Your Dog's Sickness May Be Hard To Detect

If your dog is ill it does not have the ability to tell you that it is ill. It may look tired or eat a lot of grass. Canine symptoms are sometimes hard to detect if your dog is sick. You have to really know your pet and know what their normal behavior is to really know if your dog is sick. Sometimes a dog’s illness does not show any symptoms at all, so you really have to know your dog to tell if something is wrong. Once you see a symptom, you should contact your vet immediately and make an appointment. Canine symptoms can be mysterious, but if you see your dog acting any way out of character there is probably something wrong and your pet will need attention from the vet immediately.

A canine symptom that is common among dogs is eating grass.  For some reason eating grass is their own kind of cure for stomach ailments or for other things that are bothering them if your animal starts munching on the lawn you know that they are probably feeling ill. Most of the time you don’t need to worry to much about it, but watch their stool and their behavior and see if they are lethargic.  A turned down tail is another canine symptom that something is wrong. This means they are not feeling their best and something is wrong.

Another common canine symptom is throwing up.  If your dog throws up and the color is a yellowish hued clear liquid then your dog is probably sick.  Check its nose to see if it is dry.  A healthy dog will have a wet nose most of the time, and a dry nose could mean that it has a fever or something else is wrong with it.  Constant drinking more than normal is another sign that means that your dog is overcompensating for something wrong with its body. Remember you have to be diligent in the observation of the dog because they are not going to be able to tell you when they are sick.

Excessive scratching is a canine symptom that could mean a plethora of things. You dog could have allergies or could have infestation of some sort. Fleas, ticks, and scabies are things that can infect your dog and cause them to scratch.  The scratches could even be so bad as to cause the skin to bleed or rub off the fur.  Ringworm is another affliction that your dog might have. This fungus will look like a ring of raised skin under their coat.  The dog will have excessive focus on that particular spot and may bite at or use their nails to scratch.

If you see any of these canine symptoms, contact your vet immediately.  Your dog may be suffering from something that is far greater than what you can see. Be observant and make sure your report to the vet any behavior your dog is exhibiting outside the norm. The faster you get your dog seen and treated, the faster your dog will return to its normal self.

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Jenny30 7 years ago from Canada

great info.

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