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Yorkie History & Background

An adorable member of the toy dog group, the Yorkshire Terrier is a mixture of England's finest terriers, made up of the Clydesdale terrier, English black and tan terrier, waterside terrier, and the Paisley terrier. What a noble background!

By the late 1800s, Yorkies had made their way to America but because there were so many variety of sizes, the Yorkshire Terrier did not make its exclusive name until the early 1900s. It was at this point that the majority of Yorkie breeders decided that the smaller sized Yorkshire Terrier was preferable.

Yorkies have a terrific personality! They are known to be bold, confident, and courageous. Although small in size, they pack a tremendous amount of personality into their small package. And the Yorkshire Terrier seems to be oblivious to its small stature, and you’ll often see them play with much bigger dogs with no fear. Always eager for fun and adventure, this dog can be a bit aggressive towards other small animals and strange dogs. It definitely maintains that old rough-edged terrier spirit.

Yorkie Upkeep and Maintenance

Like other terriers, the Yorkie needs to have plenty of exercise on a daily basis. A lot of people think small dogs don't need much exercise, but it's just not true and daily exercise will often do a world of good in helping your Yorkie stay happy and healthy. However, the good news is that Yorkies can get all of the physical activity they need simply by running from room to room inside of the house or small apartment. Of course this does not mean that the Yorkie should not be outside. In fact, they love to take a brisk walk with their owner at any chance possible. Naturally, you should keep your dog on leash to avoid problems with other dogs.

As far as living arrangements are concerned, the Yorkshire Terrier is not meant to live outdoors - they're a definite "inside dog" and are most happy when they are with you. This breed prefers the companionship of its family and human contact. If you must leave your Yorkie outside for any short period of time, just be sure that there is plenty of shelter, adequate bedding and lots of water. This is even more important if you live in a warm climate.

Yorkshire Terriers tend to grow very long hair and grooming can be an important issue to address. Whether or not you decide to keep your dog with long hair or not will determine ongoing grooming needs. Most Yorkie owners keep their pets trimmed with what's called a "puppy cut" so that it only needs a thorough brushing three to four times per week. Long hair will need to be looked after a little bit more often so that it does not tangle and mat. We'll look into compiling an article on how to groom a long-haired Yorkie soon, so stay tuned.

Don't Buy A Yorkie Until You Watch This Video!

How Long Yorkies Live and Health Information

Good news - the Yorkshire Terrier has a lifespan of up to 16 years when raised in a positive environment by a health minded dog owner! That means that you can expect to enjoy your Yorkie for many years to come as long as you provide adequate nutrition and health care.

And more good news - Yorkies have no major health concerns like those that can plague other breeds. Aren't you smart for picking a Yorkie? :-)

The only minor health concern to look out for with Yorkies is patellar luxation. Veterinarians do suggest, however, that dog owners have their Yorkies specifically tested for eye problems, knee dysplasia, and have a liver ultrasound based on their age. Check with your vet to see if these are tests appropriate for your particular dog.

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Elsa 9 years ago

MY Yorkie has bad skin problems, Ive tried everything to help her not itch so much, once in awhile she needs antibiotics . I do give her Benadryl at night if she is to itchy, does anyone else try this, it seems to help a bit.

Marisol 9 years ago

Try using a oatmeal shampoo. Dont use rinse.

abaler 9 years ago

Elsa -- You may also want to investigate changing the diet for your Yorkie. Many skin problems are a result of nutrition. I'll work on compiling a page on this with specific tips, but in the meantime I'd suggest trying an all-natural food at your pet store.

Marison -- Thanks for the excellent tip! Oatmeal shampoo is great for Yorkie skin.

Michele Rice 9 years ago

ELSA 9 years ago

Does anyone recomment a good pet food? I'm feeding her Innova, which is supposed to be good (according to pet store) I have also been sprinkling her with a very small amount of baking soda and combing it through her hair, this seems to keep her from being so smelly and I dont feel the need to be bathing her all the time, which may be drying out her skin. The baking soda was recommended in an article on the internet but it really helps

Natalia 9 years ago

My Yorkie has been having an ongoing skin problem for the last year. I am at my wiitts end. I have changed food a few time, did the allergy test and shots, have tried oatmeal shampoo, pills and still has the itching and smell and is constantly chewing at his paws. HELP!!!!!!

logan 9 years ago

My yorkie name i free-way and he loves to run around the house and by reading this info it has helped me be a better mom

KC 8 years ago

I have a yorkie , He is 9 weeks old. He weighs 1pound , How big do you think that means he will get?

celebrity_boi 8 years ago


LindsayD 8 years ago

I'm glad you pointed out that Yorkie's need human companionship and attention...without it, better call the dog whisperer.

progolfer79 8 years ago

How often does a yorkie need to have his hair trimmed to keep it neat?

indrapramit 8 years ago

What kind of shampoo would be useful for a yorkie??

nixbox 8 years ago

Hmm nice info. 16 years is a lot of time for a Yorkie :)

feyi2007 8 years ago

Very informative hub,as u said that they are indoor pets ,how do one deal with the issue of potty training

Union 8 years ago

I am very agree on this statement 'Yorkshire Terriers tend to grow very long hair and grooming can be an important issue to address'. I have seen many Yorkshire with unmanaged long hair, smells badly and even have skin problems. Take good care of the Yorkshire please.

