Answers - Why do your fish die every time you clean out the tank or pond?

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Whilst Fish tanks can be very decorative and beautiful, people often under estimate the maintenance involved with keeping a fish tank clean! - and lots more people buy a fish aquarium, not realising what is involved altogether. Fish care is very important or you will find that your fish do not live long at all.

One of the most common reasons for fish dieing is when it comes to cleaning the fish tank or the pond. Most people usually do not understand why it is that their fish have died during this process and assume that the shock of being removed from their habitat into a bucket or a bowl is the sole reason for the fish dieing. Whilst this can occasionally be the case, this is generally not the most common reason...

Tropical fish generally need salt water living areas - and therefore this can make the cleaning more difficult and that is why it is so important to have a cleaning filter and pump when it comes to salt water aquariams.

Fresh water fish also need to be cleaned out, but this should be an easier process as the fish do not need salt water. Therefore we tend to assume that we can plop them into a bowl of normal tap water and the fish will be fine. They won't!

What most people tend to forget or are not aware of is that tap water kills fish if it is not left to settle for a good period of time. The fish can not survive in chlorine infested water! Therefore you should leave to settle 24 hours before placing the fish into this water. Many fish owners run the tap and place the fish into the water immediately, and then become shocked to find that their pet fish have died. They will then go out and buy another fish to find that the same thing continues to happen!

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