World's Most Expensive Doghouse

Send me to THIS doghouse - please!

There was a time when the phrase ‘being sent to the dog house’ was synonymous with being punished for having done something wrong. It was an undesirable place which dogs would do all that they could to avoid. Not anymore for two lucky Great Danes, as their owner has recently commissioned a luxury puppy pad (that's a dog kennel) that is due to cost in the region of £250,000. Yes, that's around $400,000, folks. And that makes it the world's most expensive dog house. 

Owner of the World's Most Expensive Dog House

A female surgeon, who wishes to remain anonymous, has approached one of the UK’s top architects to commence building work on a luxury £1.4 million property, which will be located in the prestigious 550-acre Lower Mill Estate on the Cotswolds Water Park in Gloucestershire. Architect Andy Ramus is due to begin work on the three bedroom property in Spring.

Lower Mill Estate on the Cotswolds Water Park in Gloucestershire

The Great Danes’ Palace (you can't call it a DogHouse)

This very title should conjure up thoughts of a genuine royal palace located somewhere in Copenhagen, but no, instead it is a perfectly apt way of describing the planned canine quarters which will be a quarter of the size of the overall property. The pair of Great Danes can whimper longingly at the prospect of each having their very own bedrooms. The rooms will come equipped with sheepskin-lined, temperature controlled beds, which the dogs will be able to elevate accordingly, in order to survey their kingdom. They will also have large windows which will afford views on to their own private playgrounds. This is the world's most expensive doghouse, after all.

Refreshments will be just a touch of the paw away and will provide chilled and filtered water and doggylicious deluxe dried food. The owner really has thought of everything by planning to include self-clean bowls for this pampered pair. When the dogs fancy a few tunes, or want to watch some specially selected canine clips on a 52-inch plasma television, they can take advantage of their £150,000 state of the art sound and entertainment system.Yes that's right the world's most expensive doghouse boasts a stereo system that costs more than many people's homes.

There will also be a day lounge and a spa bath with saline treatment intended to optimise the condition of their coats.

Unfortunately for the dogs, the owner is not planning to allow them to extend social invitations to others within the area, as a retina scanner is being installed which will prevent other dogs from entering.

Layour of the World's Most Expensive DogHouse

What the Estate owners have to say.

The owner of the Lower Mill Estate, near Cirencester, is Jeremy Paxton. He has said that “ It’s a very interesting house with fabulous architecture and unusual requirements. Most houses are built with human specifics in mind and animals fit in around that, but this is the other way around”.

Another spokesperson for the estate, Dee McCourt, has admitted that “It’s amazing. This lady obviously cares an awful lot about her dogs. We offer a bespoke service, but this is the first animal request that we’ve had”.

Of course, we probably all know of someone that is prepared to go to any lengths to ensure the comfort of their beloved and pampered pooch. Often, it is an owner’s way of rewarding the unconditional loyalty that their dog permanently displays to them and if you have the money and are able to afford something that may seem to be exuberant to others, that are less well off, why shouldn’t you spend that extra cash?

It would appear that these sentiments are becoming put into practice more and more and there is a lucrative market for extravagant doghouses for the wealthier dog owners. Prior to the Lower Mill Estate Property, Japan seemed to have the commanding edge on this top-end doghouse market, holding the record for the world's most expensive dog house.

Yes, they do make people with big eyes like chihuahuas...
Yes, they do make people with big eyes like chihuahuas...

The kennel formerly known as the world’s most expensive doghouse

In 2007, a unique doghouse was created for a Tokyo department store. Although it featured the shape of the face of a well known feline character in Japan, on the lining cushion, the opulent luxury structure was intended for smaller breeds of dogs, such as terriers or Chihuahuas. The house was made of some 7,600 Swarovski crystals and was called the Hello Kitty Doghouse. The creator was Sanrio, who had previously been commissioned to make other Kitty-themed goods for the definite market that exists for this type of item.

The Hello Kitty Doghouse reached $31,660 USD, which translates to around £24,000. When you consider the size of this doghouse, in comparison to that of the Lower Mill Estate doghouse, inch for inch, this house really does exude the most luxury. Any dog that is lucky enough to take up residence in this little palace really would feel like a prince, or Rex (which is Latin for King you know).