Navs 8 years ago

Good information here, thanks. I was quite surprised to know the the Yorkshire terrier is an indoors dog!!

solowpoet 8 years ago

That is a very noble background I share from hear on refer to them as duke Yorkshire terrier.

Sarah Eve Nichols profile image

Sarah Eve Nichols 8 years ago

A 16 year life expectancy is impressive. Good to know when choosing this dog.

s0m1c 8 years ago

dont training! dog have to be freedoom.

rabia06 8 years ago

A lot of noticeable and important points have been pointed about Yorkies. Great work.

skings81087 8 years ago

Aw, I love yorkies! They're the best, I have one already, but I really wan't another one. I loved the information you provided I learned a lot.

ELSA 8 years ago

Last week my little yorkie woke up with a "black eye" she looked like someone had kicked her in the face, I was horrified. When I got her into the vet he took one look at her and told me she had a abcessed tooth that had reached into the eye. Anyway, she had emergency surgery, the tooth was removed, the abcess cleaned and after a couple of days she is doing fine, still has a drain in her cheek, but she is ok. I have her teeth cleaned one a year but she was at least 4 months overdue, I simply put it off, mostly because of finances and simply not thinking anything that major would happen to her. So...anyone with small dogs like yorkies be aware of their teeth, mine is now getting a new vaccine that is supposed to help prevent tartar build up, have to get a booster every 6 months but it it prevents this from happening again I will gladly do this for her.

John Steenmeyer 8 years ago

My dog Buster, 7 pounds, had skin problems, we saw the Ve,t changed foods multiple times, he had no hair on his legs, hair loss on his nose, he was scratching violently, we gave him benadryl stared out with 1/4 of all dose pill worked up to 1 pill, after a year we were up to 1 at nite, and 1 in the morning. it seemed to lessen the problem but not cure it. The problem was simulair to Natailas problem above. Here is her post....

"My Yorkie has been having an ongoing skin problem for the last year. I am at my wiitts end. I have changed food a few time, did the allergy test and shots, have tried oatmeal shampoo, pills and still has the itching and smell and is constantly chewing at his paws. HELP!!!!!! " Natalia

This my not work for any or all yorkies, but We tryed a supliment that looked like sand its a digestive bacteria, well it seems to have worked his hair is back and he doesn't scrach near as much, lick as much, smell as much. He is still a bit on the greasey side. We told the Vet on one of our visits she said she noticed the difference can't explaine it. but if it works, and with no side effects, do what you got do do. John S.

Jasmine Harris 8 years ago

I just purchased a yorkie 2 days ago that is 10 weeks old. Any suggestions anyone can give for a first time yorkie owner.i know nothing abourt these dogs, and would like to be a better mommy to him.

butterfly 8 years ago

yes. I just got a yorkie abot 5 months ago. He is VERY outgoing, and plays with my oldest dog KOKOA. But GIZMOE is very sweet, and tends to cry alot. They play very often and eats kokoa's food. Is that bad??? He also eats his own food. Very greedy, but stayus fit. I dont brush his teeth. Is that bad??? But when you first purchase a yorkie, love him and play withj him. The younger, the better it is to teach him tricks. Mine knows lots. But, how do u house train them. It IS SOOOO HARD!!!

Tara Lynn 8 years ago

I've done my research, and having grown up and owned three dogs in my 22 years, I know that it's very important to keep up on grooming and DENTAL HYGEINE! Especially Yorkies. Not taking proper care of their teeth can result in early tooth decay, and that can lead up to a high vet bill. There is special toothpaste, and tooth brushes you can get for dogs(I find that a baby toothbrush works just fine. They have VERY soft bristles. If it's okay for a baby, it's ok for your pup) for Yorkies, all you need is a pea-sized amount of the toothpaste, and you're good to go! I would suggest doing this at least once a week. Sure it seems like a lot of work, but it's like anything else you add do your daily/weekly routine. It'll just come naturally after a while! Just make sure it is DOG toothpaste. Consult it with your vet, or even your breeder(see what they use) to make sure what type is best for your dog. Also, you'll wanna buy from a REPUTABLE breeder who has MOM AND DAD ONSITE!!!! Go see the Mom and Dad, as well as the pups. If the Mom and Dad are not socializing with you, chances are they're not breeding the dogs for the right reasons, and you are just providing the people money for personal profit. Just do your research, take your time, and you'll be fine!!! I hope I helped some people a bit! Goodluck!! =)

