Why stupid people should never own pets.

The common sense of owning a pet. Duh!

 Can someone please explain to me why and how here we are 2009, with loads of animal rights organizations around, actors claiming to be animal rights activists and lots of other people claiming the same exact thing, why on earth then is it that there are still so many stupid people around and I use the word stupid because that is what they are, who own animals and are allowed to neglect them in any way they see fit? My very strong opinion on this matter is this, stupid people are allowed to own animals because we yes we choose to look the other way over and over again, when by choosing to do nothing we are just as guilty, puppy mills right next door to us, animals running loose in our neighborhoods, dogs tied to a tree with no shelter of any kind against the heat or cold, barely any water or food, are we that busy with our heads up our own butts that we have become oblivious to being compassionate towards any other living thing, do you know how many animals are needlessly put to sleep in you city or county, it goes on people because we allow it to, we are a fast food, fast paced, lazy, self absorbed society, we sit around and complain only after we see it on the news and say wow how did that happen, then we shut the news off and forget about it. Animals were not put here for our abuse and insult, to breed for a quick buck, to not feed or water or protect, to abuse because we have had a bad day, to tie up out side and forget about, what is wrong with us that we can send men to the moon and spend millions of dollars on crap but we can not stop needless abuse of any animal taking place, whether it be polar bears, dogs, cats, do we have to wait for them to be on the verge of going extinct for us to care? Ask yourselves what are you doing to try and be the best person you know you can be, to prevent some injustice you know is going on, I hope you are happy with your answer and if not what are you willing to do to accomplish the answer you will be happy with, all it takes is each and every one of us acting, speaking up and demanding more of ourselves and others. So go ahead, ASK YOURSELF, DO SOMETHING, SPEAK UP WHEN YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD.


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