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Comments 22 comments

AEvans profile image

AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

My goodness and I thought my dogs wre spoiled.:)

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK Author

One of mine sleeps under my bed!

jim10 profile image

jim10 8 years ago from ma

Oh well, I thought there was nothing worse than spoiled rich kids. My dog feels spoiled when we give her a bone or let her sleep on the couch. This seems like such a waste. I think the only way to really spoil a dog is with affection, food, and you know let them chase some squirrels or the neighbors cat. I just don't get it. I guess I need to have my own jet to understand.

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK Author

It makes me worried about how much access the dogs will have to the MAIN house - and therefore how much attention... but I've had dogs and worked long hours before and they didn't suffer for it

Froggy213 profile image

Froggy213 8 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

My goodness--does a dog really deserve that?? Why can't this person get some people out of poverty, help with child abuse, something other than build that for her dog.

tapanga 7 years ago

i feel that if they have the money and you can afford then just go ahead and do it.its her money and her dogs so i mean theres nothing me nor any of you guys can do to change im happy for the dogs and her and i hope i will have the next most expensive dog house so watch out.

nicholas 7 years ago

this is soo kool im gonna get dis wen can i order it i love this

Montana Farm Girl profile image

Montana Farm Girl 7 years ago from Northwestern Montana

Oh my.... retina scanners too!!!!! what in the world!!!??? my entire house could probably fit in their livingroom (the area with the tv)!!!! Wonder if they have a clue????? lol..... p.s. I want an "owner" like that!!!!! bow wow :-)!!!!! 7 years ago

Really some interesting thought as to the most or biggest or price? The "Cope" dog dig's at $400K US, the Japan entry by the inch or Paris Hilton coming in at $350K US. Not uncommon to see $5,000 to $25,000 doggie Dig's. But as luck would have it you now have available production type Canine Cottages ranging from a mere $450 for the mini Barker to $1350 for the Big Pooper. Filling the need. They are our friends.

Leo 7 years ago

As much as I adore my Yorkie "Nikko" he is still a dog. I give him the worlds best food, The best doggie house I can afford, But most of all I love my little guy to death and I still would not spend that money on my dog. that is stupid even if you have the money you give that to the homeless, That's my 2 cents.

nabir /uk 6 years ago

Iam so happy 4 this dog they have found Right person to take care of them Ilove greatdeane /& I got "2 stafford shire bull terrer call tiger&tison so back of every body jeluce live long g,d

favour 6 years ago

are u serious?that is a dog house?

anonimous 6 years ago

LOL that is one lucky dog

chloe holmes 6 years ago

lmao lol me dogs are well spoiled

jaxlove 6 years ago

WOW!!!And i thought the biggest dog house i would ever see is one of those 600 dollar houses but nope i guess wonder how much money that lady spent on those two dogs.Add up the bills for tv,automatic food and water,food and water alone and all that furniture and more would probly cost 100,000 somthen.Right?Wish i could have the money to pamper my dogs like that.But everyones in need of help whith bills and money.This lady has got to be like a brain surgen or lawyer.Shes got to be ritch.

steeldrums 5 years ago

wow i have 2 say that i think it is strange that your dog has a house.i mean that's what a dog bed, floor or your bed is for.just think those people i bet dont even pay attention to their dogs.

Mohsin 5 years ago

It Suckss.....I have a better one in delhi......i will upload pics of it....n the dogs....its on 5238 sq ft.....with 6 dogs 2 puppies livin in it...

Jessica 5 years ago

Wow, these beds are Over The Top - if you are looking for something really nice but more reasonably priced, check out these beds:

The Most Expensive Dog 5 years ago

These days more and more people are willing to pay for quality products and services. This is a global trend. The most expensive dog was sold for US$1.5million.

harry 5 years ago


hollie 5 years ago

if you want something really expensive for your dog check this out-

Dog Tiara – $4.2 Million

"If you’ve got a few million dollars worth of jewels and lot of spare time then it’s only natural that you’d make a $4.2 million tiara for your (male) dog. Two months and 250-carats later and your dog looks as unhappy as ever. The owner plans to make a hair clip made of jewels as well… probably because it’s hard for the dog to keep his head up with a tiara weighing him down."

no joke i got it off this website-

mark schuette 5 years ago

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