Ali 8 years ago

hi had my yorkie for seven weeks now his brilliant just have to keep taking him outside in the garden to let him know thats where he should go to the toilet. And prays him everytime he goes. have the odd accident now when we don't open the back door on time. His fourteen weeks now and doing great.

Katie 8 years ago

I have two Yorkies and love them very much. I never thought I would be a dog person, but after owning a Yorkie, it changed my perspective.

Rose Cooper 8 years ago

i shower my puppy yorkie every sat is iy ok?

Brittany 8 years ago

everyday? That's a bit much. I wash my little girl about once a week or when she gets dirty/smelly. I've heard washing that much can dry out their skin a lot

Robin 8 years ago

I've had my yorkie, Henry for a year now and he turned a year old on april 5, about 2 months after I got him he got some bumps on his belly so I took him to the vet. Since then he has been diagnosed with allergies, then mites and then allergies and now no immune system. He is playful and alert and the vet said we could keep him on steriods for the rest of his life (maybe 5 years) but he rips his skin off when we reduce the drugs and his skin is always red. I see when I bathe him , when I rinse him the water is black.I wash him in oatmeal shampoo until the water rinses clean instead of black and the I use the shampoo the vet gives me because there is supposed to be pellets in there to help him and then the water turns balck again...pretty desperate here...any one have this going on??..If you have answers please email me at ROBTHOMS8@AOL.COM

Ray 8 years ago

my yorkie is 5 months old his teeth have started falling out. And his hair is still very black on his back been trimmed once just wondering when his hair colour will change? The top of his head is very grey any ideas thanks .

Phyllis Johnson 8 years ago

Hi My yorkie will be 6 months August 15 and she is the love of my life, her name is Bella and she is beautiful. my question is i have seen her once or twice drag her backside across the the carpet is this a sign of some type of irritation to her rear end. I bath her every two weeks and brush her everyday, what should i do?

Amber 8 years ago

My Yorkie's name is Abbey, i just got her yesterday, she is almost 8 weeks old... and she seems reluctant to get used to my house. she won't go and "explore" she just stays under me all day. any advise on how to get my Abbey to warm up to her new home

and Phyllis dragging the behind across the carpet is more a sign of warms... get Bella to the vet...

TW 8 years ago

For Robin robthoms8@aol.com: All that flip-flopping for diagnosis? Sounds more like a game of elimination versus really knowing what's going on for certain. I'd like to sugggest a second opinion. I have no idea where you are, but here in CA my vet can call and consult with the vets at UC Davis--they're like the Mayo Clinic for dogs! I bet your vet could consult them, too. Two heads are better than one. Anyway, they may have ideas for using empiracal testing for diagnosis (an educated guess is still only guessing, right?) At least they'd be more objective if they're not selling you supplies. Good luck!! :)

Celine 8 years ago

I have my Yorkie for 16 years. While her health is not great at the moment. (Various problems to include heart defect and tumor in her belly) she is hanging in there and always greets me at the front door with a wagging tail. I am very lonely at the moment because I know that her time is very soon coming to an end. My Vet is fantastic but she has slowed down so much in the last week that I fear I have only a few days left with her. How will I cope without her? She is such a big part of my life! :(

Anna 8 years ago

how often do you groom a yorkie? his fur is "puppy cut"..^^

Christine 8 years ago

My yorkie is about a year old, a friend gave him to me. Dont think he was taking good care of him. He has really really bad breath, i noticed the top of his teeth is yellow n a little black, does that mean he has tooth decay?? And i also noticed around his neck he has a few bumps(one is getting kinda big) and he is always scratching. think its anything serious?

Rene 8 years ago

We have had our yorkie for 1 week. He is doing great! However, I noticed that many have complained about skin conditions which include itching and hair loss. We, thankfully, haven't experienced this with our yorkie, but have with our mini-schnauzer. My dad told me about dino-vite. We ordered it - a bit expensive, but still less than a vet bill and meds. It is amazing! What a relief to find something that works - completely!!! You can order it on line and it lasts for a good while. After her skin issues where no longer, we cut back on the daily doses and are now using it as needed. So far, so good. It's been 6 months now.

