shedding of the dog. Shedding is one of the reasons why owners would think twice in choosing a dog. The shedding process of some dogs can really be a problem. Heavy shedding breeds would “decorate” all parts of the house and the furniture with the dog hair. Imagine how tedious it would be if you have a white carpet and a heavy shedding black coated dog.

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What is shedding?

Shedding is a natural process in dogs that allows the emergence of new hair. Shedding actually enhances the appearance of the dog.  The dog may be regularly groomed but old hair would still have “dirty” look. Shedding is basically chucking off old hair so that the dog would have a spanking new coat.

Types of dog shedding

A dog breed may be a seasonal shedder or an all year shedder. Seasonal shedders are breeds that shed the summer coat in fall to grow a longer and thicker coat that will insulate the dog from cold during the winter months. In spring the winter coat falls off to be replaced with shorter and less dense hair that will give the dog a coat more suitable for the hot summer weather. Other breeds shed all year round. Commonly these breeds are light shedders. Some dogs may seem not to shed at all. Because of the slow rate of shedding, hair fall is less. Dogs with this type of shedding would need frequent grooming as the old hair gets tangled with live hair and forms matts. 

Other causes of shedding

Shedding, apart from being a natural process can be due to other reasons as well. Stress, skin infections, mange, worm infestation may trigger excessive shedding. Shedding can also be due to a medical concern like cancer. It can also be due to poor nutrition.

Dealing with the dog’s shedding

No one would want to be burdened by continuous vacuuming and with the endless grooming necessary when the dog is shedding. However, this is one of the consequences of having a dog. The decision to get a dog means that you are ready to take on the responsibility in the same manner that you are welcoming the companionship the dog will offer. Dogs need to be groomed. Grooming must be done more frequently when the dog is shedding to lessen the amount of hair fall in your home.

Cures for Dog Shedding

Dog Shedding Remedies

How To Control Your Dog's Excessive Shedding

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