Yellow Spotted Lizard kills man

yellow spotted lizard
yellow spotted lizard

Man being poisoned by the yellow spotted lizard

Last week when I was having a camp with a group of part mates in the woods, we heard a shout in the night. At first, we were all alarmed and the first thought that came to my sister mind was, "It could be a ghost! Vampire!.."

We gathered and decided to look for the cause of the noise. Then, there was another shout. We follow the direction where the shout was coming from. It was a long search. We have no idea what to expect but since we were already on the way, we decided to continue.

After what seems to be forever, we finally found another site where there seem to be another people camping as well. However, there were only tents and nobody there. We decided to search for clue and one of us actually saw a school of yellow spotted lizard in one of the tent. There was a body underneath the yellowed spotted lizards.

We decided to stay away from that area and get back to our campsite.. It is too dangerous to stay there, especially when the yellow spotted lizards can actually kill people.

The next morning we reported it to the police to solve the case. We realize that iPad would be very good to bring along to anywhere for entertainment as well as find out more about the weird stuffs like yellow spotted lizard, in the jungle all by using iPad. So I decided to be a beta tester for iPad myself and get one iPad for free.

Do you think bringing an iPad is useful?

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Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

I know they like living in wet & cold climates & can live up to 15 years. I also know they can provide a painful bite but I didn't know they could kill you..He must have had several bite him....

Lolz Ur Gf Is Here  6 years ago

lolz cute pic

Stupid Idoit 6 years ago

who would bring an ipad to the jungle???????????????

zddvsd 6 years ago

idiot that's a bloody salamander not a lizard. It's complete harmless. Moron.

BananaHeart 5 years ago

Wow. I've only heard of yellow spotted lizards from the book Holes. I never thought they were real!That's scary.

... 5 years ago

i only no it from the book holes that i am reading at a the moment!!

Monitorman 5 years ago

That's a salamander, not a lizard.

asomedude3490 5 years ago

thats a salamander not a lizard take a better pic

asomedude3490 5 years ago

that's a salamander not a lizard take a better pic

ReptileRevolution profile image

ReptileRevolution 5 years ago from California

andrebreynolds profile image

andrebreynolds 5 years ago

Great information, very informative :D

Sarah 5 years ago


ron 5 years ago

funny ha ha

Madpie07604 5 years ago


just read Holes. Read it! Now! Go!

Em 5 years ago

Seriously?? Yellow Spotted Lizards can't kill you unless there's loads of 'em!! Then your dead. Btw, that's a salamander.

kyuklkylyukyyk 5 years ago

what is a salamander?????

something or other 5 years ago

lets see that vs a komodo dragon?

Matt 4 years ago

-Why did you wait till the next morning to report to the police that someone was killed?

-A better question is why were you thinking about an iPad at that time?

emma 4 years ago

I sort of agree with Matt right above me how can that tiny of a lizard (really

looks like a salamander. ) Kill a man . It looks like a salamander with yellow spots painted on . And why would they leave a dead man there and wait to report it to the police in the morning?And would u think of a ipod at that moment?and in Holes the movie the yellow spotted lizard showed frills.

josh 4 years ago

what's all this stuff about an ipad

Taylor LA 4 years ago

is a yellow spotted lizered deadly if bitten in vain

Emma 4 years ago

Lizard doesn't need to bite in the vain to kill u it can bite anywhere!

dante 4 years ago

They will kill u with a scratch from their tooth too

dante 4 years ago

they can easily kill u with just a scratch of the tooth

brendan 4 years ago

just saw the movie and finish the book and in the movie they had things on its head and popped out when it yelled or something

Rebecca 4 years ago

That was freakin awsome and scary I don't want to in the jugle:)

John 4 years ago

The only two poisonous lizards in the world are the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) of the southwestern United States and the beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum) of Mexico. Their venom, or poison, can kill a human; however, the lizards are much less effective at getting the poison into their victims than are the poisonous snakes. There are no poisonous "yellow spotted lizards." The movie "Holes" used Pogona vitticeps, the central (or inland) bearded dragon, in their shots. Pogona vitticeps is harmless.

Ak 3 years ago

I believe u I think they can kill people I don't doubt it at all

Emma 3 years ago

My cousin told me a fact about poison. (sorry off topic) Did you know that the daddy long leg is the poisonest spider in the world but, it's fangs can not penitrate the human skin.

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