YAMATA 8 years ago

I have had my yorkie for about 2 weeks and I have had to take him to the vet twice for what appeared to have been constipation. He was given an enema and appears to be better. Everything I have read speaks of this breed having diarrhea and vomitting, but nothing on difficulty having a bowel movement. Does anyone have any suggestions and has anyone encountered this problem.

YAMATA 8 years ago

I have had my yorkie for about 2 weeks and I have had to take him to the vet twice for what appeared to have been constipation. He was given an enema and appears to be better. Everything I have read speaks of this breed having diarrhea and vomitting, but nothing on difficulty having a bowel movement. Does anyone have any suggestions and has anyone encountered this problem.

Mercy Loves Her Maxiey Bear 7 years ago

Hello! my name is mercy im 13 years old, and i just got a yorkie yesterday he is so cute, he is my life now.I love him to death.Thats a long time to live my dad picked the perfect puppy![i named him max but i call him maxiey bear cute huuh] -mercy of odessa,tx

priencess 7 years ago

i have a yorkie, and she is a girl, she is two weeks ago

Kyra Hackett 7 years ago

I'm looking foward to getting a Yorkshire, there so popular now I see them all around the street and everything! So if you choose to get a Yorkshire anyone out there, Good Choice. Have a nice day people. LOL

amandagurl 7 years ago

i've always wanted to get a yorkie kyra hackett where exactly do you see most yorkies and i hope you know that yorkshires and yorkies there the exact same animal i don't know why people gave them to different names if there the exact same animal.

Meaghan 7 years ago

My family adopted Maximilian "Maxie" 11 years ago. In his old age, he is very active and still has the personality of a puppy. I adopted a maltese when Max was 6 yrs old, and her energy and companionship, I feel, has kept him young. However, the past 2 months have been very difficult. He had a small rash on his lower back that he chewed up to the point where he lost hair in that spot, and we had to put a cone on his neck. It got better, but he has a similar patch on his shoulder now. He is incredibly uncomfortable and is constantly begging to be scratched. We have tried Benadryl, hydrocortizone cream, and Oatmeal shampoo. Are there any other remedies I can try?

Meaghan 7 years ago


In response to your tragic situation, I have to say that you will be fine. I would let it "burn" for a few weeks, months, or however long it takes until you are ablet to move on.

No joke, one of the best ways to get over a break-up, death, or other various tragedies, is to get dog. NOT A REPLACEMENT - because you can never replace a loved one, but a new partner to grow with. My yorkie is reaching the end of his line, and I am enjoying and appreciating every moment I have with him. But when my Maxie does pass on, I will miss him. However, I will look back on his life with the fondest memories, and enjoy the remaining years I have left with my maltese, Chloe.

Enjoy every moment with your best friend while you can, and know that you will be just fine.

Cheri 7 years ago

My yorkie is 18 wks old and an amazing companion already. She had the constipation as spoke of above. Vet had me put her on canned food and add some water. I heat it in the microwave a little and she has been fine ever since. She weighs 2 lb 6 oz (was 1 lb 5 oz when I got her) She is housebroken to a litter box and has only had 2 accidents since I had her (6 wks) and that she went in the shower stall. Yorkies are very smart.

lilly 7 years ago

Meaghan, I have an eleven months yorkie and he developed the same rash on his lower back got throught the same medications and i even took him to a dermatologist and he got better but but it came back im desparate. I need to see what worked for your dog or what caused the problem because they did all kind of test on him and they never found a cause. I just can't believe that a Vet never dealt with something like that before and can recognize the symptons but everytime I take him is very expensive!!!!Need advice

DEE DEE 7 years ago

If your yorkie is rubbing his backside on the carpet, YOU should have his anal glands cleaned. Very Important to do!! My vet recommends every 3 or 4 months. Make an appt.and the vet can do it for you..IVE tried to do it on my own..AND NO way...I am afraid I will hurt the dog.. But it can cause some pain for them..SO it is important to have it done.

Dee Dee 7 years ago

I am glad I found this web site. I wanted to ask anyone if they have had the same problems with their yorkie as I have had with mine.

