Your Senior Dog Nutrition is Important For Health and Longevity

You should avoid feeding your dog commercial dog food that contains corn because it's hard to digest and causes lower nutrition and looser stools. Beef pulp has few nutrients and can make stools difficult for your dog to pass. Beware of preservatives as some are carcinogenic. Some companies don't like using vitamin C and E as preservatives because the shelf life isn't as long as with other preservatives and it costs more. Experts disagree as to what constitutes the best diet for your beloved canine friend. Some don't trust by-products and definitely want to avoid all meal in their dog's diet.

Even so, people who say that they need vegetables and fruits because they did eat a percentage of these in the wild agree they need meat. And it's best to avoid dog foods that just say meat and don't list any of the types of meat in the food. If you want the very best food for your dog and can afford it then what is called "real food" or "real food diets" could be the way to go. This food will normally be raw and is frozen or freeze dried. They are made to fulfill a canine's nutritional needs most of the time made from natural or organic ingredients. The best sources of dog food are natural food stores, veterinary offices, and some feed stores carry high quality food. Remember your dog is what they eat, so make sure you are providing the nutrition, they can do it for themselves.


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