Okay here is the problem I had with our little Yorkie,,He woke up one day..with a cough, sort of like he was choking, but it didnt last long anytime he did this. So i listened to him for a few minutes and he was doing it and it wasnt letting up. I called the VET and took him right in...At first they said it was nothing to worry about, that sometimes their Trachea collapes slightly and they have a hard time getting air, but he didnt think it was serious..After looking at him and I think they even gave him a shot to calm him down, he said we could leave and go home. Two blocks away from the VET, he wasnt acting any better, so I turned around and walked back in, OF course I was in a PANIC, and so some of this is blurry to me as Panic can do that to a person. They took him back to their back room and advised me that they wanted to keep him overnight to monitor him. They did an exray and told me his Trachea was collapsed , that it was like a rubber band profile and he wasnt getting the air he needed..his lips and gums were turning blue..I had to leave and go home..Crying all the way, I called the vet the minute I got home..and at the time, He didnt think my yorkie was going to survive..HE had a trachea tube down his throat and was very concerned about his progress. After hours of waiting, And waiting I got a call saying he was DOING much better. But that was an episode I didnt want him to deal with again it was so traumatic for the dog, not to mention ME too. SO, i asked what could be done to help him.. I was told to keep him calm at home, and quiet and not to let him get riled up..Anyone owning one of these sweet little dogs, knows that is almost IMPOSSIBLE. It Ended up HE went to the College University and had surgery, where they placed Rings around his trachea, which would keep that from happening again. I guess it does happen with small dogs of any breed and hopefully nobody has had to deal with this.. Needless to say, he Recovered and is doing great, no more choking spells ..But if anyone has had the unfortunate experience, please let me know. thank you...Dee

Sandy 7 years ago

Just want to say thanks to those of you offering some successful solutions to yorkie skin problems. My vet/vets keep coming up with the same stuff to try, most of which actualy makes my yorkie's skin worse and they refuse to listen when I tell them that. It's nice to have some fresh options to pursue because like many others I'm about at my wits end and feeling like a failure for not successfully helping my dog.

theresaarlene 7 years ago

I've had my yorkie since he was six weeks old. He is now nine years old. For the past three to four years he has been suffering from a terrible skin condittion. Like many of you I have taken him to the vet several times and still no cure. He was diagnosed with allergies, given daily injections, given steriods, medicated shampoos, creams, change of food, change of Vet, etc. and nothing has worked. I even had a mold company come to my home to assess it as the vet suggetsed that may be the cause of his allergies. They found nothing. I currently give him a teaspoon of Benadryl once a day and pat him down with Gold Bond's medicated powder. It's not working. The dog looks terrible and is in constant misery. He has no hair on his sides and a streak of patchy hair down his back. He spends his days licking, scratching, and gnawing himself. He often scratches himself until he bleeds. My other dog will even lick his wounds for him sometimes. I am way too emabarrassed to take him to the groomers and there really is not need because he has no hair! I stumbled upon this forum as I was looking for a no-kill shelter to take the dog to as I thought it was something in my home that was causing his condition. I had no idea this was such a prevalent problem with Yorkies and my vet always apperaed to seem as if she was seeing this for the first time. I am going to try the digestive bacteria supplement as well as the dino-vite. If anyone has any other suggestions please advise. He is such a sweet dog and I would love for him to be happy and fiesty again. Thanks!

ivonne 7 years ago

What sex needs more care?

crystal ryan 7 years ago

theresaarlene, i have a lil yourkie named Megan. I've owned her now for almost 3 yrs now. She also has been itching and knawing at her paws and scratching her sides. I have her on a new no fiiler food, she seems to like it. I also changed her flea meds from revolution to advantage.I also give her .5mls of fish oil everyday,smells like yuk but it works. good luck in finding something for your lil yorkie. Take care

caz 7 years ago

my friend has a yorkie, he rescued him from bad people, the thing is hes about 2+half yrs old but hes got a hump on his spine and teeth missing. im concerned about the dog. hes got a very small face also. he said he got abused by previous owners thats why he has not teeth hardly what age do they lose their teeth

IER 7 years ago

I rescued a Yorkie from a very bad environment. I've had him for six months now and he is house training wonderfully. I have a doggy door and he uses it. These dogs know by the tone of your voice if they've done wrong. I don't believe in punishing them other than by voice. I also put him on Nutro dog food. They have many different kinds and I have him on small bites rice and lamb. He has gone from six to 7.3 pounds and is extremely healthy. I also have a Boston Terrier and a Pug, they all get along fantastic. I've trained many dogs with much success. Good luck with your Yorkies....mine is a little dream!!!

Jim 7 years ago

My Mother bought a yorkie at 6 weeks old and kept him till he was about 6 months. She gave up because she could not keep in from using the bathroom in the house. She wanted me to get rid of him for her. So I just decided to keep him myself. I have two Chihuahua's and within a week he stopped using the bathroom in the house. We let him out often, but so did my mom. He may be following the other dogs example, they do not potty in the house. She kept the yorkie in a cage alot of the time, carpet throughout her house. My house has no carpet. He had alot of fleas which we got rid of and now sleeps with my wife and me. Seems very happy. I think she was keeping in in the cage to much, plus I didn't like the food she was feeding him. He would hardly ever eat it. He has a VERY good appetite. I give him cooked chicken and ham and other meat products as I do my other dogs as snacks as well as regular dog food such as kibble and bits and they all love it. When I brought him home he was throwing up and pooping all over the place, some hard some runny. Within a week he was pooping normally and not throwing up. As far as teaching him to go outside to potty I believe the other dogs have helped him more in that area. I live on 5 acres and no neighbors so I let them all out to run until they want back in. I just leave the door cracked and they bust in when they are ready. The yorkie feels very warm compared to my Chihuahua's. The yorkie is male and the Chihuahua's are one female and one male. The two males had some issues at first but any good dog owner needs to be a good dog whisperer too. Just let them know who's boss, within a week they were getting along fine. I agree with the voice discipline, they can immediately tell from my voice when I'm serious and when I'm playful. Associate words with what you want them to do, when I say peepee all three run to the door. If your having trouble house training get another dog or borrow one that is house trained and the yorkie will learn quickly from him. A week should do it. It will take constant effort and companionship.

dellaflower 7 years ago

my 3 yr yorkie had several skin problems since she was 10 weeks. she lost all her leg hair and half of her body hair. spent so much money trying to find out what the problem was. finally after two yrs of trying medications, hypoallergenic food, special shampoo, and topical spray...we put her on homemade chicken w/carrots and dinovite supplements. Now 9 mths on this diet, no more scratching and her coat is shiny and full. Hope this helps.

sw 7 years ago

My advice for taking good care of your Yorkie:

1. diet is important. Recommend Organix: http://www.castorpolluxpet.com/

or Three Dog Bakery: their Wheat-free Lamb flavour

These help with my dog's itchy skin, i put him back on royal canin for yorshires last night but he broke out again tonight.

2. exercise is important, daily walks if you can. if not then play with him/her at home. After outdoor walk i wipe his paws, face and underbelly with just a damp cloth. no soap needed.

3. brush the dog daily, his skin is like our scalp, a little grooming a day keeps clean and healthy and helps circulate blood and oxygen through the skin surface.

4. eyes: my yorkie has constant eye booger. i take a tissue and clean his eyes from booger and from fine hair stuck on his eyeball. do it gently of course.

5. if it's cold, buy him/her a little outfit. they look super cute and it keeps them warm. make sure to change and wash that outfit once a wk with mild soap. you cannot let him wear dirty clothes, it will just create skin problems.

6. your cleaning products for the floor can also antagonise skin problems for your dog. they are small and so close to the ground. keep ur place dust-free and also not to use too harsh cleaning agents like bleach etc.

7. you can feed steamed chicken mixed with a little of his pellets if he is on a hunger strike or is vomiting due to vaccinations. no salt or any spices of course. keep it simple for his better health.

8. if you are having trouble house-training him then i suggest getting a book on how to. yorkies are really smart. get a crate when he is young. everytime he pees on his newspaper (if indoors) then tell him good job and give him a little treat. if he pees on the carpet or couch etc, then smack his bottom a few times and put him in the crate for an hour. he will learn very fast.

- if u cannot discipline ur dog, you will end up not loving him. if u can exercise discipline when he is under 6 months (and continue) you will train an adorable, well-behaved and very lovable dog and companion. you must put in the effort.

i feed my yorkie at 8am and at 8pm. i try not to make him wait longer than this.

my yorkie is now 4 and a half years. he is healthy, well-behaved and very lovable to everyone that sees him. my advice: if u cannot commit to your yorkie full-time, then please don't buy him. i have seen dirty, oily little yorkies that are just an accessory to someone. i can tell this dog is not getting the proper care it needs. yorkies are great yes. but they need lots of grooming and care and common sense in an owner. if you can't, rather get a dog that doesn't need the grooming like a short hair.

Lots of love and care for your pet makes you a good master and your dog a great companion :)

Karina 6 years ago

It is quite likely that few people will read this but here we go: It important though it may be a "headache" that people will buy sick dogs, yorkies or whatever other form of life...thankfully this woman and her mum got this puppy and saved their life! Maybe we should all try and change our views on animals?? They are alive just as we are, feel pain just as we do, looking to be in comfort and not the opposite

just as we do! Most importantly let's try and stop buying animals because of trends and let's instead go to shelters, those who live in places where there are stray animals, take them off the streets...often people who give into trends when it comes to pets end up getting sick of them and dumping them just as they would with their old clothes or any other object for that matter...animals are not objects!

May us all take that into account every time we think of pets and or any animals...


Joy 6 years ago

hi! My male yorkie Is 5 months old, i've had him for 2 months now.. I Love him... I've gone through the skin problem issue.. Oatmeal shampoo helped him!! He still has a lil icthing but it's getting better as days go by so it's a relieve! I have a golden he is 9 years old they don't get along that well so if any1 could help me on this - one thing i have to add is that Kobe, my golden hasn't done anything wrong he is a good boy and i ve had dogs all my life but never a small breed so idk what to do- i would really appreciate it... I have another question, as i said he just turned 5 months old a few days ago, and i'm worried bc i noticed his Baby teeth haven't fallen out yet and his adult teeth are coming out so he has 8 frontal teeth, is that normal, what should i do??? Help! Please!!

Joy 6 years ago

hi! My male yorkie Is 5 months old, i've had him for 2 months now.. I Love him... I've gone through the skin problem issue.. Oatmeal shampoo helped him!! He still has a lil icthing but it's getting better as days go by so it's a relieve! I have a golden he is 9 years old they don't get along that well so if any1 could help me on this - one thing i have to add is that Kobe, my golden hasn't done anything wrong he is a good boy and i ve had dogs all my life but never a small breed so idk what to do- i would really appreciate it... I have another question, as i said he just turned 5 months old a few days ago, and i'm worried bc i noticed his Baby teeth haven't fallen out yet and his adult teeth are coming out so he has 8 frontal teeth, is that normal, what should i do??? Help! Please!!

Brittany 6 years ago

My yorkie has been choking. What should i do??

linzi 6 years ago

hi, i have had my puppy since christmas an i have to say he is the most loving pet, always wants to be on ur knee, I have 3 children that he is great with, only problem i have is that he doesnt like goin on his lead any suggestions?

judy 6 years ago

my poor little guy has green "slimy" stuff in the corners of his eyes that wont quit running and his eyes are red and swollen and they STINK bad!. all of his skin problems are gone thanks to medicated shampoo and he is healthy other than his poor eyes. anyone else had this problem?

sheila jones 6 years ago

i have a yorkie puppy 8 weeks old when do i take him away for the monther dose enyone know

shelby 6 years ago

I really want a yorkshire terrrier! im only 13 years old and my dad cant stand the idea of a house dog?):

san 6 years ago

my yorkie is house trained and he doesnt play with toys i found him

Rachel 6 years ago

My Yorkie is 12 years old and she is doing quite well after she had her teeth pulled a few weeks ago. It is very important to get your yorkie's teeth cleaned because they often get bad decay on their teeth. She is not good about the bathroom though. She often does her business on the floor.

Newbie 6 years ago


Any help would be most appreciated...I just rescued a male Yorkie...he seems to be quite sweet so far...He was the stud at a puppy mill...we are guessing him to be 5 or 6...he will see the vet this week to be neutered and have his teeth taken care of. I need help in how to make him walk on a lead..what to feed him...how to get him out of his shell so to speak. I think it's pretty safe to say that he has lived in a crate all his life. I do crate him but he is out whenever I am home...he has no idea it seems about the potty thing...he doesn't sniff around etc..if he has to go he just goes...so...any suggestions?

Kimberly Hayes 6 years ago

I've adopted a sweet girl named Chelsea and she is 2 1/2 years old. She has chronic skin issues, constantly scratches herself and actually bites at her skin. I've taken her to a few vets and the last one wanted to strap her down and take blood from her jugular to test her thyroid, which I didn't want to do. She's been on a special potato and venison dog food (Royal Canin) I got from the vet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

M Mason 5 years ago

I have a Silky Terrier who is 5 years old. I never realized how bored he was until I rescued a Yorkshire Terrier from the pound. The Yorkie is about 1 1/2 yrs old, and is a spayed female. She weighed about 3 pounds when I got her. She was emaciated, and appeared to have been caged for most of her life. She didn't know what cement or grass was and was afraid to walk on it. She didn't know how to respond to a leash, and was afraid of just about everything. I took her to my vet, had all of her shots administered, and put her on ScienceDiet ZD, which is what the Silky eats. Its been six months now that she's been with us. She weighs 7 pounds, walks on a leash wonderfully, is very voice sensitive,is a pleasent, sweet little lap dog. She has accidents in the house from time to time. But, with patience and consistency I take her outside for potty and walk her 2 to 3 times a day. She too has had itchy skin with bumps and scaling. I discovered 'Solid Gold" Herbal Pet Shampoo, made by Solid Gold Health Products for Pets El Cajon CA 92020. I bathe her once a week, with slightly warm water - on the cool side, and gently pour the water over her using a cup. She is afraid of the noise of running water. Her coat is beautiful and long, her eyes are shining and bright and her spirit is spunky and playful. Just give these little ones unconditional love, hold them often and give them a playmate for activity and you will enjoy many smiles and chuckles.

Mariannanky 5 years ago

I have a female yorkie I bought a couple weeks ago. She likes one week being 4 months old. She weighs 20 ounces. How big will she be full grown? Is their anything specific I should know about the breed? The vet says she is perfectly healthy, shes just very small. Lol her little legs are smaller round than pencils. Oh, and she had yet to bark. ??

yorkiedad profile image

yorkiedad 5 years ago

I have a 7yr Yorkie (14.5 lb.)and for the past 4 yrs, he has started with small soft movable "bumps" beneath his skin.

They are soft,not painful, basically on all 4 legs, now are moving up to ribcage. He is symptomless, Normal Lymph node palpation and 2 Veternarians are bewildered. His bloodwork (annual/routine) is normal. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I plan on an aspiration soon..but would like to know if anyone has seen this before?

pauline 5 years ago

i have a yorkie 12yrs old that we rescued 6 yrs ago she has suffered with cushings disease for the last few years tabs very exspensive she is now falling over a lot and showing signs of diplasia as her front paws bend under when she walks causing her to fall i dont know if there is a cure can anyone advise me??

AZTucker 5 years ago

My little yorkie has a bump in his neck inbetween his shoulders. It is causing him no pain and is acting normal. We took him to bet and they put him on benadryl which did nothing. It has not changed in size. The vet wants to remove it!! I am extremely upset and worried. What should I do? He is three and weighs four pounds. His last vaccination was six months ago.

Pat 4 years ago

My 3 yr ols yorkie suddenly has started sitting staring at the ceiling and opening her mouth a lot.

My 3 yr. ols yorkie has suddenly started holding her head as if she is staring at the ceiling as well as opening and closing her mouth. Since this started I have seen her hold her head normally while walking and have seen her eat. She also shakes from time to time. Does anyone have any idea what this could be. This just started a few hours ago.

Claremoan profile image

Claremoan 4 years ago

Talk to your vet. It might be a seizure, or just something on the ceiling.

Bobby100 4 years ago

I was lucky to be resued from the dog pound one year ago and now live in luxury, I get lots of exercise and eat well (no, I am not fat). But I have an embarassing problem; the hair on my back is getting very thin. I wonder if I am allergic to something e.g. my coat for cold weather? I think I am 70 years old (that's only 10 in human years).

PK 4 years ago

Do not buy a teacup Yorkie---they are defective bonsaid animals. Just like midgets or dwarf people---they are mutations and not good ones. They are walking vet bills. No reputable breeder would EVER breed a Yorkie UNDER four pounds. why are you pushing teacup Yorkies...there are no teacup Yorkies...the AKC does not recognize them. All Yorkies should be under seven pounds there are no teacups. Avoid them like the plague. In a word they are defective "dwarf" animal mutations. Do your research. You are telling people how to buy a defective animal. I'm a proud Yorkie owner of beautiful Yorkies...ranging from four to seven pounds. Look at the AKA Yorkie specs: the weight is from four to seven pounds.

Gayetta Patrick 4 years ago

My Yorkie is 7Mos, old, and i Groom her,everyday, after an hour or two hours, she has a body older, please help me, cause i love her, she goes out doors good for me,I have another little house dog, she goes out doors with her, Thats how i broke her to go out doors, she just has a problem with a odor, not real bad, just enough to aggravate me, has anyone have a clue what i can do for my dog,and she is very smart, i love her dearly, so please help me.

kathy waide 4 years ago

Gayetta, we had problem with odor and had our yorkie tested for thyroid which was the issue. He is now on thyroid pills forever but has helped with the odor. He unfortunately is fighting severe alergies, including outbreaks with the red bumps on belly and nawing at his paws. he is on steroids but his outbreaks still come anad go. thought id let you know about thyroid and smell. we have tryed all foods, including expensive vet food, nothing works.

Bobbie 4 years ago

I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 10 wk old yorkie who I want to start training. Everywhere I go for info says they use treats but my breeder breeder said not to give him treats because he is still to young, I should wait until 6-8 months. Is this true? And if so, then what/how do I train him (with)?

sarah dennis 4 years ago

My yorkie has been scared of me ever since we got him i dont know what to do to make himblike me?

vonnyanne 4 years ago

my yorkie is 16 years old, he still bounds about like a puppy though lol xx

C Wilson 4 years ago

I have 2 silky yorkies. 1 is 1 year (4pounds) the other is 4 months (2 pounds). i use a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner from Petco/Petsmart and i have had no skin allergies or allergy issues. i give the pups 1/4 piece of a white tums every night and it keep the eyes from watering, they eat iams puppy and get 1 dental bone every morning. they are groomed every 2 months and totally potty and crate trained. just wanted to share

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